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Hi guys the freebie guy here and today I. am in Tulsa Oklahoma where I’m gonna be. showing you seven free things that you. can do on your trip to Tulsa. the first one’s a little outside of. Tulsa and KATUSA and we’re gonna be. visiting two blue well so come on and. let me show you around come on guys this. is the blue whale of Catoosa Oklahoma. it’s 80 feet long and 20 feet tall and. it was built by Hugh Davis in the early. 70s as an anniversary gift for his wife. Delta who collected miniature whale. figurines to create little activities. for kids you can climb all over it and. climb all in it and we’re about to go. inside come on the blue whale was. originally a swimming hole just for. family but it is right along route 66. and a lot of people thought it as a. roadside attraction and people wanted to. take part so they open this up to the.

Public until the late 80s when the pews. could no longer manage it and it and it. fell into disrepair so right right now. we’re inside the main part of the blue. whale and you can see right here if you. can look on either side there’s holes. with slides now these slides it does say. no swimming but they did tell me that. the families told us on occasion swim in. this hole but we have seen some snakes. and there’s lots of turtles in here and. so I would recommend swimming but these. are not sealed off by any means just. keep that in mind so watch your kids. while you’re in here and make sure. they’re not flying into the pond. okay so once the once the blue whale. fell into disrepair it stayed in. disrepair for about ten years or so and. then the people of Catoosa came together. business local businesses to restore the.

Whale and hampton inn came in they had. thy landmarks project that donates money. to restore these kind of landmarks and. they came in and helped to restore this. as well so it’s basically a team and. community effort to restore this back to. where you see it today and where you can. stop by and enjoy this amazing roadside. attraction right now as you can see I’m. at the top of the blue whale’s tail they. tell me that this is 20 feet high right. now I’m 20 feet above the waterline and. back in the heyday people used to jump. off the back of the wheel T whale tail. into the spring pet fed pond it’s. actually a beautiful pond it’s quite. deep and there are tons of turtles in it. there’s a lot of nature we’ve seen some. kids out feeding the turtles and such in. the pond. they had turtle races going on over here. with food earlier that was quite cute to.

Watch but it may overall this is a. really amazing landmark that you should. definitely come see if you’re in the. area. now from the inside of the body of the. will you can actually climb up there’s a. letter we can climb it turn to the. second floor it is a bit of precarious. for someone of adult weight for children. it’s probably fine. we had a chance to go in the gift shop. and they have photo albums from the 70s. and 80s and you can see all sorts of fun. family photos of people hanging their. heads out of these windows and it’s just. a really neat roadside attraction now. when you do come visit here in Tulsa at. the blue whale. it is a completely act perfect active. free activity but they do have a. donation box up front where you can help. donate money for the up cake of this. iconic blue whale in Catoosa Oklahoma.

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As you can see there are several picnic. tables available and in addition they. get scuffed up inside I was kind of. surprised to find that they had. souvenirs that you can buy there’s. magnets pictures that sort of thing may. also have refreshments available as well. this would be a great place to stop for. a picnic on the side of route 66. alright guys today I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma. with another freak working roadside. attraction that you can check out while. you’re in town today I’m at the golden. driller statue and this is actually the. sixth tallest statue in the United. States right now this thing is massive. each one of the shoes weighs one ton in. total the thing is 75 feet tall and it. weighs 43 thousand five hundred pounds. the golden driller was originally built. in 1952 but in 1979 the Oklahoma. Legislature voted to make this the state.

Monument if you take a look at the oil. derrick here to give you an idea of the. size the oil derrick is an actual oil. derrick from an oil field in Seminole. Oklahoma and the golden driller is just. resting his hand on it so that’s not all. the way the clink that’s not all the way. to the top even it is a great spot you. can come check it out and see it it’s a. popular spot with the locals it’s like a. meeting spot during the fair that people. everyone’s like meet me at the golden. drill or meet me at the golden driller. so is where everyone comes to me and. it’s a great place to get some Instagram. photos and check out one of those quirky. roadside attractions. all right guys so I’m gonna nother free. thing that you can do in Tulsa Oklahoma. right now I’m about to head to the. center of the universe that’s what it’s.

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Called is located in downtown Tulsa. right in the shadow of the Bank of. Oklahoma Building which is the tallest. building in Tulsa by the way but this is. supposed to be they’re not really sure. what causes it but right when you stand. in the center of the circle you can hear. it echo back let’s go up and see if we. can recreate it come on guys so the. center of the universe is located up to. my right and I’m about to get in in a. second but first when I tell you about. this cloud this cloud behind me is this. got sculpture that is over 70 feet tall. and it was created in the early 1990s it. was kind of an art piece that said. people would look at a rusting steel. cloud more than they look up at the real. thing so that’s kind of cool then over. here behind me you could also see the. Bakke of Oklahoma Building which is.

Actually kind of a miniature version of. one of the World Trade Center buildings. that’s kind of what it was designed. after to give you an idea of what that. looks like okay so as I step back right. here it sounds kind of normal but as you. get to the center of it let’s see where. I am so when you stand right in the. middle right here you’ll be able to hear. an echo and it’s kind of just like an. echo chamber people outside of the. circle cannot hear it there’s a lot of. theories for why this exists some say. it’s like a spiritual thing some say. it’s because of the concrete around me. and some instead it’s just like an. acoustical vortex so no one knows really. I don’t know if this was naturally here. before or if it’s kind of a manmade. thing but it’s really cool and kids will. find it really interesting and best of.

All it’s absolutely free to do in Tulsa. Oklahoma. okay another thing that we found that. you can do in Tulsa is there is a free. walking tour that you can get and I will. link that in the description of the. video it’s a selfguided historic. walking tour of buildings in downtown a. lot of the buildings in downtown Tulsa. built in the 20 and the 30s so a lot of. them have that Art Deco style it’s. really cool architecture some of the. best I’ve seen in the downtown area. before in this guide this free walking. guide has 50 significant buildings and. they’re all within walking distance that. you can check out you can spend as. little time or as much time as you want. checking these out walk in and out of. the buildings and they’re just really. neat so if you have time make sure. you’re checking that out because it’s.

Pretty awesome guys. hi guys today I am outside the cave. house in Tulsa Oklahoma and this is a. really quirky roadside attraction and. it’s completely free to come by you can. take pictures there’s a cross just. there’s a park across the street that. you can take photos at and stuff but for. $10 for adults and $5 for children you. can do a cave house tour with Linda. Collier now when I went into this what I. was expecting of the cave house tour was. I was expecting to like hear the history. of when it was built and stuff like that. and you do get some history but what I. actually stumbled upon was a legend of. Tulsa and the stories are incredible so. if you get a chance to come inside and. do the tour I know it cost money but. make sure you do that because it was. some really awesome stories a little bit. about the house the house it is like a.

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Cave and it’s built into the side of a. hill that was part of a cave and at one. point during Prohibition this was. actually a speakeasy it’s really quirky. roadside attraction and its really. awesome and I’m so glad I did it the. stories were amazing so if you get a. chance come check this out and meet. Linda yourself she’s really awesome and. the tour was great. okay guys so I’m brought Riley out to. our next free event that our free thing. that we’re doing today it’s gonna be the. turkey mountain wilderness area in Tulsa. Oklahoma this is right outside of. downtown Tulsa and it is 300 acres of. wilderness basically there are four. marked trails that range from half a. mile to a little over five miles and 25. miles of unmarked trails now this is a. wilderness trip area so there are like. washed out trails routes exposed and.

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Things like that so don’t expect like. everything paved when you come out here. it’s supposed to be great for dogs and. we’re about to go check it out and see. what all it has to offer right now we’re. at the trailhead and you can see they. have a map here which marks out and it. tells you like we’re at this parking lot. right here but it kind of told you like. how difficult the trail each of the. trails are there’s paved trails there’s. a yellow trail which is the most. difficult one that is mark so this shows. you the four trails and what you can. expect on them and it kind of ties you. to repair and bring water I believe. there’s only water up here at the top of. the trailhead so you will want to bring. water with you on these trips for you. and your pets if you’re bringing your. pets along like we’re bringing Riley so.

While I’ve opted to stay on one of the. paved trails to keep it easy for recon. online the best to shape there are tons. of unmarked trails and you can see right. here how it goes through here through. all the trees and also you will want to. be on the lookout for poison ivy and I. am sure there are snakes around here too. so be on the lookout for those as well. but it’s a really cool area and we are. right outside of downtown Tulsa a few of. the trails here at turkey mountain do. cool right around ponds if you can see. behind me and if you can hear the cicada. it’s really a cool sound especially. being right in the middle of Tulsa so. it’s a really cool little wilderness. area now one thing you will want to take. note of is be careful about ticks so. when you do lose the area make sure. you’re checking for those to make sure.

No it’s no your. to pets or anything or carrying ticks. with them okay guys so if you do get a. chance to come out to turkey mountain if. you come during a heat advisory be. forewarned it is really hot so make sure. to bring lots of water but it’s really. busy on the weekends there’s a lot of. people out here and it’s a great free. activity to get out and enjoy the. wilderness especially if you’re staying. whether you’re staying in Tulsa or. you’re visiting Tulsa it’s a great. little free thing to get outside and get. fresh air now on to the next one guys. okay guys my last stop in Tulsa I’m the. free thing to do and I will be back in. Tulsa to do more items because there’s a. lot to do here is the route 66 village. on route 66 and there believe they’re. still working out of it there’s a meteor. train here a couple train cars we’re.

Gonna go take a look so I’m gonna tell. you about a little bit about it come on. guys okay guys the first thing you want. to show you is the red fork centennial. oil dirt the thing is massive is a. hundred and fifty four feet tall and. this is the larger oil derrick in north. america great site and this thing is. huge now come on and let me show you the. Train. all right guys this one’s pretty awesome. right here this is a Frisco meteor 4500. train this was a passenger train that. was built in 1942 and ran passenger. service from Oklahoma City to st. Louis. overnight through 1947 this train was. officially retired in 1950 and it came. here in 2010 this has a really cool. paint job if you have kids that like. trains. you’re gonna want to bring them by this. because it’s awesome come on let me show. you just how big this thing is.

Okay I’m standing right here just show. you just kind of how big these wheels. are I am 6 foot 2 to give you an idea of. how massive this thing when it’s all. loaded down with tinder and the loaded. locomotive this thing would weigh over. 800,000 pounds they would take traqpath. passengers overnight and travel it up to. 80 miles an hour so just imagine almost. a million pounds heading down the tracks. at 80 miles an hour just an incredible. piece of machinery and really awesome. super cool colors and great to take. photos at or climb on kick live on the. engines but there is the caboose I’m. about to show you and you can get on. that for some pictures. alright guys has it come to the end of. the video I’m really I worked hard on. this video so I hope you guys are. enjoying it but I’m on the back of a. first 1157 caboose I have been obsessed.

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With cabooses since I was a kid every. time a train would go by I wanted to see. if they had won and the guy would be out. waving so this is kind of cool this was. the first one I’ve ever been on and. before I could forget I got to throw. this one in there hi mom I want to. caboose anyway guys back to the video so. if you guys liked this video give it a. thumbs up subscribe to my videos if you. want to see more videos like this and a. lot of the stuff that we do with samples. and stuff is timesensitive so if you. want to see those videos make sure you. turn the notifications on so you know. when we post because a lot of that stuff. is timesensitive I hope you’ve all. enjoyed this video if you do get a. chance to come out post pictures tag me. I would love to see them and tell me. that you heard about it from me.

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