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Okay so I’m here with Josh I’ve told you. we’re going on tinder say hi Josh yeah. yeah you did but I’ve got surprise for. you we’re not going on tinder wait. really. instead going on furry Maki all right. welcome to ferry mate were the real. ferry relationships begin just look at. the description some of these guys are. gasps oh my god yep that’s a happy. couple right there oh how cute that’s so. cute oh wow what a happy couple find. your perfect fairy match me and. hopefully Josh we’re gonna find your. perfect fairy may already have a . girlfriend yeah but you don’t know your. girlfriend’s not a fairy is she she’s. more than a fairy George I think you’ll. be happy to know that I’ve already made. you an account but I think we need to up. your profile a little bit you’re looking. for an owner aren’t you Josh yeah I’m.

Really looking to be owned by someone. you’re also looking for a pet no I want. to be the pet okay yeah okay you’re. looking for an owner marriage very life. so your fariñas I barked at friends. sometimes degree then that’s definitely. you Josh what I can’t count the amount. of times you’ve barked at me art art is. my art is my life. there we go conventions I’ve been to. there we go last year I plan to be. buried in a first we stopped had to be. buried in a first cousin II I’ll accept. to Snug here and there and maybe give. one occasionally to why she’s I own. every plushie on earth no publisher. editor staffer on a professional furry. publication Oh also I’ve got a surprise. for you I’ve had a persona drawn for you. professionally can you just explain what. owner is you see these things on the. side here where it’s like it’s like what.

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They envision themselves to be is like. an animal I guess I hate someone 25 quid. for this you better appreciate it I. don’t take a pay stub or 25 quid for. this last year as a faculty than me I. mean if she was a cat and then I did my. own artists interpretation of it so new. name was your for Sony name Josh. species cats speciesspecific . [ __ ] furry coats like a bar big. hench [ __ ] relationship status. divorce. no no I’m dating I don’t know we’re. trying to find you a girlfriend jock you. patien legal services you’re a lawyer I. have children. social personality the sidekick you’re. my psychic aren’t you Josh and the Fleur. interests reading really boring and then. put cooking as well crafts my perfect. partner yes a 79 male/female eighteen to. seventy nine year olds yeah let’s just. see everyone who’s online it’s got this.

One the supposes got an actual first. wait that’s really bit about this person. Vorenus I barked at friends sometimes to. greet the best you written all over Josh. you have so much in common. Michael regularly as well I draw two how. do i message UUM right hi long story. short long story short I really like by. really like first your eyes are really. bold and beautiful eyes are really bold. and beautiful one day I hope I can one. day I hope I can’t pet that fur and put. you furry little girl no no not you. furry go then yours sincerely lucky boy. but you’re a cat Josh few people online. say message where is your first suit I. won’t let me do that alone boy he. listened it here buddy why the flip not. got Wrecking. repping a pursuit suits my stone but you. have no idea how much fur suit I shall I. do Who I am do you.

I move bear fur suits in my ends I stop. in trapping suits for like ten years in. ten years. no he’s gonna be so confused Josh yeah. kiss oh you live in Denmark and then put. I went to America once and then comma. and then I once went to Denmark they. point to Denmark. I never realized America was that big. you know what else is big trust me just. wait though ask me no trust me I know. what else is big and then all in caps my. suit in fact it is so large we could. probably both fit in it and even carry a. packet of crisps in that I had even. enough a bag of walkers let me know your. thoughts the best regards best no. brackets walking the trap like a box so. how are you I am Josh think you can. share. the deets say damn can I have a bite of. that bones yeah we really couldn’t put. down down now then you brackets if you.

Know the meme if you know the meme give. us a bite of that barrier for us a bite. of that bone promise I won’t ha and his. say there’s a bat furry I didn’t know. that was a thing. OMG you’re a guess what rhymes with bird. yes what rhymes with bat that’s but what. ha ha ha you just got boned. you just got epically posed this one’s. looking for marriage I found you a wife. job hello. looks like we’re both looking for. marriage let’s just get married. ok yes thank you. ah ok so um I found out to send more. than 50 messages per day and actually. open messages you need a membership on. the site so on I I bought membership all. right here we go why is your first who’s. so big do you even fit it then weighs. your account such trolley I am not a. troll I just like oversized fit it’s. just a question mark I’m seeking a. female not looking for a girl seeking a.

Female suspect him anyway I see you’re. seeking a female why not seek for a male. why not. seek for a male like me trust me you. won’t regret it. cheeky little seek ok so let’s go back. to this in a couple days and see what. we’ve got. ok so I’m back the next day and we only. have two messages what do we even ask it. huh I see you are seeking a favor by too. much you are fair. nice are asking I would like to say I. could try but I really am sorry my. friend haha you’re good too though take. that inside I am great godly bye and. don’t you dare. pat pat me son of a swine Do You Know. Who I am. last week I bench 20 with any problems. also I own a YouTube channel subscribe. this was really funny wait what did she. say can you read out your species is. specific to literally pursue those. apparent you make 150 K year even though.

You go guess that’s much they claim to. be 80. whatever you said trollee call me. probably one more time trollee call me. trollee one more flippin time I do. YouTube as my job I got a friend request. though accept him accept him yeah he’s. my pal now let’s just read this out what. divorce divorce I go educating some. random high school legal services and. have children and you’re 18 let’s smoke. drink okay so that’s the end of this. video we didn’t get many messages back I. can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want. someone that smokes and drinks well he’s. retired he went to some random I hope. you enjoy this video if you want to. check out josh’s channel we think will. be in the description we’ll have a thing. on the end screen yeah as I said I hope. you enjoy today’s video if you did be. sure subscribe and smash that like.

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