Format For Military Dating

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Format For Military Dating is crazy long

What’s up everyone welcome back to my. channel. every new to this channel my name is. Leslie and so for today’s video I’m. going to be talking about five things. that you should know before you date. someone who is in the military and these. are just things that I wasn’t even aware. up while she was someone signing up at. everything and it just would have helped. a lot if I would have already known. about so here it is number one is that. his job does come first and to me that. was even a little bit hard to like. really understand because like obviously. family comes first in reality his job. does come first and that’s because the. military does on him they tell him what. to do and everything if he’s getting. deployed and he doesn’t wanna get the. point he can’t be like no I don’t want. to go and maybe in their hearts you do.

Come first you know the family comes. first but in reality their job does and. that is because whatever they want to do. or anything that they do they do it. because of their job because they’re. being told to do so number two is that. with boot camp and after boot camp and. the whole military thing is that there. comes a lot of training that is. something that I really didn’t know. about like I knew that he was gonna have. training up to boot camp and that it was. going to be long but I didn’t know how. long and neither will you you won’t know. how long it’s going to be everybody’s. experience is different and just because. Justin was away for eight months also is. probably not gonna be your situation. maybe they’re only gone for violence now. people who are in the reserves I don’t. know how that like any of that works so.

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I really can’t say much for that so for. everyone is just going to be so. different and you’re really never gonna. know how long they’re going to be a way. for and that’s just something that you. really need to be prepared for is that. they can be gone from three months six. months eight months maybe their training. is crazy long and they’re gone for a. whole year and also because of all the. training may be your guys’s only option. of spill baked together it’s a long. distance and maybe it might not be long. distance forever for me it was long. distance for a whole year this thing is. making you open to noise Andy and of. course also because of all the training. that they have to do they’re not gonna. be home a lot and probably you’re only. going to see them a little. throughout that time that they’re away. for training communication is also very.

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Low there’s not a lot of communication. of while they’re in training because. they are in training by the way we. actually just have fire right now and. that is because it is so cold in this. room like it’s been raining all day so. I’m still so cool I’m always so fold. every single time I come here and yeah. so let’s get back to the CEO point is. that communication sucks while they’re. training and yeah number three is that. you’re going to be questioned so much. and especially because of your. relationship and that was questions a. lot by my family by my friends by people. who I used to work with and by people. who I didn’t even know either because. they wanted to know more of our. relationship or they just really didn’t. understand it or they don’t know how we. worked through it and I just wanted to. know a little bit more about it I think.

The three questions that people ask me. the bones I think three questions that. people have asked me the most first even. still asking elbows is when is it gonna. be back like when is he coming back what. are you going with them the second thing. that people ask me a lot is how we were. gonna deal with like money and how we. were gonna do all this and and it’s also. just very frustrating just we have an. answer because yeah I don’t even know. and those everything was just basically. why don’t you guys move in instead of. getting married even though it probably. would have been a good idea moving in. together before we were even married we. really didn’t have that chance or that. opportunity to do so for us it’s. something that we also didn’t want to do. like we were happy together we wanted to. take that that big step and just get.

Married and you know face this together. and back to the five things that you. should know before dating someone in the. military number four is that plants. cannot be made without being constantly. changed on you and that is something so. frustrating to me I think that is. something that you do have know is that. plants will always change it just. because he says that he’s coming home on. certain date that may not be the case it. might change and that day might move his. date and you also can’t stick to a date. I tended to do that a lot is that I. would try to stick to a date because. that’s what I like to do I like to know. when I’m doing things and I like to. stick to a date and I would try to do. that but it started getting very very. difficult just because I would stick to. a day and then it would have to be.

Changed. it is very frustrating and for the last. one number five is that after you guys. have had a conversation about what you. guys want for the future and everything. and how you guys want to go about in. everything you guys want to like then. you guys have obviously made a decision. Oh either you guys are getting married. or not then you will be letting go up a. lot of things and that is because your. life will be changing you will be moving. to a new place with your future husband. have to let go of a few things and. that’s actually what I’m going through. right now is that I will be moving soon. with Tristan I have to say goodbye to my. family and we’re gonna be probably a lot. of hours away from each other and that’s. something that comes along with being. married to that person and you having to. move away with them basically your.

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Regular life it will change it will be. different that’s something that I’m. getting ready to do. also because your life is just changing. and you’re going through a whole bunch. of different new things you are in a. different stage of life than your. friends if you’re down just like I am. you and your friends are a little bit. different in the fact that you may be. married or you may be engaged versus. them all my friends right now are either. going to school or they’re you’re not in. school right now and there you just have. jobs but your life does change and that. is because you’re just going through. different things you’re in a different. stage of life than they are you may be. married already may be engaged and the. fact that you’re you know significant. another is in the military that already. makes it so much different and in stuff.

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Make it harder so and something that you. might run into is that they just don’t. understand it and that’s because they’re. not in your shoes they don’t know what. you go through so it’s kind of hard to. also talk to them if they’re not going. through it it all sounds kind of very. negative and I know that also like. probably receiving a lot information. that is maybe not all the time very. positive it’s very hard to take in and. still being very positive I know that. that was something very very hard for me. to do even though it may be hard but. also stay very very positive and you. have to know what you’re going to be. faced with and just be prepared and. everything and that’s why I wanted to. make this video. just the five things that I think that. are very very true that you should know. that you should be aware of and you.

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