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Hello and welcome to another episode of. loving SL are real interviews and today. an amazing couple who is going to. exclaim and share the love that they. share doing they’re loving female their. relationship hi Joanne hi Brian I oh man. I’m so excited that everyone’s gonna get. to meet you today so just to be clear. you’re here to share the fact that. you’re in a real loving flr are you. really gonna loving flr yes we are so. what does a loving FL arm mean to you. loving flr means to me on us is our. everyday lifestyle of pampering and. worship ooh. pampering and worship are you serious. sorry. is that what happens every day bring. everything today okay give us an example. give us a rundown what are some of the. things he does for you ah well I can. give you a great example this morning. woke up and we both had to go into work.

At about the same time but he woke up. and drew my bass for me and while I was. bathing cooked me breakfast brought me. coffee during my bath made the bed. warmed up my car packed my lunch should. I got keep going is it your birthday is. it your birthday it’s it feels like my. birthday every single day but that is. our normal lifestyle. for us on a daily basis he did my every. need and anticipates my every need. without even my asking. joann are you serious very truthful and. it’s not roleplay it’s an everyday. lifestyle for us what did you have to. threaten him did you have to do. something mean to him not at all not at. all this is not a a domination type. lifestyle this is an everyday pampering. he received so much joy out of pleasing. me and I in turn feel very loved by that. pampering and worship oh my god where.

Did you find him joann where did you. he’s one in a hundred million how did. you guys meet Bryan could you share that. story sure I happen to notice the. stunning image you see here before you. while we were working at the same. employer and couldn’t resist myself but. I had to strike up a conversation and. get to know her better so we did just. that just casual chats a little while. later exchanged phone numbers and had. casual text conversations and through. circumstance we basically got to know. each other over the course of about a. six or eight month period before we ever. had our first date so we met that way. and just fell for each other right away. and led to this we’ve been married not. quite a year now just greatly enjoying. our time together each day do you treat. every woman this way is this something.

New for you how did this how did this. happen with Joann this has been a. lifelong desire for me and through our. conversations together I knew that she. had longed to feel loved by being adored. we’ve discussed that and it just fits. perfectly with how I so much enjoy. giving love which is that pampering and. that daily devotion and care and I’ve. slowly had to coax her into this. starting with your book actually where. we discover that she is the classic. goddess. it’s your perfect Wow so you read the. book you introduced the concept of a. loving flr to her I did yes that is. correct. okay now Joanne tell me you have no idea. what this man is talking about he’s like. I want to living ever learn you’re like. what I totally embraced it once we read. the book I realize you’re me. she wants yes yes and as I read the book.

He introduced the concept to me and I. realized that that is something that I. have needed my whole life just as he. needs that in his life to pamper and. adore and worship my fulfillment is. being pampered and adored that’s how I. feel love I feel loved and as he. introduced that to me it really I didn’t. know that there was a title to that type. of adoration and really enjoyed the fact. that I was a classic goddess and really. embraced it and this is a been a journey. I keep feel like I keep growing in that. role on a daily basis what has changed. in you Joanne from the beginning to now. as far as how you perceive yourself. besides recognizing that you’re a. classic guidance I feel more confident I. seem to stand taller when he tells me he. loves me every day and it hampers me out. every day it makes me feel more.

Beautiful every single day and more. confident um I’ve always been an. independent woman I’ve never felt that I. needed a man to take care of me but it. feels wonderful to have a man take care. of me in that way and I just have more. confidence I stand taller I feel. prettier. I feel prettier now than I’ve ever felt. in my life. that is amazing to hear I’m almost in. tears over here but I’m keep it together. because I want everybody to celebrate. this with Joanne is there a difference. between this relationship. and relationships from your past can you. talk a little bit about what has changed. drastically I realized one of the books. I’ve read before is the 7 love languages. and realizing what I needed to feel. loved and this relationship is total. fulfillment I don’t lay in bed at night. thinking I wish Brian was this I love.

Him but there is no buts there is no. wishing he would do something else to. make me feel loved and fulfilled and. it’s almost too good to be true but it. is there is no longing for any other. fulfillment and in my life amazing oh my. goodness what about you Brian this is is. this the first time you’ve had your. fantasy fully realized it’s so funny you. use those words because that’s exactly. how we’ve described it like a lot of men. I suspect my desire started very young. and always tell her she’s the dream girl. that walked out of mine my dream at. night laying in bed even prior to being. 10 years old and this is exactly what. I’ve dreamed for is a woman who will. truly embrace and enjoy allowing me to. pamper her and care for her and very. much like Joann said she is a very. capable and independent woman and that.

Flr Meaning Dating happen to me what

Fits even better for me because I don’t. want to have to take care of a woman. that would be like raising a child I. want to give her this as a gift not. because she needs it but because she. deserves and it has been my absolute. dream come true let’s hear a little bit. from you because we most of our audience. are men who are dreaming of the day to. sit here beside a goddess like this and. say the things that you are saying that. you believe that’s stopping them from. creating this kind of relationship um a. few things really number one you have to. truly want to give that kind of. attention that kind of care and not just. as a fantasy you have to have the desire. inside to let it be your everyday life I. think that may be part of it another. possible roadblock or a hindrance to it. is it can be a foreign concept when you.

Try to introduce someone to it and I. personally believe the best way to. introduce someone is with actions not. words show them if she needs something. stop her from getting up say let me get. that for you let me take care of that. anticipating needs and taking care of. them ahead of time. know the dishes need doing in the. clothes need washing nobody has to ask. for tell anybody to do that just do it. take the initiative and provide that. kind of care I think that would go a. long way well Ryan I am completely. amazed by this the typical question that. I get when I meet a man who is not. familiar with loving flra’s the first. thing he asks well what about my needs. what what it was what about me being. taken care of how do you feel about that. are your needs men are you being taken. care of. my needs are met and the most tremendous.

Waste possible and I think this applies. to almost all women in an flr not but if. you make their needs and once a priority. I promise you your own needs will be. taken care of because the one when. you’re worshiping will want to give you. that love back in return so you have to. put them first knowing and trusting that. they will care for you as well so that. would be my advice is your needs will. come just you know put her first and. show her true devotion and she’s living. that happy lifestyle of a goddess she’ll. be more than happy to get that joann do. you do anything you said there’s no role. play this isn’t some payfor-play type. of thing do you feel that you’ve done. anything different from any other woman. too. with such a blessing of a relationship. I think you God put him in my life at. the right time I don’t think I’ve done.

Anything different but like he said. actions speak louder than words and this. isn’t sometimes he takes care of me and. sometimes he doesn’t he does it all the. time I mean if he has a bad day at work. or something we all know that you know I. I don’t expect that and give maybe a. little bit of space for him to to deal. with whatever matters might be happening. at work or such but this isn’t a some. time occurrence this is a daily. occurrence this is our daily lives and I. don’t have to coerce him what he said to. me was that his happiness is me being. happy so I give that back to him because. that is his happiness when I’m happy. Wow amazing once again that’s so amazing. let tell me about leadership in your. relationship because most men in their. mind they have that a woman is a leader. of less behave a certain way how do you.

Express your leadership Joanne I don’t. think it’s a domination type thing or a. leadership and we know where our lives. are going together and he trusts me to. lead it that way and I’m growing in that. role finances we don’t fight over that. we are on the same page of that but he. will provide his goal is to never tell. me no and to give me everything I want. but yet the leadership is knowing that. my wants may need to wait financially. but he’s a very good provider so I lead. in that respect where we actually just. moved into a new home and and I led that. process in a way and and we’re in a home. that he’s provided for us but I led the. process it worked good a great team when. it comes to that so you guys are a team. you really truly feel that yes. absolutely. Brian is there anything that she could. do to make you say no to her do you ever.

A time where you like absolutely not I. don’t think I once said absolutely not. the way we try to approach it is I’m. told heard you’d think of me as an. advisor if she asks my opinion on a. given subject I will certainly provide. it but we both know that at the end of. the day will be her decision which way. she wants to go so I’ve said many times. think of me as advisor and if you want. my honest opinion you will always get it. and if you decide to go in a direction. that I didn’t advise I will greatly. respect your decision and follow your. lead is this real go and talk to the. women out there who are watching this. and are thinking no way that that can. happen to me what do you say to them yes. it can. yes it can if the man truly gets. fulfillment from worshiping his goddess. then you can have this every day 24/7.

365 days of the year and actually we. have a funny story that I got up in the. middle of the night the other night too. to use the restroom and I didn’t want to. wake him by turning on the light and my. colleagues at work he actually when it’s. raining and he picks me up from work he. will come with the umbrella and not wait. for me to come to the car and my. colleagues actually said they weren’t. they were surprised that he didn’t get. up in the middle of the night and turn. the light on for me so that’s where it. is real and our colleagues see it our. friends see it family sees it and. because he’s very demonstrative as far. as affection we are constantly touching. each other but even on vacation. he made my lunch I didn’t have to get up. at the pool he made my lunch and served. it to me and and even family takes.

Notice of it so it is very real it is. not fantasy it is not roleplay you just. have to find the man that is willing to. back up the words with actions and truly. get fulfillment from being that person. wow you guys are so lucky you are living. a dream of thousands around the globe. and I’m so excited to share your story. with everyone before we go is there. anything else you want to share about. your loving female relationship well I. want to thank you for your book because. being introduced to that has probably. been the best thing ever and I just feel. like I grow on a daily basis with my. confidence in my role in this. relationship and I’m looking forward to. becoming more confident as the days. months and years go by so whatever you. can do to teach us to grow we’re looking. forward to that but it’s a wonderful.

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