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So this year durham have introduced a. brand new way of applying to colleges. here at durham university so i thought. as i’m a durham student myself i can. probably help you in terms of deciding. so i’m going to rank every single durham. college and explain to you why i put. them in a certain place. let’s crack on with it so the categories. are the creme de la creme so the best of. the best. actually good colleges just average. irrelevant. and hatfield because i’ll explain that. later so first off we have. st aiden’s and aiden’s is a pretty much. unknown college there was literally a. dirt fest posted today. that was like i’ve been up there in four. years and i’ve never met anyone from. aidan’s. know nothing about them they’re shoved. at the top of a hill it’s a nice. location but no one knows anything about. them so for that reason.

I’m going to put them in irrelevant. because if no one knows who they are and. they’ve been at durham for four years. they’re quite frankly irrelevant next we. have castle or university college. um this is probably one of the nicest. looking colleges in the whole of the. university. although the chances you actually put in. there for your accommodation is. relatively slim however despite that you. still. eat in like the great hall which is. insane um. your formals and stuff is still in like. the great hall your bar is incredible. um it’s very fancy and for that reason i. think. i’m kind of talking to actually good in. the creme de la creme i think it’s. castle that you can’t get better than. that so. i’m going to check that right in the top. at the creme de la creme because. quite frankly i’d love to live in the. castle anyway next we have.

Chad’s um chad’s is probably one of the. smallest colleges in durham. although it’s got a very nice garden. very nice chill vibe. it’s also not kind of like part of like. the other colleges of the university so. chads and john’s are kind of different. and they kind of like got their own. thing going on nonetheless it’s probably. one of the most popular colleges in. durham it’s located on the bailey. really nice and for that reason i think. that. i would personally want to go there like. if i wasn’t a cuffs. i should probably mention i’m at kath’s. um anyways chad i’m going to put in the. creme de camp as well. shopkara um i think it’s a really great. college and everyone who goes there. seems to be very nice anyway next. college is collingwood and collingwood. is like on the hill it’s the largest. college in durham um.

It’s like renowned for being the sporty. college um. which is kind of cool their bar is. called like stag and. i really really rate it i think it’s one. of the best like college bars in durham. like in terms of like bar vibes also. every single year one of the like alumni. from collingwood puts behind a. ridiculous amount of money behind the. bar. so basically everyone swams to. collingwood for that one night to get. free drinks. um which is pretty insane and i’m kind. of annoyed that i like missed it last. year. um obviously this year you couldn’t do. it because a whole range of things. whatever. um but yeah so collingwood i think is. probably. one of the best colleges in durham. especially i think. in my opinion anyway it’s the best hill. college um. so for that reason i’m very talking. between the creme de la creme and.

Actually good. because you know what for being the best. hill college i think has got to go. at the top the crime scenario i think is. honestly one of the best colleges. oh it’s kind of annoying they’re all. kind of like c’s anyway next college is. saint catholic society which is my. college so i’m going to be a little bit. biased with this. um i personally think it’s the best. college. just saying um i mean i get here for one. reason. um but also like it’s got two bars it’s. got sight on the bailey. it’s like perfect location i don’t know. you just couldn’t go better than that. like everyone who goes to cuts is. so so nice like if you’re watching and. you go to cuts like. you’re a legend but yeah cut is just. like a brilliant atmosphere everyone’s. so laid back. chilled and like we also have one of the. best bars in durham and bars.

To me mean a lot at least so for that. reason it’s going in. the creme de la creme i don’t know why. that one like that but anyway um. cuts yeah so currently in the creme de. la creme we’ve got castle chad’s. carthage and collingwood. they all begin with c’s this kind of. seems like a bit of a conspiracy because. my name is charlie. and like up against the sea as well so. like charlie castle. chad’s collingwood cuts ah they’re all. c’s what’s going. on um i trust you these are literally. just a major coincidence. next one is grey grey is actually in a. pretty decent. location on the hill it’s like literally. right next to the science site from what. i know about it it seems pretty decent. like i wouldn’t say it’s like amazing. for that reason i’d probably put it in. like. just average like everyone who goes. there’s name like.

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Great by name grey by nature which is. kind of like. a bit of a oh oh no next one is hatfield. and basically hatfield if you don’t know. is the most hated college in durham. basically feels like hatfield is known. for being stuck up. posh the people i know from hatfield and. not like that. but i think it’s more kind of the. intercollege rivalries where it’s like. it’s hatfield hatfield the like. nothing else stands like so for that. reason hatfield is going in the hatfield. here. um because it’s in its own little little. league you know. they do what they do um anyway so. hatfield is. at the bottom because it’s hatfield next. we have saint hilde embiid. um which is basically not on the baby. nor on the hill so it’s kind of like. a lot of people would consider it to be. like irrelevant um but personally. rogue decision but i think it’s really.

Nice um like it’s. really kind of like in its own little. location which is like right by the. river it’s not too far away from. anything either. um really really pretty like old. buildings great views of the cathedral. it has got like a little bit of a. reputation for being kind of like. private school kind of vibes. um however anyone who i’ve known from it. has been. pretty nice and like i think they’re. nice people um so for that i’m gonna put. it in actually good colleges because it. seems like an actually good college. um not irrelevant like most people might. think um so if anyone tells people. rather than. it’s not next we have jason butler jason. butler is like one of the. colleges right at the top of the hill. it’s massive it’s all suffocated. i don’t know anything from jovi i think. i’ve been to the bar though.

I can’t remember what it looks like so. for that reason um. it’s probably irrelevant no but okay i. don’t think just something about that. it’s gonna be irrelevant purely because. i think. it’s got its own little thing going on. so for that reason. i’m going to put it in just average i. think it’s a pretty average place. next we have jon snow jon snow is. actually like brand new purpose built. they used to be at the site on stockton. which basically then moved over to. durham. then last year they were in like some. like united students buildings in. viaduct. and then finally this year they moved. into these like brand new accommodation. bits i haven’t seen inside the. accommodation however i’ve seen the. outside. and it does look pretty nice like. i don’t know too much about it otherwise. because it is literally like brand new.

Um but for that reason i i think like. because i can’t say anything that bad. about it i’ll probably put it in average. i’ve made acquaintance with like the. captain for like the. jon snow rugby team um and he seemed. really nice next we have saint john’s. uh not to be confused with jon snow and. not to confuse jon snow with the game of. thrones character. john’s again is like a really small. college on the bailly very nice cute. um very like religiousy i think there’s. like a lovehate relationship with this. bar because like it’s. very cramped like when i get down i’m. like six foot three. and i’ve got a duck wherever i go in. that bar so like if you’re a bit. claustrophobic and you’re tall. it’s probably not the best place for you. um however they’ve got. a lovely beer garden which i’ve been in. and it’s been very very nice.

Um so for that reason i’ll probably put. it in like. i want to say like actually good because. i i think it is. it’s a good college next st mary’s st. mary’s i think. is probably one of the nicest looking. colleges in the whole of durham. like it looks very very pretty. very picturesque um it’s got an. incredible. view of the cathedral it’s also like in. a perfect location to the science sites. like if you’re a science student this is. like one of the best colleges i swear. however it has a major major achilles. heel and that achilles heel. is their bar which is literally. awful like when i say it’s awful i mean. it is. dreadful it’s tiny it’s just. in like a little basement area and like. it’s just a bit. it’s a bit i can’t lie i’d want to. put it in actually good but the same. time i’m like. the bomb is average but then like.

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There’s so many other bars you can go to. durham and like. when i say oh these bars are like really. bad you can just go to other college. bars and like. mary’s is close to so many other. colleges so. for that reason i’m gonna give it the. benefit of the doubt and i think i’m. gonna put it in. actually good colleges because i i think. it does deserve it. it does next we’ve got van milder which. is basically known for having lakes. and ducks um although his lake is pretty. i can’t lie. the bar is also pretty just the. whole vanilla vibe like quite a big. college quite sporty as well. um i don’t know too much about it i. think people would hate me if i put it. in irrelevant um. but same time like it probably is just. really average. in like terms of everything like it’s. location it’s bar. it is it’s lake if you want to call it a.

Lake. so like for that reason i’d probably. check it in just average because it is. just so painfully average. next we have south college and south. college is literally the newest college. it was opened this year so everything is. brand new but that also means that. there’s like. no traditions like nothing but. it does look really nice and modern so i. i wouldn’t go as far to say as it’s. irrelevant just because. like it’s brand new so people are kind. of like it’s on their radar however. obviously with this year like no one. really going out to places it’s kind of. meant. that a lot of people haven’t really been. thinking about south. um although i guess for me i kind of. been like. up there and i’ve seen it and it looks. quite nice um. and like that hub building looks kind of. cool that we should share with like jon.

Snow. i i think for that reason because i. can’t really like judge it same with jon. snow. it’s gonna go in just average next one. is stevenson. and i’ll say stevenson and jobo are like. very similar like they’re in like the. literal like same area. and like i almost don’t get why stevo’s. different to jobo because they’re very. samey although like steve is like. smaller and like it just seems a bit. more irrelevant. than like josephine butler like when. people mention the top of the hill. everyone just kind of immediately goes. towards josephine butler. and nobody thinks about stevenson even. though stevenson’s like slightly further. on. um so for that reason i’m also going to. put that in irrelevant because. it just is kind of irrelevant next we. have trev’s um travs is literally like. the. hexagonal college made to look like a.

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Modern castle. it’s got on the right bar and stuff like. that like it looks okay. although everything is hexagonal i i. think travis is okay college like. again i’ll say it’s very similar to van. milde in terms of like location and bar. i’ll say actually maybe it’s bar. slightly better but yeah i’d say it’s. probably just average again but then. again is it just average. okay i’m gonna put a rope decision and. just chuck it in irrelevant. people are gonna hate me from travis i’m. sorry i’m really really sorry. um finally we got eustanov which is like. the postcard college. and because there’s post crowd a lot of. people tend to forget. about it normally nearly didn’t include. it in this to your list in the first. place so. but it does look quite nice although it. is literally like really far out the way. i’ve never been there myself.

Um and for that reason because it’s. postgrad and all that. is probably going to have to go in. irrelevant like. probably please don’t hate me for making. this. i think i was a perfectly good college. though anyway that has been my little. like tier ranking. if you don’t agree let me know if you do. agree let me know. um i’d love to know where you would rank. different colleges um i hope this also. helps in terms of like. helping people decide where they’d put. their colleges and like their. preferences and stuff. obviously this is my personal opinion. this doesn’t reflect. anyone else’s if you want to know more. about these durham colleges i’ve also. made another video which you’ve probably. already seen. um if not be linked down below leave a. like on the video subscribe if you’re. new that really does help. we’re trying to get to 5k by july crazy.

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