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Good morning everyone it’s sunday it’s a. beautiful day here in london it’s autumn. so there’s. lots of leaves everywhere i am heading. to broadway market. not my usual stomping grounds um but i’m. actually going to meet a couple of. friends. socially distance of course outdoors so. i’m just gonna go see what’s popping i. haven’t eaten yet so i want to have some. breakfast. and it’s just nice to kind of get into a. different. area sometimes isn’t it look at this. beautiful house. oh if i could live anywhere it might be. in this house. how stunning is that check out these. telephone booths you don’t see these. very much anymore. these are nice ones love a london. telephone booth. this is a gorgeous street it’s called. malvern road. omg look at this house this is so pretty. i love it basically now that i’m 30. i spend a lot of my spare time looking.

At real estate. never thought i’d say that my flat. is great i love my flat and everything. like that but i do eventually want to. move somewhere a little quieter. and it’ll be great for effie as well and. look at these gorgeous houses. i always see these um online and. look at that cool tree wow um. and i just really like this area i’m not. moving anytime soon but it’s just. nice to kind of like get a grip on what. the streets feel like and what they look. like. i could definitely see myself living. here it’s kind of a slower pace of life. but. you’re so close to everything like look. at all this beautiful greenery. i love it so much i could just imagine. reading by that window. you can hear the birds chirping it’s. just. really nice look at this pompous grass. it is said that in the 70s if you had. this in the front of your home it meant.

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That you. were a swinger oh okay i need to. i need to think about this because this. is really blissful. gonna stop at pavilion to get a little. drink. and a snack. i had no idea there was a heckles here. and um. i need to go in and see because i think. heckles is such a great brand. look at these gorgeous candles i feel. like this is like. some type of sea thing that’s. biodegradable which is really cool. let’s look over this to see regions. canal. you can walk along here it’s really. really nice i had no idea this was here. and there’s all these kids on their. bikes just like going up and down these. hills i don’t know what you’d call this. this is pretty cool. that’s amazing i had no idea this this. was here this is. kind of um near columbia road flower. market. how cool i’m in this store called a new. tribe. they have so many gorgeous things like.

Rugs and prints. and they have a beautiful beauty section. with like fragrance and stuff. um i’ll show you guerrilla beast my. friends. hey guys. lots of great cool stuff in here i. really want to buy a new rug but effie. will ruin it. immediately i made it as far as shortage. and if you can see this. that i just went into studio nicholson. and got some. clothes i got two pair of trousers which. i’ve been wanting. and i tried a bunch more on but some. just didn’t fit me right and then i got. a little cute kind of cropped black. sweater i’ll try to link to everything. that i bought in the description. and now i’m going to spittle fields. market. because i want to get some food. it’s just nice to wander around i think. i’ve said that like 20 times in this. vlog but. it really is came to pleasant lady in. spitalfields they also have one in soho.

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