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The last stop on our road trip 2019 2020. was in the city of Pittsburgh we took I. 79 south through pretty rollin. Pennsylvania countryside which had. recently been snowed upon however this. winter has been in unusually warm one in. this region and the temperature was a. balmy 40 degrees we pulled in the. Pittsburg on Thursday January 9th 2020. at 2:00 in the afternoon in today’s. video we’ll give you a brief rundown on. the city of Pittsburgh share a few. insights and a couple experiences then. we’ll take you to a Pittsburgh suburb. which was perhaps the absolute worst. place I have ever seen in person. Pittsburgh is located at the convergence. to the Allegheny Monongahela and Ohio. rivers the whole Pittsburgh metro area. is surrounded by hills this city made. its name in the steel industry hence the. big steel bridges and the city’s.

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Football team. the Steelers Pittsburgh’s a very poor. city and we’ll get a look at that in a. minute but it has some rich people. particularly in the shady side and North. Squirrel Hill neighborhoods. here’s North Squirrel Hill this is the. richest neighborhood in Pittsburgh where. residents aren’t about a hundred grand a. year on average and homes cost about. $500,000 this is shady side a modern. chic neighborhood with upscale shopping. and dining women wear their yoga pants a. lecture even in foot deep snow the food. is decent I didn’t get a chance to try. the Pittsburgh version of the. cheesesteak but I did have perhaps the. best sandwich I’ve ever had in a place. called pork and beans downtown it was. called their classic and it was. primarily composed of beef brisket and. cheese I didn’t think to take a picture.

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Of it until it was gone. I also ran into a guy who wore way too. much cologne who I swore is on the. Pittsburgh Steelers I should asked him. of course we didn’t come here to walk. around downtown we came here to see the. worst part of town I had originally. planned to film to Northeast Pittsburgh. slumps areas called Homewood and Larimer. which I had heard resembled the gutted. out areas we had seen in other dying. Rust Belt communities but in downtown I. asked a friendly bartender. what she thought of Homewood and Larimer. she told me if I really wanted to see. the worst areas of Pittsburgh I needed. to see the south side. she said it was one of the most. dangerous cities in the country a place. called McKeesport whenever there’s a. shooting or a crime or all the cops go. somewhere it’s in McKeesport she said so.

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The next day we went off to McKeesport. to see what all the fuss was about McKee. sparks a tiny city that’s only about ten. miles south of Pittsburgh but because. the region’s so hilly getting there. takes nearly 30 minutes on windy. sad beaten up roads just like every. other former steel town McKeesport was. hit hard when steel makers left the. region the city once had more than. 50,000 people but now it has less than. 20,000. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. you. there are many other areas on. Pittsburgh’s fringes like McKeesport but. not nearly so dangerous or destitute. this is another area 10 minutes from. Pittsburgh on the city’s east side. Pittsburgh’s whole east side is. pockmarked with crime and poor rundown. neighborhoods. we also visited the original ghetto. hoods we had planned a visit here’s a.

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Look at Homewood and Larimer on. Pittsburgh’s northeast side. you. these places need help they need a. community leader to step up and do. something or these places are gonna. disappear one day is everybody either. flees or dies these neighborhoods are. just a small glimpse as to what it looks. like when a city like Pittsburgh goes. from a population of 700,000 to 300,000. in only about 60 years the Rust Belt. tour was over we had witnessed places. like East st. Louis Lansing Buffalo and. Pittsburgh and how the loss of industry. and a shrinking economy has made these. cities sad dangerous empty and soulless. these places don’t look like America of. the 1950s they don’t even look like they. should be in America at all. as I pull back in a rolly the following. day I was greeted by a muggy partly. sunny sky. a far cry from the cold I had.

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