Fat And Dating

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Fat And Dating but if you

What i’m going to do is i’m going to. install the wig and then i’m going to. come back and we’re going to talk about. the topic that i have for you guys today. um. hope that is excited. for this topic. i hope y’all ready. chase the bag. my. uh. one. one. one. one. okay guys i’m back so before we get. started. on my makeup and talking about the topic. that we’re gonna talk about today today. i’m going to be introducing you guys to. angelic touch cosmetics so. girl i ain’t forget about you. but look let me tell you something stuff. don’t go on my channel unless it’s legit. and i’ll tell you something. this girl’s makeup is like legit like i. actually really with it um at least. her eyebrows at the very least. i have used her eyeshadow palette once i. did not take pictures i wish i did and i. have also used her. makeup uh her eyebrows.

Eyebrows so many times y’all look at the. palm mate like look at the damn pomade. and she gave me the eyebrows in dark. brown i wish she gave it to me in black. because i really do have black eyebrows. but it’s good girl look at it. like. this look like it could be. anastasia no cap and it also came with. some brushes now today is my first day. using the brushes i’m sorry guys i’m. everywhere these is the brush that i use. for my eyebrows. and it has like this holographic look to. it i’m trying to show you guys. you see it it’s pretty as hell i’m gonna. use the rest of these brushes today. stuff that i can use them for and let. you guys know how i feel about the. brushes in general then this is her. palette and it came in this beautiful. like. tight oh it’s just ugh like girl. like you’ve been good you’ve been good.

And it says position in or relating to. the sky or outer space as observed in. astronomy and a celestial body. i am unfortunately the. they handle my packaging. correctly because. the green eyeshadow is broken yeah. so like i don’t know what to do. i really have to like handle it with. care but this is how the palette looks. so she do have her glitters up at the. top she got her regular eyeshadows her. back and then she has her shimmers at. the bottom and then i’m gonna just. swatch each like each one from a row. almost from this row i’m gonna swatch. the one sapphire so you guys can see you. see the green is already like the green. is acting up i might i’m not gonna lie i. might have to throw the green portion. away um it’s cool i have many eyeshadow. palettes that have that green i’ll be. good because it’s gonna get like.

Everywhere but this is sapphire. and i just want you guys to see how. pigmented this is. i’m gonna just go down the pink family. line um or whatnot i’ma swatch pearl. pearl. and that’s mermaid. oh my god. she also did provide me with. concealers unfortunately the concealer. too light. and. yeah the concealer is way too light for. me to even try to use um this is how it. looks. yeah. nah the concealer is way too light so i. really don’t know how the concealer is i. have used her eyeliner before and her. eyeliner is so good i don’t really use. eyeliner like that so i will use the. eyeliner to like um. like you know. um i don’t really do this all the time. but sometimes if i feel a little razzi. dazzle and i do my makeup i’ll just like. use the eyeliner to like. reshow my beauty marks or whatnot but i. don’t really do it that often but the.

Eyeliner baby. let me tell y’all something. man don’t play with her like. that ass like don’t play with. this girl bro like. it also comes with. a brush. cleanser and it is so pretty like her. packaging is so simple yet pretty and. she giving she lowkey giving me ideas. because if you guys don’t know i do want. to start a makeup line that’s why i did. chemical engineering because i want to. get like you know notice with the. chemicals now i really do not like using. these type of um cleansers because. in my personal opinion i do feel like it. does leave my brushes a little bit oily. afterwards you you have to get like a. good ass wash out of your brushes. it smells so good that’s why i keep. smelling it and it came in this. beautiful heart pouch like everything is. just so like. cute and jelly girly like it is so.

Pretty i love it like she kept it very. simple and if you guys do not know what. these bristles are this is what you use. when you wash your brushes. you use these bristles. and it will help you wash your brushes. faster nine times out of ten if y’all. see my eyebrows in all of my other. videos it’s her products and i i wanted. to make sure. that i liked her before i told. y’all about it because i didn’t want. nobody to come to me and say hey you’re. a liar cuz i’m not a liar i will. leave. her description her information all in. the description box down below and i do. have a coupon code and it will be in the. description box down below. y’all go ahead y’all check it out use it. let me know how y’all like it and stuff. like that oh my god what the . but today i’m going to be talking to you. guys about. dating while being fat i know you guys.

Are going to see the title and you’re. going to be like hey what bird. it’s the reality like if you are if you. are fat and you’re dating you’re dating. while being fat i’m gonna be giving you. guys a little bit of advice and i want. you guys to give me a little bit of. advice because i feel like i’ll be. struggling sometimes as to like how to. deal with these the way i deal. with them but we are going to talk about. dating while being fat. and like what to watch out for signs to. watch out for and like that but. when i say dating while being fat i’m. not saying like. oh like i’m not saying that every. relationship that you get into. your weight will be an issue but what. i’m letting you guys know is a lot of. these don’t want to say bad let. me just say man because i know some. people will be like what a lot of these.

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Men. they see your weight as an issue and i. know. and this is a video for me to inform you. i also get advice from you guys because. whatever other like. i keep getting glitter on my. face never advise you guys have to tell. me let me know down below i will be like. you know very happy to listen whatever. other advice you have to tell the girls. that i left out in the video let me let. them know down below. throughout the years of me dating i’ve. just noticed and i’ma just get straight. into it like i’m not gonna sugarcoat. i’ve noticed that like a lot of guys. that i’ve met they just wanna . me me personally i’m not the type of. girl where i’m like oh all my friends. gotta be skinny i’m not the type of i’m. not the big girl who’s suffering from. low selfesteem who hangs out with. nothing but skinny girl so she can make.

Herself look good and that’s a whole. different video for a whole different. day but if you guys know what i’m. talking about you guys know what the. i’m talking about you want to act. like you don’t know what i’m talking. about maybe you’re a part of the problem. but um yeah i but i do have a lot of. pretty small friends like i do and uh. you know we you know us girls we all. talk about and i just see like. it’s a different way that deal. with my skinny friends rather than the. way they deal with me and don’t get me. wrong they gonna play you. regardless cause ain’t [ __ ]. are liars. you know they just they do. whatever they don’t care but at the same. time it’s just a different type of. manner that like i get with a when. he’s trying to like finesse me or talk. to me versus like you know with my girl. i.e if a sees one of my.

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Girlfriends. let’s say anywhere like i’m not even. talking about at the club i’m talking. about anywhere the approach is so. different like he will just be like oh. hey. i see you and i think you are really. beautiful. and i was just wondering if you could. please be so kindly to give me your. number when it’s my turn. do i get that. no times out of ten nine times out of. nine times out of ten majority of the. that talk to me are online like. i’ma just be real like majority of the. i meet they message me online. they don’t really like see well i don’t. really be seeing them in person but i. just really don’t really i don’t really. like. i’m i don’t really get coming up. to me in person and if they do they come. up to me in a very derogatory manner in. a very sexual manner they say like they. just say some weird like oh she.

Look like she knows she doing it. i don’t i don’t i don’t i don’t. and. it’s just weird because it’s like when. you see like when you see like the other. side and you guys know what i mean by. the other side and you see like. what you’re like the treatment that your. friend is getting versus what you’re. getting i’m not jealous i don’t care but. it just lets you know like uh like okay. this is how you view me type you. guys comment down below if you guys go. through that too because i know i’m not. the only big girl who has went through. that before. but um within doing that you guys just. have to be very careful when dating. while being big with like you. guys have to really see like is does. this really like me or is he just. trying to is he just trying to [ __ ]. and a lot of these this is how. they see it they see it like this she’s.

Big. she don’t get no better. so she gonna let me do it that’s how. they see it believe it or not that’s how. they see it they might come in a. different tone they might talk to you in. a nice cute little manner no they see it. as you’re big. and you should just let it happen like. you should let it happen and then when. it don’t happen you see i don’t know if. you guys know this but. if you reject the you see like the. whole mood changes and he starts acting. very. because in his head he’s trying. to figure out how he didn’t bag you in. his head he’s trying to figure out like. what like. what like how did i not bag her like. she’s just she should be so happy that. i’m trying to talk to her or whatnot. what his dumbass don’t understand is. it’s about 20 different other . thinking the same . dumbass so it’s like. if you if you really think they’re like.

Big girls are desperate and i’m not. saying that you know in general there’s. girls that are desperate there’s girls. that are not desperate but i’m saying. like if you really think that like big. girls are just sitting around twiddling. their thumbs. waiting for y’all. no no the we’re not nine times out. of ten. um dating while being big is a struggle. because you don’t really get to like. talk you don’t really get the that. you want like you don’t get the . that you want you gotta settle for the. that i’m not saying that you don’t. want but the that you wasn’t even. really looking at and. i’ve had to a lot don’t be real the guys. that i talk to they’re very handsome. majority of them are very very handsome. not even saying that just say that like. if you talk to my friends they’ll say. the same thing at the same time i’ll be.

I’ll be looking at those guys first like. i’ll be looking towards those guys like. i just i mean and if i do look i’ll be. like oh yeah he’s cute and then i’ll. keep it pushing like it’s not like a. stopping stair type of moment where i’m. like oh i hope he talks to me the guys. that i have those feelings for they. never talk to me yeah like so it’s so. annoying because it’s like you kind of. feel like damn like i never really get. the guys. that i want oh this stinks i’m. throwing this away forbid i put. that on my face. yeah hey it’s not this one this looks. empty. but um i never really get the. the guys that i want like i always got. to settle for hooligans and. i do feel like they just be trying to. so. look. everybody got a preference if you wanna. if you wanna uh what you would call it. if you if you prefer small guys.

Don’t let no tell you that you too. big to be preferring small guys . that like if you if you do not. like big guys that’s your . preference like and me personally i. don’t have an issue with big guys. to me a cute guy’s a cute guy i don’t. care whether you’re big small i don’t. really care but there’s some girls who. like will say oh yeah i prefer bigger. guys and people on social media would be. like why would you prefer bigger skies. when you’re that size and this . that’s her preference like are y’all. dumb and. even like a short story time but even if. i if i find the messages i probably. should i know i always say that and i. don’t do it but if i find the messages i. will post it here there was this one. that was trying to talk to me one. time. and his ass was so ugly like i wish i. could show you guys the picture but i.

Blocked his ass so you guys won’t even. be able to see but he was trying to talk. to me one time and i was i was like just. i wasn’t entertaining him but i was just. like you know just so one day i had. posted something i don’t even remember. what i posted relating to the topic. you don’t like big girls. what about your mama. yeah your mama you don’t like your mama. yeah you know she a little. yeah yeah she won she’s a little while. okay. and the boy set up on my story talking. about some the problem with child big. girls is a lot of y’all want to be. dating the skinny girls and y’all not. even healthy. don’t know healthy skinny want to. be with a unhealthy big girl. first of all nobody wants to be with you. it doesn’t matter whether the is. healthy unhealthy not healthy. slight healthy. black healthy. it doesn’t matter.

I’m sorry y’all i just got so irritated. all over again so this said that. you supposed to for health reasons right. then he said. it’s not normal to weigh more than a man. first of all you contradicted yourself. because you literally just said you’re. supposed to be a certain weight for. health issues then you flip the whole. narrative and said that it is not normal. for women to be bigger than a man so you. contradicted the out of yourself. because you literally said that a woman. is supposed to be a certain size for for. um. for uh health issues but then in the. second sentence you went and said. a woman should be a certain size because. it’s not good for a woman to be bigger. than a guy. like did you do you see. like it’s not normal for you to look the. way you look but do we bother you no. you look like you eat weed for breakfast.

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The now smoke it eat it like you. look like you put that in a. grinder you grind that. up and you eat that [ __ ] with a. fork. not a not a spoon you dummy a fork. then. i didn’t want to sit up here to my son. and to be honest i don’t slam the big. woman unless they talk first then i. say some . for fat as well like do you see. like who i was talking to mind you this. guy wanted to talk to me y’all like. ah. let me. y’all. man some people are just so stupid man. and some people some people feel like. some a lot of some people feel like. being skinny is a character trait. like. some people feel like being skinny is a. character trait like you are. ugly like i look better than you. like are you dumb. but. let me let’s get back into the video. because i would literally sit here and. rant with y’all all day and i know y’all.

Want to see that but i don’t want. to do that. nobody wants to be with you you’re not. cute you know. second of all if this is how you feel. why you’ve been trying to get at me so. that’s how you peep them out. that’s how you weed them out and. a lot of the that talk anyhow. like that. talking about. don’t talk to no big girl if she’s. unhealthy a lot of it it kind of relates. to. a lot. okay this. let me let me say what i’m trying to say. watch out for the men who are so fat. phobic y’all know how they say watch out. for men who are so homophobic they be on. the dl watch out for men who are so fat. phobic their be liking fat. on the low and they be trying to. figure out damn why the am i. attracted to her she’s so fat and. unhealthy to society’s terms but in his. eyes he sees you in a sexual or. attractive manner watch out for the.

And he was one of those because. in my head i’m thinking you just said. don’t nobody want to be with a chick. that’s unhealthy then why you stay in my. dms. mind you the was from atlanta and. i there was a weekend there like i went. out to atlanta or whatnot and i knew his. ass was gonna text me and be like oh you. went to atlanta and you didn’t see me. and sure enough his ass dead i’m. not coming to see you in atlanta . i’m not coming to see you in houston. i’m not even coming to see you in. heaven because that’s not where you’re. going what the are you messaging me. for talking about oh you didn’t come and. see me in atlanta god forbid god forbid. i see you in atlanta you’re not cute. you’re not cute and on top of that the. schedule was very busy you know me have. started debating and i’m just gonna put. the messages there or whatnot and he.

Started attacking my weight y’all like. the started attacking my weight. and i really don’t want to make that. like a long story time or whatnot but. just know that as many like him. like it’s a lot of who like. they will act like they like you but. deep down inside they don’t really like. you. they just want a piece of you because. like is [ __ ] you know and they. see it as this they they see it as. will get [ __ ] from anywhere and. they see it as like. uh a big girl is so desperate she’ll let. it happen compared to like a smaller. chick so you have to be careful like you. really have to be careful and don’t get. me wrong y’all it’s some girls that just. don’t care it’s when girls don’t know. that and don’t care and i used to be one. of those. there are some people that are you know. hypersexual or whatnot just want to.

And if you on the same type of time it’s. him like if you just trying to then. i’m not like this message is not for you. you’re just trying to then cool. like that’s just something that you’re. trying to do you on the same type of. time as him but if you are looking for a. relationship. if you are like at an age. don’t let that [ __ ] i’m not having. a conversation and you just met this man. and he’s already talking about. i wish i was here with you so i can rub. on your back let me tell y’all something. funny is it. i want to tell y’all a funny story is. this one time he slitted my dms by. you on his twitter he’s talking about a. man of god. not my not my god not my god but. then he stood in my dms and he ghosted. me um. the same day that he stood in my dms he. got my number then he goes to me which i. didn’t care i didn’t really care like.

That. and he came back like i’m gonna say two. days later and he messaged me and was. like i’m so sorry i’ve been busy but. i’ve been saying his ass tweet. would you be busy you ain’t the. ceo of twitter you’ve been . tweeting and like that but you’ve. been busy like you’re lying you. know what i mean came back and he’s like. i’m so sorry i’ve been so busy and so. you know i don’t really care like i’m. not for the pressure if you want to talk. to me talk to me if you don’t want to. don’t talk to me i ain’t you at. the end of the day me and you would. never so and i and i kind of and i. feel like most girls do this most girls. kind of put in their head whether they. gonna let a [ __ ] or not but i’m. not gonna lie if some that are. able to reverse that like a [ __ ]. uh pokemon card or whatnot like a. uno card or whatnot so um.

I was i already had in my head that he. wasn’t gonna so i didn’t really. care about what he had to tell me you. know i was just making small talk. because at the end of the day you don’t. have to date everyone that you talk to. you you can be friends with some people. i made a joke saying hello you have to. make it up to me i’m i’m mind you this. said man of god so i’m not. thinking that this gonna make it. inappropriate he told my son. i am going to make it up to you um when. i see you i i’ma give you a massage. who the am i talking to. am i talking to a [ __ ]. massage therapist or am i talking to a. man of god and y’all got to be able to. like pick up on those sides and see that. those are on demon time like the. are ready to let it let it all. fly let it all go and whatever nigga’s. talking about massage cuddle it and he.

Just met your ass he just tried to . so i i messaged a back and i said. oh don’t worry my back is fine. like who are you and the like you. can tell that he was embarrassed because. he said lol. and his ass never messaged me again and. i never messaged him back or whatnot. cause it’s like after you messaged me. that you already let me know where your. head is at. and you know if it was back there i’m. not gonna lie back then i didn’t really. care about relationships and i was just. going with the flow and i’m not gonna. lie if i wanted it i was gonna get dick. but like right now it’s not that i care. about like being in a relationship. because men are so trash y’all. men are so trash they are not the prize. i’m just gonna let y’all know that right. now men are not the prize but at the. same time i do care about like.

Just. you know chilling like you know for. spiritual reasons and. i’m not saying that like i’m like you. know so spiritual like no i said every. day i said so much but at the same time. i just want to try to respect myself and. learn how to like start respecting. myself more you know and making . work for it because these . they just feel like they don’t have to. work for it and they feel like. a lot of the times the bigger girls give. them reasons as to why they don’t need. to work for it because the biggest girl. the bigger girls give it up easier than. the smaller chicks it’s just the honest. truth so like we as a big society have. to do better like that ass hey guys. that’s my little spill on uh daddy while. dating while being big also say you were. already big but then you start gaining a. little bit of weight and then he starts.

Saying. um babe i think it’s time for you to go. to the gym or you put on a couple of. pounds. you met me when i was putting on a. couple of pounds. i’m just getting started like why. the are you dating a big person and. then saying i think you’re getting out. of here that bend out again. and i’m not saying that big people out. of here but in his eyes that. been out of the head you. and and you’re if you are dating a guy. like that he trying to change you sis. like he sees you he sees your potential. or like in his eyes your potential is to. get being smaller and he thinks to. himself let me get with her and try to. change her like let me put let me like. uh let me build her in in the way i. would want my ideal woman to get be. built just saying build a. bear workshop where best. friends are made. it ain’t it you know what i mean like if.

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You if you are uncomfortable with a. being big then don’t date her if. your preface is smaller girls then date. them like i hate when do that and. i’m my myself i never really like ran. into i’m everywhere sorry i have never. really ran into a guy telling me like oh. irene like you’re getting a little bit. too big i think it’s time to stop i. usually deal with a lot of guys that are. um. they don’t really care like they’ll be. like girl you good like you good like. you look good you know but i have had. friends that their have made. comments like that before and when a. makes that type of comment run and. also. if you cannot talk to the that you. are behind closed doors in. public. then why are you that [ __ ]. behind closed doors. if you see that in public at this. acting like he ray charles. and he can’t see you.

That’s a big problem that should let you. know that that is ashamed of you. and we don’t let we don’t let these bum. ass get ashamed of us we ashamed. of them the whole like not even just big. girls like ladies as a whole we we are. always supposed to be ashamed of the bad. the are you ashamed of me for nine. times out of ten you’d have gave this. man the gua kwa three. thousand nine times i didn’t tell you to. fed this man you gave him some wet ass. this [ __ ] can’t even say. hi to you in public now i’m not telling. you to kiss me but you can’t even say hi. like you act as if you don’t see me. if this man let his bros talk about. big people and he just sitting there. laughing don’t talk to his ass. because his ass is living a double life. he’s living the double life. you want to date guys who are proud to.

Date you like you don’t want to be. dating guys who are not proud to date. you cranberries who feel like you know. you’re a birdie you just you don’t you. don’t want to deal with it you don’t. want to deal with it you just don’t want. to deal with that or whatnot i want. better for us y’all. like i really do want better for us. as a. as the fat society. i know some people are like girl i keep. calling us the fast. society hey. that’s y’all’s name. so guys this is the ending of this video. if you guys like this video be sure to. go ahead and leave a thumbs up this is. the hair i decided to not do no baby. hairs or whatnot just wanted it to be. very pressed laid out flat ironed um. this hair. that i did not mention. is from beauty for forever here and the. hair so soft it’s so silky i know y’all. hear me say that in every video but guys.

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