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2090 we’re pumped into the new year and. I’ve already been browned is the biggest. catfish of 2019 at first I did not want. to think I wanted to gain my audience’s. trust back but then I had a realization. why fight you’re in a cat Finch when you. can embrace it adds the biggest catfish. of 2019 it’s my vision to catfish the. Internet one platform at a time so it. was time to do more catfishing but I. couldn’t like tomato and followers game. because they don’t believe anything I do. anymore so I had to find a new audience. a new platform and that platform is. tinder I always wondered what it’s like. to be rich I don’t need to imagine I can. make it happen well I can fake it early. so I’m gonna fake it rich on tinder for. a whole week. and then compare the results being rich. to a normal week on tinder for me being.

Myself being broke as to find out the. ageold question can money buy you love. so to start week one I use tinder. normally I used all my swipes every day. I measured how many matches I got over. the period of the first week and that. hasn’t gone great can’t say I’m. surprised Toby isn’t in there every day. for seven days using Google swipes I had. I bought six matches that’s not even a. match today the worst part of this right. but was part of all of it. I’ve heard my Tyra mode and did a video. where he pretended to be me on tinder he. catfished a catfish they pretended to be. me on tinder for 24 hours right do you. know how many matches he got 24 matches. in 24 hours what am I doing wrong up the. tires video in the description if you. want to check out it’s actually really. good if you want to see the biggest.

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Catfish of 2019 get catfished check it. out. so I’m four we get into the messages I. send I thought I’d show you my profile. picture one me on a road course very. cool very swag I like it picture two a. selfie but it cool better swag I like it. picture three million my car picture for. me and achievement wondering to myself. why am I at the gym picture for me with. a broad net corn. I’m a fashion icon picture five the okay. guys picture six fold me with some. character was on my bio is Gucci Gucci. Gucci gangutia gang about thirty times. don’t ask me why I thought it was funny. a man throw me sexy and I know it by. LMFAO I mean that’s just. selfexplanatory. I mean I’d swipe right then about you so. you match Carolina I messaged her saying. hey she she never replies next we got. Megan another. a no reply against off the hay off the.

Hay off the hay we’ve no respond I had a. realization George they’re not horses. they don’t want to hate. so I said whack one two Charlotte still. never replied well so much for that but. there was home we max from Alisha her. bio say would you rather travel back in. time or into the future it was a nice. break up away in this was it. so I said future 100 said why would you. want to go back do you know what. happened and she replied exactly we all. know what’s happening going on last I. think there’d be some pretty cool things. to see in the future I think busted. right in the 3,000 not much has changed. so you know Alicia’s coming with a baton. so you know I thought about this and. this whole situation was just a bit. stupid you know you can’t go into the. future Alicia so I message so bit so but. in reality technically the future.

Doesn’t exist we pretend it’s a physical. thing but it’s not it’s just a mental. construct a label we’ve given to the. concept of everything in front of the. present moment it represents a moment in. front of now and the moment just after. that and the moment following that yeah. I kind of wrote like a 40 mark essay. about why the future is real was it too. much I don’t think so I mean she never. replied so I take that as a yes this is. a good one I better go called Nirvana so. I miss chair saying no I. voila is that you yeah and she never. replied okay this one’s good desire I. said you are my fire by 1ds I only get. about 10 messages like that day and. honestly that’s that’s literally oh here. we have some good ABI OMG look it’s a. big tellings Abbi Abbi. yes we all get it George it was a great. job but you broke it was time to.

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Experience how the other half lives it. was time to get rid so I went around my. house taking photos of myself different. clothes in different locations I don’t. put them on Photoshop I’d make myself. look a lot richer than action yeah you. know these look good but they’re just. missing some fish water though they’re. Balenciaga. and they cost six hundred and fifty. pounds we’ve got goes so I got changed I. left my house and I ran and I ran and I. right all the way to Selfridges okay I. didn’t actually run all the way there I. got a trade but that wasn’t a zip it. we got self use I met my friend endrias. we start the balance yoga’s we found the. balance yoga yeah could I try these have. you got size mining these we tried them. on but they would only let me try one on. probably I was gonna steal them I tried. on half a pair of Balenciaga this was.

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The best moment of my life. and relenting supposed to meet in the. Balenciaga and we then left to go home. on the way out I saw a gwagen so I got. some pose next to that headed onto. Photoshop and our profile was complete. we went from this to this from this to. this from this to this this to this from. this to this and even it to this so our. profile the set so I spent hours. composing my bio and here’s the final. product they say money can’t buy you. happiness but it can buy you a G Wagen. and I’m now happy pretty normal guy. apart from my bank long monkey emoji I. love to travel recently went on a trip. around Europe and I’m looking for a. travel buddy message me your favorite. country and less hop on my dad’s jet and. go haha also yes I have two pairs of. Balenciaga my anthem was the artwork six. figures by Justin Roberts profile.

Complete it was time to start swiping so. instantly we got a couple of matches so. I decided to put them to the ultimate. test. the haters you saw how the haze went. before let’s see how they go now I’m. rich update it’s been a couple of hours. and I just got a notification of my. phone loosen your messy oh god I hate. that Wow we’ve actually got two wives. with this one though so what do boys. mean in hey a flirty way to say hey. should I say hey for this time with. three white guys you’re not gonna. believe this the roof has just replied I. love being rich she just said how you go. what what does one why in hey me the. difference between hey hey and hey the. extra Y means a loss this her. subconscious may think all this she. wants to make the turtle who come out of. the shell hey this is her screaming from. the top of her lungs.

That she needs a plumber to come and. later but lay down some pipe so is that. what she thought. I put three why is that why I went back. to one why but we can’t let this get the. better of us we couldn’t overthink it I. kept swiping throughout the week use. more my swipes every day and with that. week two was over it’s been seven days. since I started my fake rich tinder and. today the results are in I can now. reveal the amount of matches we got. bossed faking being rich it was ten ten. matches in a way but over the course of. the week I scare this icon on my tinder. I was saying people would liked me but I. couldn’t like them unless I paint the. tinder tinder warned to us they saw I. was rich they knew a rich person would. pay so I did it I had to for the George. Mason nation and what I did this happen. go timber activators great 20 watts and.

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Defied life and just like that 25 new. matches all these people had already. liked my photo but tinder literally. wouldn’t show me them unless I pay. thanks fattened up including the matches. we got from tinder go home we got 35. matchi 35 matches the biggest catfish of. 2019 retains his title being rich has. been an absolute game changer people now. messaged me hey it’s now the. conversations I had as being a rich. person rictus came with stuff I say I. don’t actually mean I was just trying to. be as ignorant as Aragorn and just as. pretentious as possible just to see if. people would still keep messaging me. just because I was rich the first match. we got was rude you saw the conversation. earlier she never replied to my last hey. so I messaged her today saying hey she. still hasn’t replied but wait there’s. light on the horizon Ruth replied again.

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With another hey I mean what we talked. about exciting conversation Oh enough of. I managed to make a reply hey 3time. literally as a rich person you can say. anything and people will reply on to the. next match Molly’s my message Molly’s. saying gods over reacts but I’m kind of. rich but I say kinda I am very very. wealthy she never replied I mean fair. enough it’s not always about the money. that’s what a poor person. say just remember guys this is a joke I. obviously don’t think good she never. replied it’s not surprised to be honest. next we have Amy I said but bio says bro. who’s her buyer says she was / you know. what they say about opposites attract. I’m not just rich I’m also funny does. that mean you got money did you not see. my profile I have Louis Vuitton bed. sheet and Balenciaga I can’t tell if. you’re sarcastic or not listen Amy I’ve.

Had enough with your sarcastic comments. you keep deleting your tinder we’re not. paying for tinder gold seven flipping. pounds a month why I’m 21 and Nevada. girlfriend makes sense now. we’d be cool so I just sent the Homer. Simpson gift going back into the bush. but Amy couldn’t stop her luckily for me. this was an Instagram this was tinder I. couldn’t be exposed it was just time to. move on to the next target next team. actually Megan who actually messaged me. first she said we’d flex I okay what. Megan obviously didn’t know who she was. dealing with excuse you. sorry I just had to you can’t say your. file is it’s just one massive flake so. then I just flexed a bit more about my. gwagen and that I used to rock up to. preschool in Gucci she then said where. did you grow up. I said Calabasas California but I moved.

Partly to London when I was six that’s. sick how comes you moved in the first. place for the free old charm then. message me saying let’s go to Paris oh. my god being rich actually changes your. life. now I’m rich I’m getting hazed people. want to go on holiday me people want to. go shopping with me people I even super. liking me being rich is sick why doesn’t. everyone do it but back to the messages. we go match from a psychology student so. I met her saying what do you observe in. my psychology from my profile. well I’m passing more into criminal. psychology so I can’t make much judgment. but I send you up shoes a lot and enjoy. labelled clothing but that’s just a. simple observation are you calling me. shallow. no I just said you take pride in your. appearance Oh in that case you’re a. great psychologist we never actually.

Blur who message us first saying glad to. see your photoshop skills. metal Photoshop I have no idea what. you’re talking about all right my. mistake so what’s the day job day job. hahahahaha I don’t have one you see that. painting in my photo my father bought it. for twenty eight million dollars in 2010. it’s a Jasper John original yeah I did. some research into the painting it’s. like the fourth most expensive. contemporary art painting in the world. I’m sure he did especially considering. it’s in the MoMA in New York as we speak. Oh read a lot again guys read an Archie. back on to us but don’t worry I played. it cold yeah of course. do we look like imbeciles we wouldn’t. keep that at any of our houses mmm. that’s logical people think it’s easy. being rich but it’s not like y’all I. have really nice clothes and cars and.

Bullets Yaga’s but like it started oops. I couldn’t even imagine having the way. that that financial status it’s a little. things like what do I Drive today the. Mercedes the Ferrari the Tesla they just. really get to you I know it really is. the little thing I’m Audi complaining. about what super cars to drive and she’s. like yeah Tony I get it life is tough. and finally we then Matthew Sarah oh my. gosh this is our opportunity Sarah I. didn’t even get a chance like this again. wait just calm we’ve only got one chance. yes I can’t blow it come on George don’t. miss you stop don’t miss your song Sarah. is that you yeah and she replied you see. being bruised was the exact same pickup. line and what I was really don’t when I. was me honey it’s as easy as that. yeah guys hasn’t me the end of the video. I hope they’d enjoy there was a massive.

Difference between their response when I. was just being myself and when I was. rich I mean I really got a reply when I. was myself but when I was really only. like two people get replied to my first. message out of like 35. let me know down below if you were on. tinder and you saw a rich person would. you be more likely to swipe right just. because they read I’m always gonna be. uploading one of the rich pictures on. tomato so let me know down below which. punish it up moans I make sure you go. promote scram and like it and also guys. they’re not PadFone we should catfish. next we’ve done Instagram we’ve done. tinder so why is next to the George. Mason nation let me know down below be a. glass it’s been George Mason TV if you. have enjoyed it make sure you like. comment and subscribe there’s been. George Mason over and out.

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