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Hello everyone welcome back aboard. another edition of dear love talk with. myself James and with me Hellena and if. you want to send us your questions. you only need to email us on questions. that love talk show the TV or also get. in touch through our Facebook page we’re. going to answer the first question. actually this comes from one of our. seminar attendees and this person says. my husband left me in my 9 year old son. and started building a life of his own. in another country with a different. woman I’ve been in this situation for. two years and I live in the hope that. one day he would change and come back to. me but lately I feel like I’m losing my. strength how can I keep motivated I know. well before I I know that your tongue is. itching on this one but I think that how. can I keep motivated is the wrong.

Question you should be asking because if. this person has left you and for two. years you’ve been fending for yourself. with your son and he’s moved off to. another country with another woman you. know it’s actually a good thing that I’m. answering this question and not Atlanta. because she would have been a lot more. animated about this but I went there. every time you say I’m waiting on. someone to come back I’m waiting on. someone to change their mind and come. back to me and remember that I still. exist and start a life again with me. you’re putting your future in that. person’s hands this is a terrible. decision you you know imagine this. person doesn’t change his mind for 10. years you’re gonna be limbo for 10 years. do you think that’s really a good idea. you know I’m not saying you should quit. fighting for your marriage or you should.

Carry on fighting for your marriage but. your decision but I can say that I. believe completely that it’s a wrong. decision to say I’m gonna wait on this. person making up their mind because then. let’s say this person never makes up. their mind. you’re gonna be waiting on something for. the rest of your life and you cannot put. your future in someone else’s hands. rather than this person making up his. mind you need to make up your mind you. need to decide how much is your future. worth how much are you worth you know is. it really worth waiting like you’re. waiting at a bus stop for a bus that. will never come so perhaps the idea is. he made his decision he’s moved on with. someone else. whether this was the right decision or. not then you make a decision also to. move on to fight for your future and to. start a life with your son do the best.

For both of you yeah I would just add. one thing you know I think you need to. value yourself a bit more I need to I. think you need to see yourself as. someone a lot more special than what. you’ve seen in yourself because for you. okay he already went off with another. woman to another country left you with. your son that already says a lot and. like my husband said and very well said. it’s your decision if you have the. strength if you want to carry on waiting. you can but whether this is the right. thing to do or not I have my doubts. about it because you have so much ahead. of you so many exciting things that. could be happening to you now he’s. moving on and you’re still waiting for. him you know so I don’t even think that. that is attractive to him exactly if he. was to hold on let me see maybe I want. to go back but there you are stuck.

Stagnant in that same place where he. left you so not very attractive. don’t put your future in that person. it’s not a decide for yourself and. perhaps it’s time to move on. next question there’s another one it’s. anonymous from someone who didn’t want. to give their name which is fine you can. do that and it says I have been married. for 14 years and have a beautiful. daughter my husband provides for me and. is very good dad but he’s emotionally. unavailable in a moment where I felt. vulnerable I met another man and we. started a relationship he is also. married and was in a very similar. situation to. I love my children in my home but this. new man makes me feel loved and I am. very confused. please help well you’ve got to make your. mind up I’m just looking at Atlanta. because I want to see how because. usually this is the kind of question.

That makes you know I’ve changed really. Wow yeah I want the old Elena back no. you don’t you really don’t know honestly. you know jokes aside I think you you’ve. got to make up your mind honestly it’s. not even funny. this is this is like this is like in the. movies you’re gonna be 80 years old and. still not knowing where you what you. want out of you know what what you want. for your life rather can’t even speak. now what you want what you want and and. also what your children see in you it’s. not good it’s it’s so so much indecision. so much but I think the biggest problem. here learn it before we even go to death. I think indecision is not even the. biggest issue let me tell you something. everything that starts wrong and wrong. now you think about this you made a. decision because your relationship. wasn’t going as well as you wanted.

According to you your husband is a great. husband but emotionally unavailable so. you decided you know you found someone. who’s also married and you guys found. yourselves in this time where things. weren’t going so well so you just. stumbled and and fell into a. relationship you fall into relationship. you decided to now think with me at some. point this person who thought it was. okay to cheat with you on the partner. and you did the same who’s to say that. because the standards are that low and. they would accept a cheat who’s to say. that they won’t do that to you it’s. actually a tension of you yes and and. who’s to say perhaps that you want to. get to them and I’m sorry I’m gonna be. very honest with you with you here I. don’t think there’s anything positive. about this relationship you can lie to. yourself all you want and I’m gonna be.

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Very straight here since the awareness. being so. diplomatic and politically correct I’m. going to take on her you know this. relationship is completely wrong has no. future and you shouldn’t be there. there’s no chance you should be in a. relationship where you haven’t even. resolved what you left behind and this. girl is going back to the culture where. it everything is disposable because you. haven’t said anything bad about your. partner your husband other than he’s. emotionally unavailable but my parish. anyway well my question is is he. emotionally in unavailable or is he a. hard worker and he has perhaps has not. much time to do the things you want to. do and maybe you label him as. emotionally unavailable I think you. needs to either go back and fix that and. come clean about what happened to you. and I’m telling you if you stay in this.

Dating An Emotionally Unstable Man

Current relationship that you started. things are gonna turn sour because what. he did against his wife with you sooner. or later he will do it against you which. someone else listen make no mistake. about that and I’m not gonna apologize. for being so direct but there was no. future in that relationship you have to. come clean try to work things out if. they don’t work then you move on and. then you would start a relationship with. you being available but at least you. were you did things the right way. integrity and integrity it’s called. integra what I was gonna say so oh wow. this was this was a this one made me. animated they didn’t make a lena. animated but it made me animated okay. last question mmhmm and this one comes. from Samantha Maxine it says my. boyfriend received the work proposal to. work abroad for 18 months because the.

Financial rewards were really good a. plane was to get married once he. returned he has now been there for six. months and I don’t think I can wait any. longer we agreed on him working abroad. together but I want to call it quits. because I don’t really want to wait any. longer. Maxine is it Maxine. well let me just say this to you hmm if. you agreed together that he would work. abroad for a short bit of time well it’s. a long. time but you agreed on that so you could. make some money come back start a life. together get married buy a house and you. agreed on that the relationship the the. solution is not to quit the relationship. if it’s been difficult for you you. either agreed together for him to return. or then you try to to push through this. 18 months but you don’t create a. relationship because things are.

Difficult actually it’s when things get. tough that you find out about what the. strengths and the weaknesses of the. relationship are and and you go through. with that you don’t quit because things. get difficult of course not but I would. be so interested to know why why can’t. you wait any longer what what is going. on that you suddenly changed your mind. because to make a decision and James to. say to one another no we can do this. I’ll see you in 18 months this is gonna. work for us what made you change your. mind what what is going on are you are. you hearing of things that are happening. where he is that you’re not happy about. what what is it are people trying to. change your mind are they putting. thoughts in your own mind about it it’s. just I think that when the relationship. is solid and is serious and mature you.

You don’t just say okay then I’ll see. you 19 months this is without you. thinking things through so there must be. something going on I know this is not. answering your question but you know I. wish you had specified a bit more but. yeah I mean you can’t just do that. because the poor guy he’s gonna feel. like you know this is good for us it’s. even good for myself for his career and. then suddenly you are kind of like. mailing him in a way if you agreed for. this 18 months to be a period where it. will be tough but you are working for a. common goal be strong support him and if. you made a decision together then you go. forward together yes don’t quit a. relationship because things get tough. you know it’s when things get difficult. that you get closer together that you. learn together that you find out how. strong your relationship is this is an.

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