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Let’s go does TLAs does games and. another does watches for we get today’s. videos guys in the last video that I. made I announced that I have a twitch. channel now I’ve had it for some time. it’s never really used it I’ve been. streaming write every day and we’re. already at like 30,000 followers is. almost it’s crazy and we’re just about. to hit a hundred subscribers on there as. well like you guys are mad. you guys are mental be playing horror on. there we’ve been doing some call of duty. and some pub G and we’ve been mixing it. up and at the moment I’m finishing a. horror game that I was playing a while. ago visage yeah go over there and check. it out link is in the description below. and thanks for the support. dadless dating romance physical. attraction all of these things are very. important when finding your soulmate or.

Just a quick smash ”’l pass the world. of dating forever change when the iPhone. came out and a certain app called tinder. arose and ever since then various other. dating platforms and websites have. appeared and it is the norm now to go. and find a soulmate online it’s all. about the profile picture and the. description that’s all the matters they. find you attractive they go down below. not like that. calm down they read your bio it’s all. about that bio you can’t beat your. cheesy can’t be too funny can’t be too. cocky copied you confident you just have. to put down what you think is best and. hope and pray that they love you and. your face I tried dating ups in the past. and I had fairly good experiences with. it but some bad today you’ll be looking. at people who can’t seem to be able to. get to grips with dating apps we can be.

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Looking at some of the worst and. funniest and weirdest profiles on dating. apps. well this is a great star yeah yes yes. swipe right now but his name’s Kat is 20. which in dog years is like old fast that. looks like a young doctor me someone’s. faking their age Emma. 19 okay Emma here is very beautiful. when you zoom out yeah yeah she’s. wearing a hoodie with a picture of her. cat on it and her cat is wearing a. hoodie with the picture of air on it now. this is a theme on date maps that I’ve. noticed it’s often girls that do this. and I don’t know why they’ll have like a. picture of themselves and then all the. other pictures is their back but cat or. their dog or goldfish or something I. don’t care I’m not here to smash your. cat do you ever say things out loud and. just think wow I don’t know why you do. it I die interesting your pet and the.

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Thing is that some people love their. pets so much which is great because I. love pets I love pets so by doing this. story you look mental but it’s like. you’re saying if you’d let me. you got enough fluffy fluffy fluffy. can’t deal girls like that sleep your. out of it not you shut up. Jed ups when she won yeah trash only. Jenna that is no way to talk about. yourself unless she’s actually asking. saying that to us she’s making saltiness. that don’t being on a date you know. Olivia. 20 decided to go with this profile pic. which makes her look like Samaras cousin. don’t even see your face slow first rule. about anything is attraction I want to. see your face and what most girls do on. these apps they use that bloody dog. filter or some anime films at which. makes ever you know you know the ones. you know you do bloody dog filter magic.

Turning up and she actually is half. Dalmatian I can’t see your face. can’t see it stop using these apps to. make your eyes bigger items wait I’m a. swipe away no that’s not what you look. like I’m showing what I look like on my. profile. I’m not our dog but at first glance you. think wow. Keva bears stole my beating heart then. you read the description when it nervous. to that because I’m the best a man can. get also I will cut you Wow I think the. jokes funny but maybe when you’re. looking for love that’s not what a man. wants to hear I’m so ever you are doing. the worst thing that annoyed me about. danger oops. which one is pepper which I mean they’re. both hot but I don’t know I might fire. one or the other. wait you girls take a profile picture. and then fill it with their friends cuz. in their head they’re thinking oh I’ll.

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Make sure but I look like I’m great. I’ve got good flow to life and Friends. oh look at me we don’t understand is I. don’t know who the hell you are. I don’t which one you are I’ve got a pic. I gotta take a gamble when I swipe right. and say yes and meet up with you and. hope you’re the one they don’t just take. photos of yourself I meet your friends. later I don’t care about your friends at. the moment I care about your face it’s a. it’s a real problem I nted about it. before oh my god Emma 29 I tried to cop. out the dramatic Asian lady but I. couldn’t Wow. I mean that’s not dramatic someone’s. unplugged her she’s charging what’s that. face I don’t even tell you it’s so. annoying when you take photo new fear. damn and it’s so good at that photo and. there’s just something annoying like. close to you and you can’t quite crop.

How about ruining the photo so I get it. but I really don’t think this was worth. uploading that is terrifying. I just here looking for a psychedelic. hooker if you’re a cop you have to tell. me right oh wow let us say no on that. one. damn okay Wow. actually Wow this is the best profile. picture of any dating app or social. media account period notice this is. amazing it’s everything I love aliens. getting high McDonald’s that Road Rash. game that was popular in the 80s and a. man on the Unicorn. while sketchy wallets my brother once. put me through a Christmas tree wrapping. machine that my parents put me in the. booth for the ride home okay at first. glance without reading the bio it just. looks like someone’s dumping a body I. don’t know what it is Dana would you. tell what she looks like hunt Eve that. rapping Ellie 20 again and have a very.

Normal picture but when you read the bio. I I like sunshine in tentacle porn I. don’t think she does and and bravery. therefore choosing to do one an amino in. the bathroom that’s um that’s a very. glamorous office is it this is it. Christian. 18 look at this guy with 50 shades of. grey in the background oh it gets better. it gets better if you want to date. Christian already wait my free GS XL. isn’t the only big thing in my pants yes. the man’s a legend I think that might be. the best one I’ve seen all the way. standing in front of Christian Grey I. just like cuddling up to her like he. knows he knows he’s a legend already my. god this bio is insane look for someone. who is needy clingy kind of stupid and. has a lot of instruments. oh I’m here alright again kind of once. profile you think Wow pretty girl. shoving the dog in your face again.

My pet my pet you know that crap but you. know lizard mum right are you are your. kids lizards to kids but they live with. their daddy and every guy always thinks. in that situation a horrible dad just. looking for some fun kissy face but. there has to be room for Jesus some. girls are two specific they’re never. going to find love is she talking about. the dog is the dog Jesus if you’re just. looking for some fun that Jesus ain’t. gonna like you Jesus Christ Lucy 20 why. is that really ha don’t give an F about. your pet fish we don’t care about your. horse. this girl’s chosen to upload a nice. photo but has used the monologue from. pawns. porn stars have you ever seen that film. with the guys that owned a pawn shop. I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn. shop I work here with my old man and my. son big Hoss I don’t know if that’s.

Gonna get you a date all right maybe you. might be a fan of porn stars but you. know no cows ah. Jase no it’s no instantly they’ve got. these these lost every woman with this I. keep 300 heifers satisfied every day. we’re gonna make that 301 he’s calling. his potential next day a cow there’s one. thing in life you have to understand is. that you can’t upload. guilty pleasures mine our crops are. proud of it but they’re comfortable you. know and they convenient and just slip. it on but what I need with that in a. date like this look at that. Joan 22 sandals and socks and that’s it. it’s just to know from everyone on the. planet oh my god this guy’s my hero. forget the amazing photo for us 25 years. old. has actually given himself reviews as. he’s been reviewed by media one hell of. a guy New York Times a static gentleman.

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