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Free Dating Portugal the culture the tradition

Hi in today’s video i’m going to share with  you what portuguese women think about african  . men if you are new to this channel if this is  the first time you are coming across my videos  . and this channel my mission is  to visit every country on head  . where we will learn about the uniqueness of every  country the people the culture the tradition  . lifestyle and a little bit all aspect of life so  do me a favor by clicking the subscribe button and  . turn on the notification on as i take you to all  country on heads hello hi how are you we’re fine  . great great great i have a great question for  you girls okay tell us what do you think about  . african men they are pretty hot and very great  wow yes they are pretty old and very great yes  . do that mean you like african men yes yes  they’re unique they have their own ways.

You guys are you are you are  in our head everywhere she’s  . really fond of african wow nice to know yes  thank you very much for sharing no problem. hello hi how are you i’m fine great how are  you great nice to meet you princess i don’t  . really understand portuguese for now it’s  pleasure pleasure pleasure to meet you please  . nice to meet you no means like a pleasure to meet  you it’s just pleasure but it’s something we say  . mainly when we are uh saying goodbye  okay pleasure please it was a pleasure  . it was a pleasure okay i’ve learned little  portuguese thank you for teaching me anyway  . i have questions for you okay what do  you think about african men african men. i think they they represent the sun like  they’re really sunny they’re really energetic  . and you represent this song i feel like i i  haven’t met i met a lot of african men but not.

Deeply like not for a long period but i feel  like very expressive really enjoys life and  . the pleasures of life and colors and music and  foods wow the african men the african people for  . she represents the sun and full of life enjoy life  yeah pleasure of life yeah thank you for sharing  . gina nana okay that means you’re welcome yeah  yeah she’s teaching me portuguese now thank you  . i have a question for you what do you think  about african men from your own experience  . i have studied with several african men  okay they’re based here okay in portugal  . they’re very warm people okay they know how to  dance they’re very fun and they can teach you all  . they can teach you a lot wow she’s fan of  africans yeah i would like to go to africa africa  . oh that means i’m going to take you to africa  now with me are you ready to go with me.

Okay anyway thank you thank you for sharing  thank you i really appreciate your time hi how  . are you i’m good oh great great we are good yeah  we are good oh she’s a little bit individualistic. don’t look like that i hope so we are in both  okay okay what do you think about african men  . um i have uh the ritumal they are fun they  have a nice rhythm so it’s uh open open to  . to know other people whoa and um they they are  the same similar than brazil brazilian okay  . like okay yeah good fives goodbye good vibes  oh great great they love the african vibes  . it looks like the brazilian vibes also most party  outgoing very easy to make friends so that is what  . they like it so they like the african people  hello how are you i’m doing good thanks  . oh you’re welcome you’re welcome i have a question  for you what do you think about african men in.

My opinion it doesn’t depend like if it’s  african if it’s european if it’s american i  . have to know the person also to know what the  person is like and if that person is like a bad  . person in general i just don’t get along with with  them okay but if it really doesn’t depend on the  . race you know it’s not a race thing it’s just  the person itself they’re like everybody else  . there are good ones there are bad ones just  like there are any other nationality or race  . there’s bad persons and good people yeah do  you have any experience i mean i’ve always  . i’ve gone to school with african people  and some of them are impeccable like  . perfect persons and then there are others who are  not so good not so good but normal yeah it’s like  . everything else like i’ve always i’ve also known  uh bad people and good people it’s it’s not about.

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