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You have impressed a girl but when your date got fixed you got confused about how to look good. By the way you are a subscriber of Be Your Best, you will be well aware that you don’t have to wear slippers on a date But what to wear so that boy/girl will be impressed with you on date. What’s up bro. Welcome and welcome back to Be Your Best. I’m San Kalra. And in today’s video, I’ll tell you very easy date outfits by which you will impress you date, considering the budget too. And yes if you don’t want to wear a wrong outfit according to location and situation, listen all the tips very carefully.

And if you want to be your best in your looks and personality, SUBSCRIBE now for 2 new videos every week. First of all some basic rules, Number 1: if you feel good, you will look good, you’ll feel confident, you’ll get a smile on your face and you’ll be able to carry every outfit impressively. So 45 hours prior to date, try to relax yourself, you can meditate and listen to music also. Number 2: if you try to show off with the brand of clothes, it will set a cocky impression of you on your date’s mind. She won’t like you at all. Remember that you are finding a girl with whom you can build a deep connection.

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Number 3: choose a style in which you feel confident whether it is semiformal or semi-casual or casual or anything. Well, you can go with the street style also but I won’t recommend it because street style is unisex. On a date, you have to activate the maternal instincts of a girl, you have to show that you are the match. She should be attracted to you in that outfit instead of attracted to your outfit. Now let’s discuss the outfits according to the occasion, like which kind of date it is and where are you going. And I’m promising 100% that you will impress your date in these outfits definitely.

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And you’ll look effortless too, like I don’t have done a lot on this outfit, but i just usually look good. First occasion is you are meeting at lunch or a coffee in evening at café. Then the safest and smartest is to make any outfit with polo Tshirt. You look a little smart and mature in polo Tshirt and it impresses girls a lot on dates. To maintain the smart theme, wear a slim fit chinos and keep the footwear slim too. Absolutely the basic outfit and that too within ₹1500. I’ll provide the links in description. And if it’s too much hot outside, the outfit for that is linen shirt with linen pants paired with loafers.

My linen shirt is maroon; you can try navy or olive too. Just take a Mandarin or Chinese collar just like this, and pants also linen so that you feel less heat on legs. You will already be sweating due to nervousness. Pair them with average budget loafers and a matching watch which are most essential accessories for any date. And wear each and every accessory on the date which makes a girl/boy think that this guy knows how to look stylish. All the exact links will be in description. Next type of date is some sort of active dates like going for bowling or going to a video game parlor. In that situation you have to be physically active, the best is to wear a Tshirt there.

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But instead of wearing graphic Tshirts choose some plain Tshirts with neutral colors, pairing with slim fit chinos and sneakers because you’ll be doing a lot of physical activity. And if the weather allows or if you’ll be in the AC, you can try layering too. Means you can wear a slim fit shirt on this outfit with slim fit chinos or jeans. and sneakers if you want to be comfortable. Layering will add structure in your body and this seems very manly to girls. Layering adds structure to your body and girls find it too manly. I has explained it in deatil in layering video Link in Description. By the way, you can also wear these Shirts directly without layering.

Next is, if you have to go in the summers on a dinner date in some restaurant, then there is only one outfit which is simple, not too casual, and not even formal that is crisp ButtonUp White Shirt pair it with slim fit pants like Navy Chinos along with loafers or slim white leather sneakers which doesn’t look soo sporty. It’s up to you which one to wear you can also wear formal shoes if you are above 22 and a nice matching watch and spectacles will make you look even more sexy. This outfit is classy and even make you look smart and manly this will trigger this thing in your date’s mind that this guy is a father material and she finds you look attractive.

Links in Description. Next is, if you have to go to a party with your date then best is if there are some patterns on your shirt like this brown check shirt which will make you look muscular and even mature with Chelsea boots only to look damn awesome. It’s ok to keep fewer accessories in this outfit to show a carefree attitude that I don’t care much about accessories I look good even without them. Links to all of these in Description. But if your personality is light and people have a fun image of your’s in their mind ao you can also wear floral shirts on date along with white pant and loafers or white sneakers.

In this, you won’t even feel hot while dancing as floral shirts are made up of Rayon fabric. You can also wear Black pants instead of White Links in the Description. Another amazing outfit to dance the whole night on the dance floor and in the room after that is layering with a denim shirt. Keep your inner Tshirt, pant, and sneakers, White or Black and a blue denim shirt above them, to look classy and edgy means some BadBoy looks and a lot of girls like BadBoy look as you look stud in it. Next outfit is if you are a true stud guy and your date is at your home then wear casuals which looks cozy and your date starts cuddling while watching a movie.

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