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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel. if you’re new here i’m courtney ryan and. today i’m going to be reacting and. reviewing your dating profiles so if you. follow me on instagram i posted a story. and i had you guys submit screen. recordings of your dating profiles and. you guys did not disappoint i got. hundreds of dating profiles so i could. only pick a small amount to react to. today but if this is a style of video. that you guys really enjoy i will. definitely do more in the future so if. you were not featured today don’t worry. you might be featured again in the. future okay guys so let’s get started. i’m gonna be going through these they’re. screen recording so i’m going to show. you guys what i see while i’m looking at. it i’m going to tell you maybe what. you’re doing well what you could do a. little bit better some changes that you.

Can make so let’s get started. frankie. your bio is funny sean kingston was so. right about beautiful girl. okay. again photo pics not really necessary. yours is okay the mirror is kind of cool. uh. crossed out my mom by the way don’t want. her on tinder lmao that’s funny. okay overall i think yours is good. you don’t have any weird selfies. that one’s fine. you have a video with your dog again you. only have one video i think that’s a. good thing. you cross out your mom which i think is. funny. uh. yeah you’re showing yourself doing. things i think you can get rid of the. mirror picture other than that i think. you’re good. cute. cute. cute a little too posey that one’s funny. though. okay shows you are laid back you have a. cool personality that’s definitely the. best photo i’m glad you have that one. first. new in the city i’m not very active on.

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Here. i don’t think you need to put that. you’re not very active on here i think. sometimes that makes it seem like you. actually are and you’re trying to. pretend that you’re not or that’s how a. lot of girls would take it so i think. you can leave that one out so you could. say something cute about like being new. to the city and i think you’d be good to. go. okay. good that one’s good. that’s good. eh unnecessary that one’s good. get rid of the pool table photo. and then about me i’m 183 tall and i’m. into different sports i feel like you. can make that a little bit more. interesting you can say how tall you are. but kind of joke about it. and then um. like make it a little bit longer than. that say what sports you’re into or. something like that just give a little. bit more there make it a little bit. longer but i can see what you’re into by.

Your photos which is a good thing you. have all the right photos i think. they’re great just get rid of the pool. table one because it’s kind of. unnecessary but just elaborate a little. bit maybe in your bio and i think you’ll. be good. cute. good. no. not the best. that’s funny. i think one video is good. yeah. okay just make those couple changes that. i mentioned and you’re good there your. bio says how many eightyear-olds could. you fight off before they overpower you. that’s funny um i kind of feel like i. got to know a little bit more about you. through your photos so if you’re able to. do that then you don’t really have to. say as much about yourself in your bio. um but it also says you’re into music. tattoos photography working out coffee. great your bio is funny and what i like. about it is that it could get a.

Conversation going in the messages which. is always good. good. good you have a friend that’s great. dress nicely. these selfies guys you have to be. careful with the angles that you take. selfies. this one is not not super flattering i. mean you have a beard in your bald so it. works. um but it’s just not the most flattering. angle to take a selfie from below it’s. kind of like when girls take selfies. from really up high and you’re like. am i supposed to be looking at the top. of your head what’s going on i always. think kind of using an eye level again. setting up that timer instead of taking. a selfie from below always looks better. you could get rid of this photo the last. one was good. that’s fine someone took it of you. good. good. good. good. that’s funny. okay good okay you didn’t show me your. bio so i can’t help you there but i.

Would just get rid of that selfie it’s. not the worst uh you pull it off better. than maybe some guys would but just. something to be careful with i do think. it looks better when you set up a camera. and kind of have it eye level or. have someone take a photo for you you. did have a lot of photos with your. friends i think maybe you could get rid. of one or two of those and replace them. with better photos of just you. but the rest of the photos were good so. great. selfie in the mirror not my favorite. cute is that your kid whose is it. at least in this photo. you can see your face i don’t understand. the point of taking a mirror photo at. the gym for your profile if your face is. covered. like you have a cute outfit on in this. you have a cute gem outfit on gym shark. i see you i can see your face so it’s. really not the worst.

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Good you have friends that’s a good. photo. good. convert former college soccer player. teacher and coach owns lots of hoodies. that you can wear perfect. so cute love it. cute oh is this a christian dating app. i think you told me that in your message. cute okay yeah great profile all around. i would just. did i say something about your pictures. i would just get rid of this photo this. is your worst photo it shouldn’t be your. first one no offense i’m really not. trying to hurt your feelings but this is. not your best this. that was your worst photo out of all. these. i think you get delete the first photo. keep the rest. and make. uh this your profile picture first photo. that comes up. oh he’s artsy cute. um you dress better than me okay. cute. the mirror pictures can work if again i. can see your face or it’s something.

Funny if it’s not either one of those. things don’t post a mirror photo but i. think this one is okay could you get. away with not including it yeah but it. kind of shows your personality a little. bit with the outfit. um and your little finger gun. so. that’s your best photo that should be. your profile oh that’s good too um you. dress better than me what the heck. that’s funny. cute your photos are really good i would. just you could get rid of the mirror. ones but. you can be the juiciest peach in the. world but not everyone likes peaches. cute i would make it maybe say something. about you. uh from your profile you look artsy you. look like you have a very certain vibe. which i get from your photos but maybe. include a little bit more about you here. instead of just some like random quote. good quote though i use it all the time.

I love it. um. cute. okay what else are you showing me here. the michael scott thinks funny anyone. who likes the office will like that i. love the office but i like that you. didn’t make it your whole personality. you just added it like randomly in there. and i wasn’t expecting it so it was. funny to see at the end but yeah great. job your photos are awesome. i do think you guys not every photo. needs to be professionally taken or look. very nice it does enhance your profile. significantly when you have one or a. couple very nice photos you don’t want. them all to be so curated and perfect. because then it maybe looks like you. came across like you tried too hard. but definitely i think it really does. enhance your profile and make you stand. out if i saw this profile it would stand. out to me because it’s artsy and it’s.

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Different than you know any of the other. profiles i’ve looked at so great job and. i could see your sense of humor through. your photos which is always a great. thing girls love. funny guys if you are not the most. attractive guy use being funny to your. leverage use your sense of humor dig it. up out of there show it to the world. because i promise you so many guys get. girls by just being funny doesn’t matter. what you look like if you make or laugh. game over. okay cute photo good perfect. that’s funny. cute. funny. you could get rid of that not necessary. nah delete i can see your face so it’s. not the worst. okay so make those little changes. uh let’s adventure and cuddle dm to book. a photo shoot. i would get rid of let’s adventure and. cuddle a lot of girls don’t like that. but i would keep something about. photoshoot um you could say something.


Like. dm me if you want better photos than all. of your friends like make it a cute. little joke about the fact that you. could take her photo don’t make it. sexual for sure because i think a lot of. guys on tinder are just on there to like. book. a photography session with a girl a lot. of photographers look for models that. way so maybe say something else too like. damn if you like adventures and want. some cool new photos for your instagram. something like that where you’re kind of. saying that you’re a photographer and. you could take her photos like you. already have there but you’re not. including like cuddling or saying it in. kind of a weird way so make those little. changes but your photos are great i. liked the video being out in a setting. like a mountain um it made it a little. bit more dynamic and made you stand out.

Good. pretty good at putting furniture. together kind of a nerd tbh integrity. good vibes down to try something new. always leave people better than you. found them cute i think you could get. rid of kind of a nerd tbh integrity good. vibes. keep you could keep down to try anything. new and then always leave people better. than you found them i think that says a. lot about you and your personality. um so pretty good at putting furniture. together down to try something new. always be people better than you found. them would be fine i think you could get. rid of those other little things. um but yeah. let’s see. okay tell us a little bit about you. which is good. good photos. do you see the difference it makes when. you have someone take a photo for you or. it looks like someone took your photo. guys it changes your profile.

Substantially please take my advice here. cut it out with the weird angle selfies. in the mirror photos. please. cute. cute. good you’re showing one with friends. perfect. swipe right if you love a good margarita. cute. i’m known for being supportive and. accepting of how others feel okay cute. you could make that something funny too. but overall great job. cute photo. i’m back in school to become a teacher i. got a bachelor’s in psychology back in. 2015. skateboarding and racing are what. i like to have fun with going fast and. my own real car isn’t up in the budget. yet for pets i think i have. for pets i have a 55 gallon fresh water. okay so the backbone of this is okay i. like that you shared some things about. yourself but i think you can kind of. reword it and change things around to be. better i would get rid of the emojis get.

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Rid of the skateboarding and racing or. what i like to have fun with because you. already have. skateboarding down in your little. interest section you could say that. you’re back in school to become a. teacher. and you have a bachelor. and you have a psychology degree. i think the fact that you’re educated. will be attractive to women i think. that’s always a good thing to have in. your profile. um get rid of the pet thing and going. fast in my own real car isn’t in the. budget yet you don’t need to even have. that in there i would just keep it short. sweet to the point you have your. interest in your little section there. um yeah so just kind of reformulate that. a little bit but your photos were good. oh you haven’t shown me your photos yet. your first photo was good. okay you’re with friends there. good. good. ah get rid of that because i can’t even.

Tell that’s you. cute. i would not have that as your main photo. i would use. this as your main photo. or that one. i would never use a shirtless photo as. your first photo you can have the. shirtless photo in there i think it’s. okay because someone took it of you and. it’s not like. a mirror picture that you took trying to. flex. um. but i would have a photo with a shirt on. as your first photo and maybe have the. other one in there a little bit later. you’re obviously built very well and. girls will like that so i think it’s. okay to show it off a little bit um but. you don’t want to have that as your. first photo i would have either the. second photo or the third photo be your. first photo. the rest are good. um yeah you have a photo with a friend. cute. great. cute someone took it of you that’s great. nursing student okay i know that we.

Haven’t met yet but i know your vibe. okay. cute. says you’re into festivals travel. outdoors fashion dog lover are you gonna. show me your pictures here. yep oh cute. you’re wearing a gucci belt ugh. cute pictures though. cute you have good style too. oh i reacted to your outfit one time you. know street style is not my thing but. you totally rock it and pull it off. 100. um but your photos are great. good overall really great alright guys. that is all i have for reacting and. reviewing your dating profiles and i. also did want to say i don’t mean to. offend any of you or hurt your feelings. i hope that none of you felt that way. after watching this video but when you. ask me for my honest advice that’s what. i’m going to give you so take this as. your older sister giving you advice. about your dating profile really try to.

Be as honest as possible because i think. that’s what ultimately helps you out the. most it’s not going to help you if i sit. here and sugarcoat and say all of you. are perfect so. take these little changes into. consideration for all of you watching. maybe now you can kind of go back to. your profile and see things that you. could change or work on again make sure. to follow that picture rule i have and. then keeping your bio short and sweet. with maybe a little bit of sense of. humor and then something about you as. well so if you like this video or found. it helpful be sure to give it a thumbs. up and subscribe to my channel to be in. the loop for when i release new content. if you haven’t already be sure to follow. me on instagram at courtney christine. ryan i love connecting with all of you. guys on there and that’s how you’re.

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