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Well you want to know about what. filipinas like they are also concerned. about what you guys like and don’t like. when it comes to their physical. appearance. i want foreigner but i afraid not he not. understand me. the conversation is so funny because. it’s like all around grandma and when. you are dating a filipina who is much. younger than you you guys will be the. headline it will not say anything in. front of you but the way. they will look at her especially. can be very judgmental the arm fits. mine becomes dark when there’s hair. hey it’s mirror beauty. today i want to talk about something. that me and my friend were talking about. this. past few days because she’s talking to a. guy from a different country. and she obviously liked him very much. and she is very fond of him. however she is holding back her heart.

Because she’s so afraid about a lot of. things that could happen. if she lets her heart out to this guy. that she’s been crazy about since i. don’t know since months already so i. thought it would be also nice to share. it with you guys. and this topic today would be. what are the things that filipinas are. scared of when dating foreigners. in my own observation. opinion and understanding so without. further ado let’s. dig in. communication will be my first on the. list communication because of the. language barrier it is true that. filipinos can understand english. mostly the basics for average filipinos. but that is not the main problem here. foreigners speaking to filipinos when. asking for directions is one thing. the there we can say that filipinos. understand english very well. and we can say that filipinos speak.

English because they helped you find. your way but it is another thing when. they have to speak to you or communicate. with you on a daily basis so i have a. lot of friends from the province who. would also want to try dating foreign. men actually i mean western men. but they would always say i want. foreigner but i afraid not he not. understand me. i don’t know what you guys think about. women who don’t speak english very well. or. cannot communicate very well. but. i. have an american friend before. who told me sometimes i speak like a. filipino with a strong filipino accent. and sometimes. i speak with a neutral accent. sometimes you would also correct me when. i don’t use the right term or the right. word when i am speaking. and to be honest it actually makes me. feel embarrassed at times i don’t know. why do i have to feel that way because.

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I know that it’s a constructive. criticism and it would help me improve. although i did not really improve a lot. i think it would help us to improve if. we talk to a native english speaker on a. daily basis that is actually the best. way to um to learn but that is what. filipinos fear that is the way to learn. but that is what philippines fear the. communication on that level where they. have to speak it to communicate. every day they are too worried that um. the man will not understand. them. that the relationship won’t work in the. first place because of bad communication. and it’s true. a lot of. um relationship fails because of bad. communication i have a i have another. friend who is dating an american but. he’s a filipino by blood. he he looks exactly like a filipino but. he was born and raised in. the u.s and she was complaining to me.

All the time about. how hard it is for her to to express her. real emotions and feelings especially. when she is. when she feels angry with him. she said she’s. having a hard time expressing her real. feelings because she couldn’t speak. english very well. but actually i noticed the improvement i. noticed that she improved a lot i think. girls shouldn’t be scared they. they can improve a lot by. practicing by communicating to someone. who is an english speaker she was my. high school classmate she’s really good. at mathematics but she’s bad at english. and just a fun fact about my friends who. are good in math. they are bad in english and they admit. that i don’t know if that if that is a. myth or it’s kind of a brain left brain. and right brain thing i don’t know so. yeah. she was really bad in english but she. improved a lot because she has to.

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Communicate with her boyfriend in. english every day video calls message. just nonstop every day so. i guess it’s really the best way to. learn practice by speaking it. even if it’s so bad in the beginning. eventually you will improve. maybe i will also improve more. because i always speak in english but. it’s difficult because. when i’m communicating with someone in. english i think it’s okay they can. understand me. very well. but i would always stutter and i always. forget i get blank i always forget. especially when i’m speaking in front of. the camera that’s why i always cut it. because i always stutter i don’t have a. wide range of vocabulary i just use the. easy words enough for you to understand. me i hope you understand my english very. well. so yeah that is my number one because of. my experiences with my friends who.

Hesitate to make friends even with. foreigners because of the language they. are too worried that. there will be no conversation at all. because they try sometimes in the. province we try to speak to each other. in english but it’s just we don’t stop. laughing because it’s it’s funny the. conversation is so funny because it’s. like all wrong grammar and all. um. so bad english so it’s like it’s an. insecurity for some filipinas. okay the famous gossips. many filipinos see this as a way of. entertainment as i said in my vlogs. when they see their neighbor going out. with a corner they would gossip about it. and judge her. the gossip always thumbs for judgment. this is one of the fears of filipinos. when dating foreign men. they wouldn’t want to be talked about by. the whole community because that is. exactly what’s gonna happen.

Um judging her about being with a. foreigner for. for money um i would have to say this. because it is true. as from my friend’s experience when. she’s eating a foreigner. she was too worried that our gossiper. neighbors would judge her she didn’t. even want to invite him to her hometown. because of the fear that the neighbors. would spread fake news. or would assume something the perfect. example of this is when. you are dating a filipina who is much. younger than you you guys will be the. headlines. it would not say anything in front of. you but the way they will look at you. both her especially can be very. judgmental. that is sad. but that is the reality here sometimes. they don’t even want to share it to. their friends. because they don’t want to be judged. the next one is insecurities. i received a lot of emails from you guys.

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Asking me what really filipinas like in. men. and i answered it in my previous vlog. well you want to know about what. filipinas like they are also concerned. about what you guys like and don’t like. when it comes to their physical. appearance. like many filipinas are still not aware. that. foreign men or. rather western men. like a naturally tan skin they would. still use bleaching chemicals to make. their skins whiter to look prettier well. they thought it would make them look. prettier it depends because. we have our own preferences maybe they. don’t really like tan skin or also one. example is they are worried that foreign. men wouldn’t want to date them if they. found out that they have a pair of. small boobs hiding behind those thick. paddings and foams. they are. so. yeah. good thing i’m not really insecure about.

It i think they’re beautiful. they are also concerned about their dark. underarms the armpits. mine becomes dark when there’s hair. and i’m so lazy too. i don’t like to shave it i am blocking. it. it’s very it’s oddly satisfying when. you’re when we are blocking our. armpit hairs i hope it’s not disgusting. for you i’m sorry because naturally the. underarm should be about the same shade. as the rest of our skin. but sometimes. the skin in the armpits can turn darker. although dark underarms usually are not. a sign of anything serious. some people may find them embarrassing. here in the philippines especially. yeah especially during summer swimsuit. season people here can be very. judgmental as you all know already so. filipinos would think foreigners. probably think the same as how filipinos. judge other people and one more thing.

That filipinas are insecure about is. their way of life in the province. if a province girl met a foreign man in. manila she would be very hesitant of. taking him home to the province to. introduce him to her family. because. she doesn’t want him to see her real. situation in the province like. her house her family’s situation. or how poor they are living there or the. poor neighborhood i know some people. just a normal filipino who. tell their friends or their workmates in. manila that their situation is very good. in the province and that. they have a big house and they’re living. very well i heard a lot of stories like. this already and. later on i found out that. that is really not the case. they are. really struggling her family is really. struggling in the province they would. pretend to be someone else because they.

Don’t want. the people to feel pity over them. okay. the d the big d the small d the junior d. the senior d here comes the banana talk. again. you probably know this already. of filipinas especially in the province. i think western bananas are too big to. handle so. this myth has been around maybe since. our mothers were born. i remember when i was young my cousins. would always talk about foreign bananas. one of them said i don’t want foreign. men as a partner because they said they. have big d and then they would laugh out. loud. when a filipina has a foreign husband. the frequently asked question from her. friends would be is it too big. tell us tell me is it too big is it big. enough. they would ask her or tease her about. what is it like or how how does it feels. like. they would even compare it to a horse. they’re so exaggerated or to their arm.

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Like this is it like this or is it like. this here or here. how does it fit in. something like that so. just so so they’re asking that because. they want their questions to be answered. about that myth if it’s true that. foreign men have big bananas. if some foreigners would stereotype. filipino women as gold diggers it’s the. same as when we think that are only. coming here to the philippines to have. fun and. so one thing that filipinos fear in. dating a foreign guy is. that he is. he is just here for fun. they would stay for a short period of. time and then there is a very small. chance of. that they would come back. since most of the foreigners who come. here. don’t stay for a long time filipinas. would wouldn’t want to engage with them. for the fear of just being used so i. heard a story from a girl also before.

She said that. she dated a foreign a foreigner of a. certain guy. he didn’t tell her that he is going to. um stay in the philippines for just a. vacation like a holiday like i think i. don’t remember exactly anymore but it’s. like uh only one and a half month but. the guy told her that i’m staying for a. long time because going to work. in the philippines and then the guy just. disappeared. ghosted her blocked her total found out. like after a few months already the guy. texted her again. but she’s already back to his country so. she was really hurt she was pretty. devastated but she learned something. from that. to not give in easily. don’t give in easily. take your time don’t give everything to. a guy filipinas. want serious relationships they wouldn’t. want to entertain someone that would. only date them for. someone who just want a temporary.

Girlfriend there are some filipinas who. only want to have fun but most of them. want a serious relationship. they would even consider being in a long. distance relationship even though they. know that this is the kind of. relationship that they wouldn’t want to. be in. so long as they know that you are. serious with them too they would be in. all the way for you this friend that i. am talking about has this subject. worries her that much. she wants to give in and wants to try. with a guy she’s texting with who is. coming here to the philippines soon. but she just can’t for the fear that she. will end up just being used by him. because. the guy will just stay for a short time. but he was. expressing his feelings to her. like. he’s very sweet she showed me the. message and it’s true. it. seems like he is really. in love with her or.

He’s he really likes her that much. but i don’t know i can’t trust it also. because it’s like what if he is talking. the same way to other girls so that he. can have options you know it’s just hard. to trust all right so that’s about it. guys so i just wanted to share with you. guys um my talk with my friend who has. this problem maybe you can also advise. her. through the comment section below i. would also love to. hear your experiences or what you have. to say about it. i hope you guys learned something from. this video if you like it please leave. me a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit. that subscribe button if you haven’t. already please share me your thoughts. about this topic in the comment section. below guys i really really love to hear. from you i really appreciate that you. are engaging with me in all my posts and.

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