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Hello today as a group we are going to.

El Salvador Dating Site and talk

share our opinions about how two people. met and date in our country as already. know is very common to mad people when. we start to go to university for example. or when we start to work in in certain. place but remember that today the. technology is very very common in our. country so everyone has cell phone. everyone has internet and the access for. teeth to met another people for example. in Facebook is very common I started. with some ones with that we don’t know. and then I know how a special friendship. and then have a day to met that people. but that could be very dangerous. hi my name is Otto to continue talking. about places that people use in order to. met each other I want to mention two of. them and we can divide us and adult. cells and Generals. that this is a very common and those.

Ages I think that the first one is at.

El Salvador Dating Site those places and for example

the educational field which is for. example University’s College High. School’s those places and for example. for two adults for example the company. that you work working right now that you. are in a bleeder. many people meet them because they have. the interaction every day and that. helped in order to. find a person and fell in love with. someone else you know also I want to. mention two examples that people use in. order to grow out their relationships I. think that the first one in here is very. common. parks because it’s a place that you can. go and it’s free and you have food there. and also the environment is very. friendly for couples there are food and. you can have a sit there with your you. know topple and talk also I think that. movie theater you have time there in.

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