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You know so many guys out there are so. afraid to do this. and yeah when they hear about you and. other guys that. went over and came back alive and. successful. and they’re like oh well maybe this. isn’t just a big scam maybe this is. it is not a scam it definitely is not a. game it’s not i mean you could always. find women that might play games and. we’re dealing with real people right so. you know sometimes you might. weren’t into something like that but you. know for the most part it’s just. people trying to meet each other and. what happens happens that’s what i found. who exactly yeah and. they’re so um in. my life to be uh she was so. genuine so kind i mean it’s just. it was hard not to fall in love with her. let’s go with this one from mark. he’s saying how sure are we that the one. we see in their profiles actually when.

We’re writing letters women don’t come. have to come to the office to sign up or. anything right so maria you work in the. office. in columbia do the women have to come. into the office to sign up or how does. that work. yes yes they do the woman come into the. office. and usually what we do is take the. photos um. sometimes when the when the women have. already professional photos. sometimes it’s not necessary but still. we talk on the phone with them or we. call them or write with them so we have. always. personal contact with them and she has. to answer a bunch of questions it’s not. that she just say hey i want to sign up. if not it takes a time it takes a while. to get all these questions answered we. have some. extra questions for you to get a little. bit deeper in her personality. maybe not just what is your hobby what.

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You do what that if not like more. more psychological questions and yes. they come usually in the office they um. we do the photo shoots. we because it’s always better first of. all they get better photos and secondly. they have. photos up to date and not photos which. are like 10 years old. and so yeah we do that we talk to them. usually takes half an hour to 45 minutes. to attend one. female client. and you you let them know what they’re. getting into as far as international. introductions right as far as you know. are you. prepared to actually leave colombia if. you meet the right man that kind of. thing right yes. no of course they know that they sign up. for an international. matchmaking company and marriage company. so they know that most of the guys. come from another country not all of. them want to leave their country.

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Yeah so this is but that’s not why why. that’s not the reason why they should. not sign up because they also i meet a. lot of men. when they come to colombia first of all. maybe they don’t know what colombia is. about. but when they arrive sometimes the. medellin for example the climate is so. perfect they say oh this is a great city. it’s a. great climate i should move here so lots. we have several clients uh. living in colombia and living in. medellin so. so if you keep an open mind moving and. she moving then it doesn’t really matter. which country you’re going to. see a lot of guys move to colombia yes a. lot of guys they really love it. just a tip don’t start your own drug. cartel if you decide to do that just. stay out of that business and you’ll be. fine. interested learn more at. if you enjoyed this video be sure to.

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