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I am carrying a foreigner because i need. his money. she will take care of her husband and. will satisfy his needs as much as he can. it is very insulting it’s a winwin. situation it also make me grumpy. hey it’s mirror beauty. today i want to talk about the real. reasons why filipino women want to date. foreigners and vice versa. these are based on my observation and i. will go straight to the point so without. further ado let’s get into it. i am sure many of you guys think the. first reason. is to have financial security. while this is true most filipinas marry. because of love and belongingness. and it’s also true life here in the. philippines is hard. most people live in poverty the poverty. most filipinos struggle with. isn’t a choice it’s simply a way of of. life and for the majority there’s simply. no way out of it.

The hope of marrying a foreigner. someone with money from a first world. country. preferably. is appealing to some philippine women. marrying for money is a normal in some. asian countries especially in the. philippines the philippines once a third. world country is currently a developing. country. however. the opportunity for a better life is. still limited. the lack of. access to health care and education. intensifies the need to get out of. poverty as fast as possible. but you know what it’s also interesting. that um no one is going to admit that. they want to marry a foreign man just to. escape poverty you’ll never hear anyone. saying i am dating a foreigner because i. need. a green card and or a british passport i. am marrying a foreigner because i need. his money i am dating a foreigner so i. can be successful in life.

No one ever sees a real reason why they. prefer to date you. but can we blame them and judge them no. most people. not just women just prefer stability. than waking up every morning not knowing. where to get food where to get medicine. for the parents or siblings. you just need to be aware that if you. come from a first world country people. from the third world country might look. at you as a possible ticket out of. poverty they want a better life for. themselves and for their family of. course who doesn’t want that. in exchange for red of course they will. love you unconditionally. and take good care of you. it’s a winwin situation. foreigners come to the philippines to. retire and find a wife because of the. good filipina tree that they can’t find. in western women filipinos are known for. being thoughtful and very caring people.

They are just. different from western women so aside. from physical differences filipino women. are. different in culture and personality. that most foreigners love. because one thing is filipinos are. family oriented they care for their. families and respect their elders so. marrying a filipino woman means to be a. part of a loving and caring family. because of this respect and. companionship will play a significant. role in filipino women‘s relationships. they are dedicated and will do. everything for their families they also. want a. harmonious and fulfilling relationship. she will take care of her husband and. will satisfy his needs as much as he can. they are also loyal and respectful it’s. just part of our upbringing and our. culture. women in the philippines knows how to. take good care of the family and of the.

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House they are great homemakers. that is very true in my opinion. i think i can. i can be a great homemaker someday. they even call philippines the land of. the maid. that is actually insulting it’s very. insulting i hate when i hear that. just because we are good at attending. to our families and taking good care of. the house just because we are great. homemakers and really good at household. chores. it’s so annoying when the house is so. messy. we were taught by our parents to make it. a habit to wash the utensils right after. using them and not leave them in the. sink four hours it also make me grumpy. not gonna lie. another reason that i observed actually. because i have talked to a lot of. women here also my friends they said. that they want your jeans. and at the same time you also guys want. our jeans your light colored eyes your.

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White skin your pointed nose your blonde. hair your height your intelligence it is. true that a filipino baby mixed with. western dna has a great outcome it can. be a future beauty queen a model a. celebrity if you notice most of the. super famous celebrities here in the. philippines are. not pure filipinos. we are very attracted to your physical. appearance maybe. um people. are attracted to traits that they don’t. usually see or have. it goes the same way with foreign men i. believe we know how western people. admire the beauty of filipino women. the way we carry ourselves and the way. we. um we are. just naturally from our skin to our flat. nose is what makes us very attractive to. most western people and i think this is. actually true i believe that. western people really see. filipinas really attractive. because not only do the western men find.

Filipino beauty attractive i noticed. some western men look at look at some. girls or even me look at me and make a. glance when i am walking in the street. like sometimes i would look at myself if. maybe there is something wrong with my. outfit or. um ask my friend who is with me at the. at the time if i have dirt on my face. that is actually very flattering. because the native filipina beauty like. thin skin. flat nose thicker lips is not beautiful. for most philippine men or most asian. men. the beauty standard in the philippines. or in asia is whiter skin. smaller face. thinner lips and yes most filipinos are. very obsessive with white skin that is. why almost all beauty products here in. the philippines has a whitening. ingredient the obsession with having. whiter skin i think is because. what. the shade of a person’s skin.

Is closely tied with beauty and ranking. in the philippines for example. if you have a dark skin and then other. people automatically think that you come. from the province who work on the farms. or live in remote areas. where there is limited access and. availability of beauty products or. someone who can’t afford beauty products. but even if it’s like that i am very. sure that. this is still a plus then for the. filipinos who. are obsessed with white skin for me this. is a plus my skin is a plus the way i. look is a plus it’s a natural. native filipina beauty and. i know i am sure that that is what the. western people find beautiful actually. so i don’t know where is the obsession. coming from a lot of foreign men who. don’t understand the philippines. obsession with white skin. well now you know the darker the skin a.

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Girl has the lower the class they think. of her. and the whiter the skin a girl has. then the higher the class they think of. themselves and the prettier they think. they are. next is western men are more dominant. but less controlling what do we mean by. that. um we see western men as more dominant. than filipino men because there is just. something in you guys that makes you. look. more powerful and so manly maybe it is. your natural body build. or your height or. the way you speak. your beard your. body hair. i am not really sure but there is just. something in you as you all know. filipino men mostly don’t have beards or. body hair they are naturally big they. are petite like the females here. and they are also mostly dramatic like. the females so imagine if both are. dramatic then maybe their life would be. like a korean drama.

Yes filipinos are overly sensitive but. they can be more controlling than most. western men. that tempo thing or sulking doesn’t. happen only with filipino women the same. goes with filipino men i find it funny. sometimes because how sensitive. filipinas are is exactly the same as the. men here say for example if the. girlfriend would not message him within. an hour the man would sulk or get angry. like in situations where the girlfriend. went out with her girlfriends like a. night out he would expect her to text. him all night or else get ready for a. fight. yeah i know filipinas are like that also. but that is mainly why filipino women. prefer dating foreigners for that reason. someone has to break the cycle. those are the main reasons that i know. why filipinos prefer marrying foreigners. and why foreigners want to marry.

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