First Date Questions To Ask

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First dates aren’t just about being. attracted to someone it’s about. understanding the person behind the. attraction and whether or not you’re. starting to invest into someone that is. going to be on the same page as you in. this video I’m actually going to give. you my best first date questions that. are going to help set you up to start to. understand the person that’s actually in. front of you so that you can be sure. that you should even go on a second date. with them hey guys welcome back to my. youtube channel i’m renee slansky I’m a. professional dating and relationship. coach and I help women from around the. world find and build the relationship. that they desire and deserve if you’re. new to my channel welcome please hit the. subscribe button and if you really find. this video helpful then please drop down.

Below a big fat thanks Renee okay I want. to talk about obviously the sort of. questions to ask somebody on a first. date and it’s really important that we. address this because I think we go on a. date and we think you’re either. struggling to know what it is to ask. them or you walk away from the date and. you realize you don’t actually know much. about them to warrant whether or not you. should have a second date with it now. before I jump into that if you are a. woman who is single dating or trying to. work out the relationship that you’re in. if it’s right or wrong then you have to. join my free Facebook group it’s. mandatory it is called worth the wait. and in this group I do live q and A’s. every single Tuesday and I am there to. help make you thrive in this season cut. through the confusion and essentially.

Give you some tools all for free in. order to be able to get progress in this. area of your life the link for that is. in the description down below or simply. click up top okay. first date questions super excited. question number one do you like your job. now this might seem like a really broad. sort of statement and a really boring. average normal question to ask you want. to actually look for his response. because his response how he answers what. sort of words he uses is going to give. you an indication. to who he actually is now asking him if. he likes his job is really important. because we need to understand that one. of the main things that men need to do. is they need to actually find fulfilment. in what they do on a daily basis they. need to have direction they need to have. security about the future if they are.

Going to their job every single day and. they hate it then that could be a little. bit of a red flag asking him if he likes. his job gives you an opportunity for him. to actually talk about what it is that. he does so you can get an indication to. what his time availability is going to. be like his schedule his demands um you. know his level of intelligence his level. of skill okay. gives you a little bit of an insight to. who he is as a person because he’s. literally doing this on a daily basis. now actually asking him if he likes it. gives you even a further indication to. whether or not he is satisfied with this. part of his life I see women date these. men and then what happens is is you know. this guy is intend to commit to them and. that’s because he’s so unhappy with his. own purpose or he’s tired his identity.

Up into his work which he doesn’t. actually enjoy so if you were able to. work out if he’s you know really happy. with this area of his life he’s got. direction he’s got security he’s enjoys. it then chances are he’s going to be. more ready for a relationship and of. course if he says that he hates his job. that he can’t wait to get out of it and. it just talks really negatively about it. but then he’s not doing anything about. it that could be an indication that he’s. all talk and no action or he’s just a. really miserable person number two are. you close to your family again this will. give you a great indication of what his. other relationships are like in his life. if he says oh I hate my mom I hate my. dad or my dad left me or he starts to. talk about really negative maybe. traumatic events that have happened in.

His family that could be a little bit of. a sign that he has some baggage that he. has either dealt with or he hasn’t dealt. with it could also influence his. decisions on what he does in. relationships because more often than. not whatever we’ve been subjected to as. a child we pull into our present. circumstance as an. adult this isn’t about obviously putting. everybody in the same bucket people can. have negative relationships with their. parents but then be amazing partners but. if we’re able to ask specific questions. and look for their response and really. see how their facial expression change. or the emotion in their voice changes or. whatever the words are that they speak. about again it will at least start to. give you an idea of what maybe some of. their sore points are or what some of. their strengths are number three do you.

Like to travel now we are in a time and. age where travel is obviously a really. easy thing to do and someone that likes. to travel represents that person who’s. open to change that they’re flexible and. that they enjoy other cultures and if. you’re a woman who really loves a man. who is into romance or enjoys cultures. or enjoys the Arts then again this will. give you an idea whether or not there is. some compatibility on this sort of level. doesn’t mean that you have to date. somebody that has to travel all the time. or if he says oh I travel every three. months does that give you an indication. that he is running from something or is. he someone that just loves to have. adventure or is he not someone that is. really stable number four do you have. lots of friends now this is a great way. again to work out what is his social.

Life like and what are his friendships. like if here’s someone that says ah I. have so many friends I like to go out. all the time and then he starts talking. about these female friends and that. could be a little bit of a red flag that. he likes to have more female company. than he does male company now if he. talks about the fact that he goes on. boys nights all the time and he needs. his mates time then maybe he’s. signalling to you that he is someone. that just likes to have his space you. know and he doesn’t want to be tied down. again. his response will start to paint the. picture of who he actually is where he’s. currently at and what he may possibly. want in the future now if he says to you. that he only has a couple of good mates. and he hangs out with every now and then. and they’re mostly married and you know.

They’re all settled down this could be. an indication that he’s ready to kind of. be in the same season as those mates. number five what’s on your bucket list. this makes it light conversation. it makes it exciting because you’re. talking about future goals wants and. desires if you’re somebody who wants to. date a man that is highly motivated that. doesn’t get stuck and doesn’t get lazy. then this question is a good way to work. out if he has potential to be that. person if he says so he’s someone that. doesn’t have a bucket list that and. could be a sign that he’s someone that. likes to either be complacent or that he. is afraid of growth or it’s just not. really a priority for him to experience. new things if he’s someone that then. starts to talk about all the wonderful. things that he wants to achieve. dependent on what it is that he wants to.

Do we’ll give you again an indication of. where he is at in life for example if he. says to you in the next five years I. want to travel around the Amazon and I. want to build you know a hut and leave. there for two years and just soak in. nature chances are he’s probably not. going to be ready to actually get into a. longterm relationship if he wants to go. and live in the Amazon for two years so. ladies look for his answers what is it. that he’s saying is he saying things. that sound that they are achievable and. they kind of fit in with where a. relationship would fit in if he was to. have one or are they sort of goals and. things that just sound really. farfetched and sound like they only. involve him and have no room for romance. in his life and lastly this might seem. random but ask him does he like animals.

Statistics actually say that people who. hate animals usually have psychological. sort of problems and tend to be. meanspirited so he doesn’t necessarily. have to like cats or dogs or parrots or. even own a pet but asking him if he. actually likes animals again will give. you an indication of what his. personality trait is like easy someone. who then understands responsibility. because he has a dog is he someone who. is able to be nurturing and loving. because he has a cat someone that likes. animals will probably be more generous. they will be flexible and they won’t be. prone to cruelty or selfish behavior as. much again I’m not putting people in. boxes all I’m saying is is if you ever. have an animal you know that you’re. responsible for a life or if. you love animals you know that it really. kind of triggers that emotional loving.

Side out of you as a human so that’s. just one of the random sort of questions. that I like to throw into the mix. because again if you’re able to ask. these different types of questions it. will start to paint a picture of the. person that you’re actually dating so. that you don’t have to get three months. into a relationship with them and work. out that they have cruelty in them or. that they you know never even wanted a. relationship or they’ve got issues with. their parents and so therefore they. haven’t gotten over it. you know we don’t have to do dating the. hard way you can date smart and one of. the easiest ways to date smart is. literally by asking these questions and. then just being aware of what it is that. they say and then taking a moment after. that date to piece it all together to. work out okay should I continue to.

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