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As you all know me and my beautiful wife. are about to hit our five year. anniversary of being married next month. despite all the hate comments telling me. go talk to an actual whammy this dude’s. v card is dusty as hell lord forgive. them for they do not know what they do. typical normies typical haters this. video isn’t for them it’s for you men of. culture tuning into this transmission. how you can get yourself an irl waifu. that appreciates the more cultured. aspects of life such as yourself i. believe i’m in the best position to talk. about this because i’ve been through the. struggle before discord before tinder. trying to date females finding out the. harsh way that even though their feet. were looking like a doggone snack they. could still be normies what a waste of. potential one time when i was in high.

School i was giving my girlfriend two. months of foot massage i tried to give. them a kiss on the top and she called me. gross looked away from me told the whole. school put it on my space that’s the. same day that she ran me over with the. car in the school parking lot mistakes. are made to be learned from so learn. from mine and save yourself some time. step one the hunt. showdown this is something that held me. back for years after getting shot and. killed for expressing my degeneracy i. began to suppress it and had a negative. view on dating in general but you have. to get out of that trap you need to. increase your volume don’t ever listen. to people who say you should only flirt. with girls that are in your league those. guys are usually virgins i’m a short guy. but i still flirted with girls that were. over six feet tall who was accepting of.

My culture tendencies and i never would. have experienced that if i didn’t flirt. with girls that i thought were. attractive thinking that they were out. of my league i actually saw it as a. challenge for my mind to approach her. because if you don’t do it in that. moment you’re giving into your weakness. next time you look in the mirror you’re. gonna be disappointed in what you see. you must break out of that prison of. your mind you must break out of the. prison that your mind has created to. protect you from the uncomfortable. situation so the next time that you see. a girl you like just go talk to her and. make her laugh my friend julia said that. her secret to gain hundreds of girls. numbers i seen it in person she said the. trick is to make them laugh and if she. doesn’t give you your number she’s. probably not that fun even after you.

Made her laugh aka and normie in the. flesh but if you increase your volume. aka the number of whammy you talk to you. increase your overall odds of finding a. lewd wham in a culture it’s bound to. happen just based on the numbers imagine. if i never flirted with my wife and was. just all scared and timmy i would just. eat myself step two expressing your. degeneracy a lot of guys get this wrong. they come across as creepy because they. don’t know how to talk to women first. things first only bring up her feet if. she seems interested in you so what’s. the first thing i should say to her cats. what up now let’s examine my own. life i was at a party and saw the six. foot girl staying by herself with her. legs crouched in my direction i offed. her a drink she started to flirt with me. and that’s when i brought up how much i.

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Loved her shoes i could see her toes had. a nice pedicure on them and she even put. one of her shoes in my lap still. attached to her ankle and we ended up. having some fun in the parking lot. things didn’t work out but i still. wouldn’t have had that experience if i. was acting like a sussy baca and the. point is i didn’t just go up to her and. say hey nice feet like bruh she didn’t. even know my name yet but once you get. over that barrier of cringe small talk. and then she actually gets grossed out. when you tell her that about the things. that you like you shouldn’t feel bad or. embarrassed that’s when you leave and. say thank you for your time but i got. the intel i needed your normie and you. ain’t gonna waste my time on to the next. one you keep on moving forward and when. you’re finally hitting it off with a.

Wham and a culture and you have that. experience so have an image of my face. burned into your memory knowing damn. cass was right this is awesome thank god. i wasn’t a sassy baka wow how to tell a. girl that you’re already dating this. happens a lot let’s say you’re dating or. even married to a 3d girl and you never. even told her your cultured interest all. you’ve been doing is vanilla pretty. cringe but you want to change that. that’s the first step first off come to. the acceptance that she might have a. negative reaction you could be in love. with the normie it happens more often. than you realize and it’s a long. struggling heartbreaking path but in a. healthy relationship she should. compromise at least let you give her. foot massages something but if she’s a. fullon normie it’s best to just leave. her you have untapped potential and.

She’s dragging you down that could never. be me so this actually happened with me. i married my wife then i joined the army. and while overseas i texted her yo i. like feet and now it’s a part of our. daily routine it’s amazing i could leave. behind everything else in my life. because i found my person and you can. too we need more members in the covenant. and it’s up to you to convert them to. the dark side and here’s an extra tip. for the sassy bacas spitball hour time. to throw pencils in the ceiling and hope. they stick let’s say you’re nervous. staring out into the light but too shook. to step forward you’ve never been in the. presence of a goddess and don’t know the. steps to worship will she think i’m. submissive ugh what if she thinks is. gross that’s a mental barrier that you. have to jump through to break the.

Threshold to crack the shields and i. won’t lie my first experience i had the. assistance of adult beverages but it’s. important to not get caught up in the. web of addiction and to not be so out of. it that you don’t even remember the. night that’s not true courage the first. two methods to start is paint her. toenails if you’re sober enough and. slash or lead on to giving her a foot. massage and eventually you’re gonna have. to start expressing your loot self you. might be trapped in the mind but you. need to be brave and express your. degenerative spirit and by the time. you’re done you’ll be flexing in the. mirror proud of this accomplishment for. the rest of your life so stay culture my. friends please step on the like button. if this video helped you out or if you. just enjoyed it please subscribe and. i’ll see you all on the trenches feed.

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