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Hey y’all what’s going on i’m on my. lunch give me a second. hey everybody how y’all doing welcome. back to brenda’s universe my name is. brandon wallace go ahead and hit that. subscribe button real quick if you. haven’t already. thank you thank you so much thank you so. much. chinese can’t get the scrubs dirty. so today’s video i want to talk about. gay people i know crazy right. so something has been on my mind and in. my spirit. as i’m in the dating pool and in the. dating world and all that rotterdam so. in atlanta which is well metro atlanta. south side georgia banquet where. you you know i’m saying a lot of. prospects. that you’re dating have most. likely dated someone that you know. someone that you’ve dated or someone. that you have. had some sort of interaction with. because of the. dating culture in atlanta sadly.

A lot of us have slept with each other. whether it be good or bad. happy or sad we’ve spent time with one. another. also because of the big. i because of the big deal that people. make about being tops and bottoms and. verses and power bottoms and bottom. powers and. power tops top top hats and. all that the dating pool is very slim. very small very tiny and um. very annoying while on this journey of. uh. love i was i was thinking. have i ever dated somebody. that somebody i dated. has dated say that three times fast. it’s just really an inquiry. i just really want to know because it’s. just like. if i know that you know that we know. that i know that they know. that somebody has been with somebody. what have the conversations been if you. know that. i know that they know that we know you. know. and like i’m not even concerned about.

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Gay Dating Atlanta know that they know that
The sleeping together thing like i can’t. even. i can’t even sit here and try to. navigate that. the way it should be because i know. of people that i’ve dated who have. talked to people. that i have slept with. or have done things with i also know of. people who i’ve been with. who have inquired about. someone that i. had once inquired about also. i’ve had friends who have talked to. people. who i’ve talked to we were both. unsuccessful. because he was stupid but it’s just. really like. we just passing each other around. like we ain’t got no background checks. seductive we really just like okay well. i don’t want to me you go you you want. them. here you go now you want them and you go. like. it’s just so much to think about it’s. like sometimes. do you want to should i should i get a. resume. and should i look at your references.

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Because i need to know. that who you’ve been with and who i’ve. been with. aren’t the same but also. does it matter does it matter these are. the questions that i have. if you’re dating someone that i’ve dated. does it matter. now that we’re together that you’ve been. with someone that i’ve. potentially been with. or vice versa like does it matter am i. making sense. i don’t think i’m making sense the whole. point of this video that i have made. the whole point of this video that i’m. making. is it’s very possible. that the men that i have dated have. potentially. dated someone either i know i’ve dated. or i’ve slept with and it’s a. high probability that someone i’ve slept. with has slept with someone. else that i’ve slept with or slept with. someone that i know. or an ex of mine or just like you know. i’m saying like.

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