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I signed my friend up for a furry dating. site and he has no idea let’s hope that. he’s not too mad when he sees this here. we are on a furry dating website furry. mate why in the actual hell all right. december we got a good friend rithal. here and we’re going to be signing off. to a furry dating site on furry man. we’re gonna be fighting him a fairy. match we’re doing erythro we’re we’re. putting gretharo on a furry dating. website i don’t think he’s gonna like. that too much i really don’t think he’s. gonna like that yeah he’ll be fine let’s. go we’re gonna join now we’re just gonna. go for it oh geez. what. going to be what’s his name going to be. ricky. no we’re not made okay james there we go. we’ll just go james. we then set up the account for another. three minutes and this is what we came. up with all right here we go so this is.

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James our aka thrill all right then uh i. can edit my profile uh you know i think. we’re all good latest visitors do we. already have visitors to our chat wait. what profile 14 completed wait what else. do i have to do what else do i have to. do here edit profile uh this is a very. short website it’s really. like i said oh about me about me about. me our relationship oh my god oh my god. okay all right uh. divorce. single divorce. divorce no single no one’s gonna believe. he’s divorced look at him he is he’s. james he might be divorced marital. status um isn’t this isn’t okay divorced. uh divorced. i couldn’t go but that’s a bit deep okay. education um. okay there’s no way he’s fresh out of. high school already divorced. he’s fresh out of high school. that would make no sense you want this. to look somewhat real you idiot in.

College oh okay well we’ll have a look. at rythrol’s views because college. okay i’ll do college i’ll do. college thank you damn all right you. you’re not good at this at all i’m. perfect for this now income uh looking. at rythrol’s views i’d say he’s. definitely like more than 150 a few. grand a month yeah 150 000. there we go. employment status. he’s he’s an entrepreneur he is uh james. i’d say so fulltime um occupation what. is his occupation what would making. videos about roblox characters be like. what would you say that is entertainment. children um children no not sure i don’t. want children i don’t want children okay. fine fine hiv status okay. okay prefer not to say he’s literally. just saying positive let’s be real we’ll. okay we’ll we’ll we’ll nice and well. yeah now if you say uh i don’t know if i.

Have any asset you got some stds bro you. got crabs on your . um okay i i do not plan to to go into. that so we’ll go yeah we’re not jaylen. so. forgot so social personality or is he. the life he’s the life of the party oh. he’s the life of the party he’s the. social butterfly. sidekick. somewhat shy no no aritha’s not shy he’s. a man all right uh better in small. groups nah nah big groups big groups all. day comic relief do what am i dumb for. not knowing what that is haha you’re. funny you make me feel better like what. the is it. um okay. watching um. big time dramas he likes romantic. comedies he told me because he’s. romantic wait where’s romantic comedies. i don’t think there’s an option for it. because they suck so much balls so. what does that mean what does soap soap. soap mean let’s not select that i think.

That’s like nah yeah language english. english i don’t think there’s any other. language on the site uh hey it’s. multiculture we’ll go for all of them. don’t select them all that’s stupid dude. actually yeah because then we’ll get. people from different languages and i. can’t believe they’re translating it so. yeah. um okay let let’s let’s not let’s not. let’s not even go there even if we. select a random one as a joke i know you. get no we’re not touching up. yeah i’m i’m not trying to get plastered. all over twitter on the training tab. okay interests right arts is he an. artist i’d say looking at this uh he. knows. raw he knows how to draw did he draw all. these yeah he drew them. i know for a fact his lazy ass. didn’t but he knows how to draw does. that say driving i can’t read it uh that. says dining breakfast yeah he likes to.

Eat because he’s fat. okay is he is he a community service is. he community service is he oh he likes. he likes family yeah now community. service and family yeah he’s a guy. i’m only saying this who doesn’t try and. beat me up when he sees what we’re doing. here he likes uh doesn’t like playing. sport computers that’s internet last. internet i can’t speak internet. does he like religion did we put a. religion on there or no all right then. that’s not like man he likes gaming he’s. a big gamer he’s yeah what a gamer does. he like. health and fitness that would require. going outside so i’m not too sure. youtubers don’t do that so no all right. i think we got we submit that’s what we. to do there we go oh my god we’re still. only 44 of the way through are you. serious yep uh so at that point me. intercepts ended up spending another 20.

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Minutes trying to get this whole thing. set up this video was absolute pain. besides the bio that’s very lackluster. i think yeah at 92 percent this is. enough let’s start network. all right friends let’s go out and find. some friends oh jesus christ i have to. pay for this crap but if i have to pay. for this i swear i’m going to like break. something okay we’ll just go for latest. visitors we’ll see um who is this who on. earth is this we never know who this is. right how how can we message how can we. how can we send messages we can send. messages oh god okay okay subject limit. uh meeting each other boom mating smart. that’s good that’s good hello i’m james. and i’m fairly new to this website i’m. reaching out just to see i’m reaching. out in an attempt to get to know each. other you seem pretty bad. i’m reaching.

Out to get to know aids to hopefully get. to know each other. hopefully that sounds forceful hopefully. to get to know oh for god’s sake you. cannot. fully get to. know. each other oh my god i’m so bad at. typing that would be pretty poggers. if i say so. myself have a great day and i hope to. hear from you soon have a great day. oh god to hear from you soon. meow. said there we go. we’re going for it all right let’s find. some other people to network with i’m. just going to get all these people on. top all right editor please blur out all. these people by the way yeah we’re not. trying to oh this guy looks like he’s. 37. jesus christ okay all these people. will be blind. i think he’s taking a female um. wait is he oh god i can’t access his. page what do you mean seeking speaking. of people. seeking everything. oh there we go options are open let’s.

Get in there hey beautiful hey beautiful. white oh god beautiful that’s how you. open up the message start off by saying. meeting let’s do the same uh. stuff. my name is james i. am really cute. just like you in brackets just like you. yeah. just like you. um okay all right well what’s next just. wanting to. know if you want to role play that would. be pog champ. we’ll do the smiley face at the end just. just to make it more believable let me. know if you want have a pogtastic day. meow meow oh yeah and then at the bottom. james perfect there we go all right who. is this oh seeking a female all right. next one seeking a female next one oh my. god listen why can’t you just be seeking. a man just be. i still can’t get over this profile look. at this stuff this is amazing. who is this okay uh but please please. blow out this i can’t find someone i.

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Think this might literally just be the. only people that are on this website i’m. not gonna lie because i literally i. can’t find this oh god all right uh. let’s hope that in a few days um the. people that we’ve messaged have gotten. back to us i might i might get back on. this later and uh and see if i can. message a few more people we’re going to. get rither to look at this or james i. should say whenever whenever we check. back in a few days so i’ll i’ll see you. all then jesus christ. now after setting up this account and. getting everything ready it was time to. show brethren but there was only one. problem in the time that i’ve been. waiting i somehow managed to lose access. to my account and i wasn’t able to log. in so we had to show rythroral this. account in another way i’m just going to. screen record right now right uh ritual.

So we are recording this is what all. right this is the website that’s uh you. were going to be uh they were going to. be reviewing today but unfortunately i i. seem to have lost the account i don’t. know what happened um basically we set. up for you this this is a furry dating. site hell yeah. i knew that this had to do something. with dating or something and you use my. photos damn it yeah. all right give us consent you gave us. consent i just did it he told us. he did give us consent right so viewers. before you go out and freak out and say. that i’m a terrible person he. this this was all this was all. consensual okay if i go to my uh screen. recording i’ll sort of show you what was. going on here um so this is this is this. is contents i hope you appreciate it. is very loud okay this is. uh we went along here i think we will.

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Searching up your name uh these are all. your statistics that we gave you uh so. you’re divorced. you’re selfemployed because we know. that you’re a big businessman we. basically we go through these steps. yeah we tried to go around finding like. a first zone or whatever because me and. deception had no idea what that was so. we just sort of typed a bunch of random. crap because we have father figures how. many matches did i quit unfortunately i. i mean you might have gotten matches in. the time that i’ve been logged out of. the account but uh unfortunately you did. get no matches like. it was it was not even though not even. the furries want me bro. but yeah we basically said that like art. is your life and whatever you it was. great uh we found a few people for you. i don’t know if you want that guy to be. liking you anyways bro we.

We dropped a bunch of messages i’ll i. can read them out for you it was. basically uh we made the we made the. like we made the subject meeting like. all the subjects were just meeting it. was like hello i’m james comey meetings. i’m reaching out to hopefully get to. know each other that would be pretty. boggers if i say so myself. i can imagine you know this profile. picture you know that photo of me just. messaging in everybody’s inbox and. they’re like dang they already want to. meet her. imagine seeing this photo just roll into. your inbox and just just like meeting a. smiley face i would block it too you. know what i’m saying video. so this is what we did with your account. uh please don’t be mad at us so this is. i don’t know why syria is in my google. search just. please get mad at please get mad we need. content get mad be like.

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