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Hi and welcome back to my name is david malamid and i am a. forensic accountant and fraud. investigation expert today i’m going to. show you how to get a free virtual phone. number online to receive sms. you may want to receive sms to be. anonymous you may want to receive sms. for verification codes but whatever the. reason i’m going to show you how to do. it simply quickly and free but before i. get into that i want to thank all of you. who sent me the feedback that you did on. my video how to spot a liar if you. haven’t watched it yet please do and let. me know what you think. also don’t forget to subscribe and like. these videos it really means a lot to me. let’s get to sms free virtual phone. numbers. now the reason that you want a free. virtual phone number most likely is to. receive a verification code you are like.

Me probably pretty unhappy during the. day when you get a phone call. a sales pitch or a text someone trying. to sell you something and you don’t. remember ever putting your name on any. list. now when you do give out your mobile. number. sometimes it’s your mobile number gets. spammed and sometimes it gets sold and. you may not want that you may want to. maintain your privacy you may not want. to give google facebook uh uber your. information your mobile information now. before i show you how to do it and how. to get your free sms virtual telephone. number i want to tell you that there’s a. flip side to this and that’s the. fraudsters the people who are looking to. commit crimes. if they want to and they are strategic. about it they can set up virtual sms. phone numbers as well communicate with. each other. collude with each other.

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And within a day of seven days usually. these numbers are tossed and deleted. from the websites that they exist on. now. i’m not saying that all fraudsters are. doing this. but what i am saying is that the virtual. phone numbers and the texting with the. temporary information allows fraudsters. terrorists cheaters. thieves. to use a site to communicate. and to get communication. without having evidence trails left. behind them. so let’s go to my screen on. the first tab what you have is a company. called and i want you to. know i am not being endorsed i am not an. affiliate of any of these companies. text now allows you. with signing in and giving a bit of your. information. it allows you to get a free virtual. telephone number. i’ll flip to the next page. where you can send and receive. sms. texting. from somebody’s cell phone.

To. text now. but what i need to tell you. is that. this. is not the only way. to. get free sms verification codes sms. messages. and something else that you may want to. know. is that some of the sites actually block. these. text now phone numbers from being. received so you would never actually get. that text message. which leads me to the next tab i want to. show you. it’s called free phone numb dot com and. you can see it on the screen. free phone. makes its money from advertising but if. you look in the middle of the page you. see 10 united states phone numbers and. you see five canadian ones let’s pick a. canadian one. when i scroll down on the page there’s. more of their advertising and that’s how. they’re making their money. i can see that. these sms. phone numbers. which are public and free this one here.

Has received 166 sms’s today this one’s. received 52 211. let’s go to the one. that’s received 166.. first i want to show you. some of. the texts that people are receiving. though you already have a profile. attached to this number and we currently. only allow one profile per loan. number. your crypto challenge verification code. is. 28614 your mrex verification code is. 315895. now i want to show you that when i do go. to this phone number i’m going to copy. it. and i’m going to go to my text now. number. i’m going to create a new text. i’m going to paste my number. and you’ll see the advertisements that. are there and i’m gonna type a message. the message i’m gonna type is. hello. from. uncover. if. you are. reading. this. your information. is not secure. i’m going to push send over there. and we can see. that it looks like a text message has.

Been sent. now i want to go back to. my. phone i want to. hit. refresh so usually on my computer what. i’ll hit is f5. and when we scroll to the top. you will see. that from my phone number 23 seconds ago. hello from uncover if you are. reading this information. is not secure my spelling is terrible i. should have said it is not secure but. it’s trying to do it fast for you but. you see how fast that was and you see. how. uh free phone numb allows you. to receive all these texts and you know. we went through a few of them. time card has been submitted squish. alert. your code for beyond but i don’t want. you to think that free is. the only site to use. there’s more and i wanted to use another. one as an example. this one is called sms receive i’m going to go to canada again because.

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I like picking on canada. i want to see. let’s see. i’ll choose this phone number here it’s. two days ago. i’m going to copy the phone number. but before i before i look at anything. i’m going to go down to these messages. let’s see what i’ve got i see people’s. security codes i see link verification. codes i see cryptochallenge. now. i’m going to go back to my text now. i’m going to start a new conversation. i’m going to enter in that phone number. and i’m going to say. go. see. more. videos. on. fraud. at. uncover. and i’m gonna hit send. so again we see that message has been. sent and really it is that simple. and we go here we. refresh our page they give us a nice. refresh you don’t even have to push your. f5. we scroll down. and you’ll see that my. sms that i sent. 12 seconds ago go see more videos on. fraud at. is there. now you could communicate using this. number if you were a fraudster a. terrorist a thief back and forth and. have a conversation. and you could probably use some form of. code. uh to let them know that. you are this person and they are that. person and you can strategically plan. your affair that you might be having you. can plan. how you are cheating how you are. stealing. and the evidence would be gone so i want. you to keep that in mind now look. going back to the start of the video i. said to you that i’m gonna show you how. to get. a free virtual phone number that can. receive sms. the codes messages etc and i’ve shown. you two examples of that i’ve actually. shown you three. and. i understand if you are watching this. video because you don’t want your. privacy uh exposed to companies you.

Don’t want to give facebook google uber. etc. your cell phone number you don’t want. those ads you don’t want those text. messages you want. to be left alone and you want your. privacy maintained but you do want to. join. their website. so i understand that there is a reason. that you’re using this for your. verification code and that’s why i’m. showing it to you. in terms of the world of fraud. what i’m saying to the investigators. that are watching. is that the evidence that you’re looking. for on computers. may not exist. when. fraudsters start using virtual telephone. numbers and texting online to. communicate. again my name is david mohammed and i am. a forensic accountant and fraud. investigation expert. to find out more about me and the. services we offer please visit. don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

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