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Funny Things To Say On Dating Apps can and give

What are you guys thoughts on uh dating. the apps at first i always thought. dating apps were just like a little. weird because you like never really know. the person anyone could be anyone on a. profile but. i did use a dating app i’ve only gone on. one date and after that date i got a. boyfriend so. yeah. i love that for you. i think that they’re great my personal. opinion though is if i match with. someone on a dating app i’d rather just. be like hey let’s go get drinks right. away instead of back and forth on text. because like halo was saying you don’t. really know their personality till you. meet them. so i’ve never been on a dating app but. i’m not against them i’ve definitely. been on a date with a guy who has slid. into my dm so still kind of like the. same right yeah yeah they’ve worked out. for me i’ve had one like serious.

Situationship come from a dating app so. for them. situation they it worked for me so maybe. that’s why i’m like they’re great but i. feel like people who probably go on. dates and they’re like uh have like. negative thoughts on dating announced. but tinder swindler i know sanders. you know i think they’re cool i’ve been. on one i’ve never been on a date from. one but i think they’re a great way to. connect to people. i’m a little on the moral fashion side. so i like meeting people like you know. really authentically but i don’t think. there’s anything wrong with them i know. a lot of people who have had really. successful relationships through them so. they’re judging. all right guys before we start this. video make sure to subscribe put on the. post notifications because 88 of you. guys are not subscribed that’s.

Depressing also i’m picking two lucky. winners whoever comments within the. first 500 comments wins 50 bucks two. random ones last video i picked 200. comments and then you guys just did that. within like the first 15 minutes so. hopefully this takes you guys a little. longer put the winners from my last. video on my instagram so go follow me on. instagram okay let’s start the video. okay beautiful yes. instantly gorgeous you are glowing. no that’s a really good first picture he. looks so cute. approachable too thank you i really. appreciate it okay. so obviously my life goal and you guys. all know this is to rescue as many dogs. as i can and give them forever homes and. that might sound cheesy but it’s legit. it’s literally real like that’s exactly. what i want so far i feel very girl next. door vibes okay good.

Thank you good okay. are you a dog person because. had to put my obviously people in the. front okay a random fact about me is i. love drinking pill juice from a jar yum. i love it i love pickles i love pickles. i don’t know if i can do that okay. there’s my thirst trap. um this is what ken wrote about me. no wait dating me is like going on a. vacation and forgetting your phone. charger you don’t want to go back and. get it because it’s a hassle but in the. long run it’s worth it. it literally says you don’t want to go. get it but then it’s worth it. you don’t have to know what his other. voice notes were it was like uh dating. he was like. eating pizza that’s been left out. that one’s upsetting. and then a special talent of mine. is that does that hurt. i just love that everyone’s laughing i’d. like that you’re laughing i know yeah i.

Just was trying to do a backflip for the. first time. you got way farther than i got yeah but. i’m just impressed that you even got. your body away i would i would go like. back thank you thank you so much yeah. thank god there was stan. okay i made mine funny. all right bonnie what do you mean okay. except that one besides okay but the. caption’s funny yeah yeah yeah i tried. to be like worthy that is. good first picture and it looks real. because it’s like a camera selfie it’s. not like yeah professional like i cannot. believe you did a voice now i did. okay. i love it okay. all right this is my impression of ginji. from shrek. no not the buttons. yes. this is my favorite picture of you this. is the best photo dude that’s so good so. funny funniest part about this is that. we didn’t go out because i was so. embarrassed of this costume we just.

Dressed about home and didn’t leave uh. key to my heart everyone knows this is. hot cheetos. con limon i said let me introduce you to. my alter ego. yeah okay i’m convinced that ross and. rachel were not on a break they were not. they weren’t kidding they were on a. break. and then my life peaked when just a song. i have to flex okay. that’s really good. so far i want to date everybody okay i. want to date you all i love that photo. yeah i struggled with the first pick so. hard i was like what you got that. natural wind going too yeah that’s dope. too like you got style you look like. yeah oh my god thanks guys. oh. this is the one i was like is this. embarrassing and i was like well you. know what if they’re listening to it i. don’t care but like now that i have to. listen to it with you guys i’m going to. poop my pants down.

Okay. english hi italian ciao spanish olaf. french bonjour german guten tag oh. it’s uh i said italian uh hawaiian aloha. japanese konichiwa. i swear to god as soon as i was. recording it i was like oh this will be. funny and as soon as i did it i was like. got so into nervousness. let’s make sure we’re on the same page. about ghosts are real absolutely i will. die on that hill. so you got to know that i agree. oh my god. yes. gorgeous okay hair color. that i can. oh yeah love that i love that oh my god. that’s so amazing it’s like it’s like. disney adult with like a little flex i. had to because that’s the other thing. that i will die on the hill i’m a disney. person so like they gotta know right. away yeah i feel that and then i really. like to really just really burn it in. their brains. ariel and like that’s my only like first.

Trappy pig yeah yeah okay as ariel okay. i get along with best with people who. have a pulse oh you like everybody i. like everyone i love that i love that. okay this video oh okay i can’t wait i. can special talent of mine sobbing every. time i watch endgame. yeah i gotta let the people know i love. marvel also i’m a pisces and i’m gonna. cry every day. i cannot i don’t know how you do that i. at this angle yeah oh yeah my arms are. way too short it doesn’t look like that. selfie it’s like a double chin um so i. wanted to start off with something that. like can get the guy to just like talk. to me right away so i said the one thing. i’d love to know about you is if you. think there are more doors or wheels in. the world. i’ve had this debate so many times great. debate do you guys actually have like. what do you guys think doors doors doors.

Someone brought up like. put my job that i’m a fashion designer. and i own my own business. and then i had to this is my first trap. video there’s a little like the action. in the back so it’s still like. it’s a photo but it shows my face but it. also shows like my lips yeah yeah yeah. we love it. i’m an animal lover. and then i put as the caption i said. happy to always share my food because i. like to share my food like when we go on. dates and stuff that’s cute. i love sharing food okay and then i did. all i ask you that name with time and. place for our next date again just talk. to me because i don’t want to do that. whole back and forth thing i’m trying to. make it easy for the. hard that’s really easy for you too. though you don’t have to waste your time. yeah right now. my dog is a cancer survivor so her. little tongue sticks out that’s me just.

Kind of like poking fun at her. and then this year i really want to be. in a jubilee video didn’t quite make it. but this is close enough right now i. think david will appreciate this joke. david number one right. and then a special talent of mine i like. to do like flips and stuff and this is. me golfing yeah oh. that’s good i like that double whammy. thank you yes yes. yes hair. little selfie thank you. cleveland thank you. i was having a really big party for my. 21st birthday and i was so excited for. it that i myself twice before the. party even started. i thought it would be me being really. honest so you poop when you’re excited i. pooped twice in your pants in my undies. yeah oh i had to shower twice. oh my gosh i just thought it was really. funny because it’s like i’m an open book. you know we are all there yeah i know i.

Chipped myself twice that day in a. relationship you have to wait a certain. amount of money before you know. them. the first part is more important than. the first kiss and i believe it honestly. that sounds about that but i love that. huh i’ve never heard that but i love. that feeding me will look like yes a fun. time. it’s funny david actually took this. picture of me. but i think it really shows that this is. your personality yeah yeah a shower. thought i recently had your body is. currently working so hard inside of you. yet we don’t hear a thing you’re right. it is it’s like you’re doing anything. you’re pumping blood you’re breathing. there’s ox you can’t hear it. does that you up a little yeah. no. she’s like no. i don’t know i think about it sometimes. i’m like can i hear myself can i hear. myself how i fight the sunday scaries.

Can you please explain what’s happening. in this right here i am drinking a. coffee outside. for your life trying yeah fighting for. my life demons out here yeah i just. really wanted to be the real me yeah and. this is the romaine this is me after. this yeah. you can’t say butter without having her. exactly and i do love coffee a lot i. used to be a barista so i love it and. then i have you have to be like. and it’s just me dressed up as pitbull. that’s actually that was that’s the. perfect time for that. to be there you know mr 305 and when you. click it says mr 305 mr worldwide the. one and only yes tara this is. thank you i wish more people knew that i. could do the voice of tantar which is. the baby elephant from tarzan i love. tantower hey ma. are you sure this water is sanitary that. was really good it looks questionable to.

Me. that’s so good. that’s a great impression. that was amazing is so good can you do. any can you do any other ones i can’t do. one right now i could do isma from oh my. god. dude i’m ready. so the dorkiest thing about me is i. still wear my rotator. metal retainers. my metal retainers to bed every night. and i probably will for the rest of my. good so straight teeth. because i guess whatever okay all i ask. is that you’re able to quote the office. with me because the office is my. favorite show of all time yes that’s. what she said. i take pride in the fact that i’m not a. regular mom i’m a cool mom oh mean girl. i love how you put dogs. okay and last but not least just to give. you a little like backstory uh ace. ventura when nature calls it’s my dad. and i’s favorite movie like of all time. we can quote the entire thing it only.

Put half the video but you’ll get the. gist i think the day i met you there was. a white substance on your shoe that i. missed for plaster yesterday i saw the. same white substance outside the hut. where the bat was kept and suddenly it. hit me the great white bat has great. white guano that’s what you slipped in. that’s what was on your shoulder. that explains the abrasion on your palm. let me run that back for your. i personally think number one probably. would be alexis because i feel like that. impression is so like it’s good it’s so. good and i feel like it would make a guy. laugh so effing hard and then you also. like animals i think it makes a good. photos funny like like the photos are so. good um okay so let’s start you now go. over here yeah. yes ma’am so we can like yeah i really. like nasa’s profile yeah thanks.

It was so funny. mary poppins yours was so wellrounded. because like you’re singing and dancing. and yeah and you’re being funny i like. that you were asking questions and you. were like just on it with that and you. were like the business like you were. just like this is me and this is what i. want and i’m just like going for it so i. think i like yours i think yours is. probably next in my eyes wait no no. right here yeah oh you’ve you voted me. here. i think i should be last though i think. mine’s like wait what the hell. i think mine was the like. the least. memorable like i wouldn’t say that. what do you mean i will never forget you. crying over engagement that was . hilarious your poop thing i mean. immediately i think that’s what it. should be. to say the least yeah but i don’t think. that’s gonna want to make people to.

Swipe on me you know yeah yeah yeah and. everybody’s honest yours because yours. is so like travel and my beautiful mind. is i’m just swiping up no but mine’s. just like basic i feel like mine’s like. okay like a basic girl basically here we. go. yeah. out of everybody’s profile mine is the. most like okay this is a typical like. yours like yours i feel like anyone. would see yours and it wouldn’t even be. a question. that’s what i’m saying we’re likeable. okay okay. yes honestly this doesn’t really even. matter because they’re going to. rearrange austin yeah anyways oh my god. you’re bringing me chuckles i don’t. think they’re going to like the pooping. thing i don’t know the poopy thing might. scare guys away i feel i feel like it. will that was kind of my intention. she’ll wind up finding the perfect guy. but she’s gonna get the least ones.

Because of it because i think it’s good. yeah i agree okay okay i did it wow. some character dude some personality in. there other than just like really really. cute photos someone who’s not trying if. you’re trying i mean there’s nothing. wrong with it but i think the funny like. laidback like i don’t care this is like. all my friend made me put maybe do this. you know like if she’s sarcastic and. profile dude i like dorks funny dorks is. my main that that’s i’m very strict. about it damn. you’re not funny you’re out i like. travelers travelers are good um. adventure travelers girls that like pets. obviously magic girls elect magic yeah. who like magic you like to stay home. especially the bedroom. um. you got to watch the last video to get. that joke um i’m going with pets i like. pets i love dogs. and uh sense of humor i would say.

Someone who just seems sweet boring but. the kind of street heart sounds like. it’s got diabetes dude what oh what. sugar sweet all right let’s do this. thing. so they’re starting off they’re starting. the bar high. first picture it’s nice she’s got like a. nice necklace her nails are done she. takes care of herself could be a vampire. or a witch more witch size mysterious. you never know. here’s an overshare i was having a. really big party for my 21st birthday. and i was so excited for it that i . myself twice before the party two times. who doesn’t themselves at least. twice a year i feel like this. photographer has at least twice a year. it’s in a bathroom it’s in the bathroom. she’s on the toilet it’s crazy. just how the photo looks now right yeah. actually wait i just have to say. count them into it. youtuber.

Yes smoke sometimes cigarettes sometimes. that’s cigarettes oh wait i didn’t know. that let me talk to you after this video. sometimes what we’re learning a lot. although we’re learning well she looks. like she’s having fun in this picture. she’s having fun dating me will look. like you know we’ll say this photo looks. really fun and whoever took it. did you take this. no i didn’t take it. you were there that night what were you. doing taking that picture. that was you wow because she said dating. me would look like so i’m just curious i. mean. does that picture give off like i’m. partying i’m going to have so much fun. it’s not like a chance it looks sloppy. she looks sober she looks like she looks. kind of fun the photo’s a little out of. focus though a shower thought i recently. had your body is currently working so.

Hard inside of you yet we don’t hear a. thing that’s true that’s true what all. right. let’s keep going okay. nobody had any comment or. i believe in science. i love science how i fight the sunday. scaries i like that i see it obviously. see that’s relatable fun that looks like. she’s in your pants twice the night. before yeah. after that coffee i like it i like it. also that’s probably the the night after. the party yeah. you took a picture of it yeah and oh god. oh she’s about to again see about. the . she’s in position oh my god it’s like a. it’s all it’s the biggest metaphor. the profile is one big metaphor. oh my gosh it’s about it’s a pooping art. it’s like an art thing and you had to be. there. let’s go okay i don’t get why she has a. picture of pitbull on her thing. oh that’s her yeah. all right boys what are we thinking yeah.

After the voice memo i you know but do. you make it past the voicemail i listen. i don’t think i don’t think i make it. past the voicemail is there voice memos. at the bottom it’s too much imagery i. think it’s a conversation starter i’d be. like why the you do that that it. shows how ballsy she is she put it all. on the table. maybe literally. maybe literally uh i don’t like the. smoking part so maybe it was the left i. don’t know the smoking yeah i thought it. was weed sorry oh. oh all right. don’t freak out bobby there’s one photo. in there that might freak you out oh. boy oh freaking out. i freak them on no okay nice nice. starting photo that’s a whole smile yeah. awesome girl next door vibes yup she has. like flowers like who god are those. flowers where’d they come from you’re. thinking that much into it where did.

They come from it’s not a thirst trap. i’m sure she has no thirst traps on her. at all she’s not the type a life goal of. mine rescue as many dogs as i can and. give them forever homes wow. what is she running for office on this. thing seems like a lie how is she not. how would she do all the dogs yeah yeah. yeah are you a dog person because. you love the dogs yes that’s a big. tongue. oh okay so she’s like that looks like a. rescue the dogs like commercial yeah. she’s like let’s all rescue the dogs. yeah so she has rescued two dogs she. she’s she’s obviously here she’s. following through before prom saying i. think she’s a dog person but would you. guys feel like she might love the dogs. more too much. i was thinking like this if it’s enough. if there’s one more dog pick is does it. become obsessive oh yeah it’s too much.

Too much doggy a lot of dogs. a random fact i love is i love drinking. pickle juice from the jar now the pickle. juice drinker i love pickle juice i love. pickle juice. pickle juice is good. in the pickle juice out of the outside. this is green flag those green flags. what do you like pickles no i like. pickles uh. girl does so i’m just oh. i don’t see anything that is a nice. toilet is there a picture so is that. industry standard the bathroom is. actually really nice i don’t see. anything is that oh is that that new. ikea toilet in the back i don’t okay i’m. gonna keep scrolling because i don’t. know dating me is like is like going on. vacation and forgetting your phone. charger you don’t want to go back and. get it because it’s hassle. but in long run. it’s worth it okay but if you went on. vacation wouldn’t you feel.

Like kind of stressed the out if i. didn’t have a phone charger yeah yeah. but but wouldn’t you just buy a new. phone charger technically yeah it’s like. twice. she said. she’s illiterate hey i took this is what. keyan said so i just copied and pasted. so she doesn’t even have her own. personality cause it’s hassle. okay it sounds like he is like a special. talent of mine. oh. she did not land. that was cool. that also explains the previous. paragraph like that’s why that’s why the. grammar was like yes. what do you guys think i say laugh i. left. this is i think this is super wholesome. you’re saying right right yeah dude i’m. telling you this is right yeah i’m. telling bro i say left but no please. come on crawford would you would you. would you think about that bathroom pick. did you like the aesthetic of it i i.

Honestly was checking out the. infrastructure of the building wait. there was a battery i don’t think this. is industry standard up here bro. that light turned on i don’t know man. bobby i’m mad at you i why i what damn. it bobby see see what you’ve done bob i. thought i was doing the right thing wait. there was a bathroom picture let’s go i. didn’t see nothing. i’m gonna swipe left it’s too late to do. that. scene on my mom’s fridge that’s not on. your mom’s side i’ve seen your mom’s. fridge and that photo is not there so. she’s alive. you don’t know me. you don’t know me red flag she just. seems scary in this she’s like. you seem very intimidating very uh bad. girl right she’s got the like double. cross me you’ll die look so we’re scared. overshare ah this doesn’t do it all. right this is my impression of gingy.

Juice Dating Site

From shrek no not the buttons not my. gumdrop buttons that’s good that was. really really good. that’s funny it balances out with the. intimidation she’s not intimidated. she’s a little gingerbread man what are. you trying to say no not that funny. i’ll fall for you if you push me over so. you pushed her is that how you made her. fall for this is that how you got here. you got it. enough because i never did that so i. don’t know it’s a little funny. my boy family girl wait why is she. talking about christian oh. that that is true she made that she did. not make that she did not oh no. yeah she made it. you know what this looks like it looks. like dating me will look like you taking. me to fancy ass dinners and having to. pay for it. yeah that plate isn’t at home you don’t. have a plate like that at home it looks. like a i don’t even have a home it looks.

Like a board yeah i don’t have a place. okay let’s keep going all right let’s. keep moving on we got plates the moment. i knew my modeling career was over. so she likes to chimney sweep okay so. that’s funny. yo she looks popping. i guess mary. okay okay. island that’s gonna make the cut all. right the key to my heart is hot cheetos. con limon. sounded more white if you tried. oh god i can’t wait for the comments on. that one all right let me show you to my. alter ego. i like singers. check this out check this out. look at this look what her audience is. see that dude they’re throwing up game. signs. that’s okay i’m not going to say. anything. a thug recognizes another thing. but who’s christian and jose we still. haven’t figured that out and who’s khan. who’s gone. bro i don’t know who khan is bro. though. i’m convinced that ross and rachel were.

Not on a break. yeah they were on a break she likes. friends she probably has friends who. watches friends wow let’s see come on. there’s levels it makes she’s probably. friendly. my life peaked when. but why did your life peak then that’s. too good. yeah why i don’t know i thought she was. gonna show beyonce next to her or. something like my life peaked on this. moment she’s like on the toilet singing. again she’s blown away by her own. challenge but passion it’s good what are. we thinking i think he’s just left i. think i’m not even left to be honest. i gotta swipe right you really think so. i think so even with jose and christian. you know i think i can fight him i think. i think i would swipe right but if she. matches me i’d be scared to say. something. intimidating. but you don’t send the message what are. you trying to do here what do you mean i.

Know i mean psych i go left hard as . that’s what. this is a good first photo okay. adventure she’s on a carnival right. saying hi as many languages as i know. okay a little bragging. english hi italian ciao spanish hola. french bonjour german guten tag. uh. it’s uh i said italian uh hawaiian aloha. japanese konichiwa. uh. uh cowboy howdy. british. that’s good i like that i like that she. labeled it so we know so we can learn. how do we know she’s not reading off. like a dictionary or something still the. thought that counts i’ll do it right now. hey. you’re not here right now that would be. like almost like an instant swipe right. yeah for sure let’s make sure we’re on. the same page about ghosts are real. that’s true. i’d let her try to convince me you guys. don’t think so no i think the ghosts are. real but like why i put this in a dating.

Process yeah. like this profile is haunted now i’m. scared i don’t know i don’t know like is. that first they’re gonna be like about. we talking about some ghosts and i. mean i like the topic starter i guess. but the third prongs yeah i don’t know. about that third one yeah she tries to. give glenn head who’s glenn. oh that’s a good picture that’s a good. photo that’s a good picture biggest risk. i’ve ever taken admitting to the. internet that i’m a disney adult i think. that’s pretty normal that’s pretty good. there’s an adult’s car it’s really. normal what does that mean like they go. with no kids and they’re just like. enjoying disney yeah they’re people that. go like every week i’m like bro to. disney yes sir i used to go like three. or four times a week dude you’re sh. you’re kidding yeah but you just it was.

A week you go at like six o’clock either. go for a little bit get some food hang. out i’m a disney adult too dude i need a. great idea bro no i’m just saying it’s. fun. oh this makes sense she’s a mermaid is. that the first zoom down. that’s the way go back up on any legs. prior there’s no legs prior to that. there’s no legs prior. to she’s been a mermaid so she’s a. mermaid. bro okay okay okay disney adult bro oh. little mermaid. oh it’s all adding up now what if. this is a red flag in the sense she. thinks she’s in a disney movie she’s a. psycho. oh she thinks she’s ariel yeah special. talent of mine. crying she crying was that harry potter. it’s spiderman. or avengers. she wants to tomorrow that’s cool. yeah the promise is a special talent of. mine i cry every single time i watch. would we swipe right on this i have a.

Lot of questions so yes oh yeah yes and. also because like she doesn’t take. herself too seriously i will try brian i. just want to see if she has legs or not. no that’s true do you really have legs i. got to find out. i have legs. oh my god. happy birthday. all right her name is brianna okay. really good photo yeah it’s a nice. little selfie there he’s got prada on. too great lighting the product. yeah. that’s the first thing you notice he’s. like oh that’s funny i noticed the dog. but i want to see more of the dog oh. there’s a dog in there like tease the. dog. i want to see more of the dog now see so. you want to keep what you want to keep. going kind of kind of see the dog. eventually but i kind of see this a. little conceited now like there’s not. enough dog in there yeah the light. shouldn’t include the dog yeah it’s all.

About her like the dog’s not as. important iphones have wide angles now. all right we really took a turn the one. thing i’d love to know about you is if. you think there are more doors or wheels. in the world. doors i don’t want to answer that it’s. wheels it’s whales doors it’s doors. wheels. think of buildings though building. hotels like but if you get to a house a. house has like 17 doors no but there’s. wheels in that hotel the cards. but there’s more doors in that hotel. okay this is good too kevin. i mean i don’t know we’re moving on here. ceo. fashion designer at bria via. yeah i would probably go look at bria. via and go grab something. because it’s fire yes there’s a booty in. that picture okay. we have a cheeky little photo here you. only see the front. flamingo wait let’s ask crawford. crawford.

Again are they gonna send somebody to. figure this out. like middle of the photo great hair um. said in the middle of the photo. great butt okay what the hell. dude she hasn’t surely has a boyfriend. she’s my roommate friend i didn’t even. see i don’t know oh it’s stanley the. girl he’s got a boyfriend oh i messed up. so she likes she has pets that’s nice. she’s pets. wait are they going tongue to tongue i. think that’s tongue twister oh no. that’s a baby she’s got a green tongue. she’s she’s down for anything she’s got. another guy’s tongue. that guy’s way taller than me bro i’m. gonna be so intimidated by that dude um. all i ask is that you name a time and. place for our next date wow. oh we’re ready for this she already. knows initiative there’s the dogs. this year i really want to be in a. jubilee youtuber close enough.

On the knockout version let’s go oh my. god baby let’s go close enough. he’s a golfer that’s a good swing golovk. is a very calm sport yeah oh. and then hit it if there’s an intruder. she could protect that wow. that’s some skill okay that’s a skill. as a former athlete i find that. incredible he seems like a great gal. let’s go good go swiper. my friend alexis with two x’s wait. there’s two x’s she’s got two x’s you. got two x’s you could be the third. nice. damn that was good good first picture. good first picture. good lighting good morning definitely. little timmy like like that that’s the. first picture a little bit yeah. let’s see where she takes us on the. journey wish more people knew that i. could do the voice of tantar which is. the baby elephant from tarzan hey ma. are you sure this water is citatory. it looks.

Way less intimidating yes definitely i. would have swiped right on that voice. message the dorkiest thing about me is. she still wears her metal retainers to. bed every night and i probably will for. the rest of my life. man. left on that loser you think i want to. see that in bed every day metal retainer. you’re trying to make a move she’s like. wait. yes. 2554 downtown l.a no more info no more. she’s never smelled that she drinks she. doesn’t know she’s not cigarettes. and she didn’t put anything over. politics i’m assuming radical yeah. well it’s only right is that a little. baby elephant in here no back to what i. was saying losers left on that. okay. beautiful photo but is it cold outside. or is it hot we got a long sleeve going. on with no actual like shirt i have the. same elegance each one has been a selfie.

So far you know a lot of selfies where’s. her friends we’re her friends oh my god. she doesn’t have any all i ask is that. you are able to quote the office with me. it’s a great show classic bears beats. battlestar galactica i want to see some. dorky stuff i’ve never is that a selfie. there’s no sophie and driving everyone’s. by the gas pedal taking that photo she’s. selfie she’s not looking who is she with. ever. she’s a loser he’s always by herself. it’s selfie and driving if the dog’s in. the back safety hazard true she’s taking. pigs and driving that’s assuming i i. will say this though if she’s driving. during this time i mean she’s got money. you know for gas and. i take pride in the fact that i’m not a. regular dog mom i’m a cool dog mom why. should you put that in parentheses yeah. why are persons she’s also a mom because.

If something’s impressive i mean it can. be taken out right so she’s also saying. i’m not a regular mom it’s a mean girl’s. quote get it together well not everybody. knows that alexis. whatever you’re mean the day i met you. there was a white substance on your shoe. that i missed for plaster yesterday i. saw the same white substance outside the. hood where the bat was kept and suddenly. it hit me the grape white bat has great. white guano that’s what you slipped in. that’s what was on your shoe and that. explains the abrasion on your palm. let me run that back for you smoothness. do you think that she practiced that or. she’s new alone because she has no. friends great actress bro. that was exactly hilarious that was good. right on this right let’s go swipe right. pretty good just pretty good lineup but. we have alexis the loner in the front.

Which could be more time for a guy. though true but then what if you want to. get out with the boys and then she’s. like. what i’m saying i don’t know why neza is. so high up here listen listen listen. hey you too. and she’s got money. there we go i agree with that but i. thought ayla’s profile was super. wholesome. yeah uh don’t bother he’s like. thought you were for sure going to be. higher up because you were so wholesome. in your thing with saving the dogs and. stuff i think my top three would have. been alexis jack and then ayla and then. i didn’t think past that. i thought we were all pretty impressed. by bria’s. one and two breed number one alex is all. the way down like four or something i. don’t know. also for the record i was parked when i. took that photo okay so oh that’s good. don’t text and drive jack was fun too.

Yeah a lot of mystery tara kind of lost. the lights. i have legs sorry to disappoint all. girls poop. that’s not what they do we also loved. her profile we loved theirs because we. knew y’all were going to be weird about. themselves. tell me y’all haven’t picked up a. vape don’t even look at me i. think i i i will admit i think i like. ayla’s a little bit more than alex’s. they were all amazing i don’t know i. didn’t know but you’re straight bobby. we’re not allowed back home okay but. fine move move up i liked ayla’s first. photo because it was like so wholesome. she showed her smile and it wasn’t a. selfie but ever like yours was. intimidating it was intimidating. frieza’s was intimidating we were. intimidated by all of you i think. everyone was kind of intimidated. but i really like the high hello all the. highs on that i was like yeah.

Alex is your uh your video uh acera. funniest thing mmhmm that was my. favorite that was the funniest set of. all spanky very mellow if they were all. funny it’d be easier but like they’re. all so different wait you guys saw more. than one i have a question i only saw. one. what’s your turn i only saw one pokemon. if ayla is your landlord’s girlfriend. ale is your landlord. yeah i know i got a beer i got him and. mommy’s not looking so good around here. it’s okay i’ll go down i was thinking. about you know making that back house uh. you know. just for that ayla’s the last one in my. life. is this locked in boys yep. i’m too scared to change it. debris. so let’s hug it out guys. do you guys know that thing about like. when you put dog poop on your front lawn. and then there’s like fire and then you. step on the dog poop yeah yeah okay.

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