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Foot Fetish Dating App so nervous okay my profile

Tell me what kinds of little things on. the ground you’d step on and crush in a. clip while outside barefoot on a warm. sunny day bugs leaves twigs etc. not judging i’m just taking in the. information. hey guys how’s it going the last time. you saw me i was just about to log on to. i ran out of time um i had to be. somewhere so i had to cut that video. short so this video we’re literally. gonna sign up on feed finder and we’re. gonna see like what happens okay so i. have all my information logged in and. let’s just see if i can first get in. we’re in. okay so this is how it works choose your. plan your basic basic plan includes. marketing benefits message buyers. receive custom offers auto blur your. content that you upload upload 15 images. per album weekly cash giveaways premium. customer support tips and tutorials to.

Be successful well you know i’m all. about that and the premium includes all. basic features wait so if you get the. basic profile oh i had to scroll down so. if you get the basic profile in your. build 399 monthly and. or adult it’s a dollar 25 yearly if you. get the premium you build 10. each month and if you pay up front it’s. two dollars and 49 cents roughly a month. i wonder if they have like a thing where. there’s like a minimum thing so like for. example like if i sign up is there a. minimum like six month commitment thing. or can i go in and discontinue the. membership whenever i want we’re just. gonna do. monthly let’s try it see what happens. i’m nervous okay here we go i’m gonna. type all my information in hope this. isn’t a scam. so what it says is it says today’s. charge for is. 3.99 for 30 days then 3.99 every 30 days.

Until cancelled okay so i guess you can. cancel it. i’m nervous what if nobody buys my feet. it’s fine it’s just a starbucks right. keep it okay click here took it now. there’s some sketchy like click here to. continue. oh my god oh my god. we’re in. i’m so nervous okay my profile ah. oh my god. foot size see now this is something i. was discussing with somebody do feet. people. like. more petite feet or do they like all. types of feet or do they like bigger. feet this is what i want to know because. if you don’t know i have kind of a. bigger foot i have a nine and a half. whether that’s a good thing or a bad. thing there’s got to be a market for it. right i’ll say that my feet is a nine. let’s see what my preview looks like. carrie claus oh my god okay. that’s great okay so now i have to. upload a picture perfect the red.

Toenails let’s see what it does. oh my god it’s doing it. okay so my gallery it says upload up to. 15 images. it’s only allowing me to upload jpegs. this is what i’m going to do i’m going. to upload some more pictures and then we. will let this sit for a while and see. what happens because i don’t really know. completely how it works i think that my. profile just gets thrown out into. their big like. sellers section that they have because. they have like this seller section where. like you can scroll through. tons of people’s fee picks and girl. there are a ton and we’re just gonna let. it sit until tomorrow and then tomorrow. we will come back and we will see if we. have any bites let’s hope that this. actually works because i want to at. least. sell. one picture that’s all i want to do i. want to say that i’ve done it.

All right i’ll see you tomorrow. okay i know what you’re thinking carrie. you keep telling us that you left and. here you are still here i’m back. sorry so i was adding the pictures to my. profile and um i just kind of figured. out how a little bit more so. not only can people find your profile on. here but you can also go look for people. to buy your content so i’m looking at. this one profile and i’m assuming it’s a. man because he’s talking about a woman’s. feet but it could be a girl too but i. don’t know we don’t know i’m gonna read. what he wrote i’m gonna do it in a. sultry voice so here we go ready feet. are so beautiful to me i love the arches. and the soles the toes and the heels. experiencing a woman’s foot makes me. feel alive i would love to learn how to. give a professional pedicure you can do. a pedicure on my toes any day dude.

So what you do is you message them or. you can follow them here’s another. profile oh he put his picture in there i. am looking forward and buying pretty. feats. oh you know i’m dyslexic so it’s fine. and i will be so much glad if she will. be my sugar baby because i’m willing to. spoil her business owner pet lover. you know we could hit two birds with one. stone in this video. how do they pay though. you know what i mean how do they pay. i’m gonna follow him why not and then. we’re gonna follow this person and i. don’t know what this means i don’t know. if this means that like they then once. you follow somebody they will message. you man they’re all like. a lot of them are men because in their. pro like their profile like name they. put their first name like this guy’s got. steve in it and there’s another dave.

This is. crazy there’s so many wow there’s a lot. one quick last thing so i. changed everything i’m it’s kind of like. only fans where you. set a price like a monthly subscription. and then if the person pays that monthly. subscription they get to see all of your. content that you put up on the page you. can also do specialized content so if. somebody follows you you can go into the. dms and be like hey i made this special. secret picture just for you if you want. it it’ll cost you five or ten dollars. whatever the price you put to unlock it. and then that’s how they pay you more. with one person if you follow one person. i’m like only fans or even on this feat. finder or something you could definitely. spend your money a lot if you’re a. person looking for this content because. think about it like if you subscribe to.

Somebody’s account your pain will just. say that they made their subscription. ten dollars so you’re already spending. ten dollars a month to see their content. and then if they make more crazier. content or something that you. specifically want from them you could. charge them you know just say another. ten dollars or twenty dollars for that. secret special video that only they get. or picture so you’re already looking at. like another twenty dollars just from. that you know from them subscribing and. paying for that extra content if it’s. like good content and spicy enough. you’ll definitely be able to make money. with this also feed finder takes like. they take 10 so you get 80 of whatever. the proceeds are that you make so. anyways now that i got that all figured. out i’m going to leave that sit starting. to follow a few people so this time for.

Sure i will see you tomorrow. i need some. water. have a good night you’ll see this in. like in like five seconds okay love you. bye. okay. so it’s the next morning i have not gone. on to. yet like i said i just. woke up. so i just logged into oh. i’m nervous and we’re gonna see what. actually happened okay so last night i. started to follow some people i figured. out my profile a little bit and now i. want to see like if anybody’s giving me. any messages or anything or like. contacted me so far. nobody has okay so i guess we’ll just go. to. like the buyers section. and then contact some people this. person’s bio says i like girls giant. giantess fetish. again it’s fine and barefoot crush tell. me what kind of little things on the. ground you’d step on and crush in a clip. while outside barefoot on a warm sunny.

Day bugs leaves twigs etc. not judging i’m just taking in the. information. i’ll only consider responding to your. message if you answer that question if. some of your answer answers catch my. interest then i’ll be in touch and first. consideration goes to seller sellers. whose profile pics at least somewhat. reveal what they look like thanks oh. this was another question i had so when. you go onto this website there are some. people that have their faces in the. profile pictures and then there’s some. people that don’t they just have their. feet in there is that like another thing. that people with a foot fetish want to. see did they want to see your face or. they just like all about the feet. because just i mean just for example if. you look at the only fans thing when. people upload and they do like real. xrated stuff on there and they don’t.

Show their face some people like that. because it’s more like an elusive like. sultry thing like. here’s everything else about me but. you’ve never seen my face and like. that’s the allureness of it is it kind. of like that with feet this is something. i’ve been wondering like i have so. many questions let’s go to this person. he actually has a picture in his profile. and what he looks like but he doesn’t. have a. description about him now this guy his. is before approaching please tell me. your shoe size in european size i love. big feet sizes okay so that answers the. big feet question i had please add a. selfie so i can see who i’m talking to i. notice girls with profile pictures way. more than girls with their feet only as. profile picture english only i do not. understand spanish or any other language. i only want content with face included i.

Am quite overwhelmed with messages every. day so please be patient and then. red flags girls only thank you for. reading it’s 25 so he’s younger most of. the people i’ve seen so far are like 50. 60 plus i’m gonna follow him oh here’s. where i’m getting kind of like okay so. i’m entering right now i’m currently. entering more information in this to get. paid and this is where i always get like. a little like. is when it asks for your bank account. number and your like bank name. and your social security number. why. on earth do you need my social security. number. is that for like tax reasons let’s just. let’s just quick read it pay out sign up. says we have created a short guide to. help you enter all your unnecessary. information you will not be able to get. paid until this information is filled. out correctly blah blah blah okay yeah.

For tax purposes we do not use paypal. cash up or venmo since they ban suspend. users who get paid for selling fee. content and we want to ensure you never. have issues getting paid. i didn’t know that okay so here’s some. more see this is a this is a great. informational video i’m i’m so glad. you’re watching this because not only am. i learning things but you’re learning. things too so i guess if you use any of. those paypal cash app venmo and they. know that you’re selling your fee. pictures with their service. you’ll get banned i swear it has to do. with the scammers the scammers are. probably the ones messing it up for. everybody just let us sell our beat. pictures in peace people don’t scam us. okay i’m not gonna fill this out yet i’m. going to try to get money first and then. i’ll fill out this and then i’ll get.

Paid he does have a profile photo but. who knows if it’s actually him he could. be. not the good he’s actually a good. looking guy in his profile photo which. makes me suss so he might not even be. who he’s saying he is in this photo but. we’re gonna mess up the message of him. anyways here we go hey. how is it going. i did it. we’re gonna message this other guy how’s. it going. oh my god i feel like this is a ami chat. from like. 1999. okay so so far i messaged two. people oh my god okay so i’m gonna leave. this sit i message those two people and. then we’ll see what happens i don’t know. how it works i probably should upload. some more feat content to my profile so. i am gonna upload the one picture of my. face but i’m gonna blur out my like i’ll. show like this part but i’m gonna blur. out like my face face because i just.

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