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Hello dear friends welcome back to my. channel and today in this video I’m. gonna show you how to recover all kinds. of deleted facebook masses easily. actually sometimes we deleted our. facebook masses accidentally and. sometimes we ask our girlfriend or. boyfriend just giving her Facebook. password so that we can check actually. with whom she talking to right and that. team may be our girlfriend delete all. kinds of her secret conversation from. her Facebook and that chain she give her. password and when you will in turn into. her password I mean through her password. on Facebook that time you will get. nothing right so if you follow my video. that 10 you can recover all kinds of. deleted Facebook message within a few. minutes so if restarting I’ll ask you. something that please subscribe my. channel and give also like that video so.

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Let’s start so first of all you will. need to go to your Play Store and then. search into the search bar Facebook and. make sure your Facebook apps is just. been updated and after that click on the. open icon and enter your Facebook ID and. password and after that there you can. see the three dotted line here so just. click on it and they scroll down and in. the bottom you can see settings and. privacy upfront so just click on it and. then click again the settings option and. there are lots of thing maybe you will. see but you will need to find your. Facebook information so there you can. see your Facebook information you can. view or download your information and. delete your account at any time so in. the fourth number you can see download. information so you will need to click on. it. so after clicking the download your.

Information option you will get the. skins of interface and you can see a. request copy and in another site you can. see available copies so you can recover. post photos and videos comments likes. and. friends stories following and followers. message groups lots of theme you can. recover so first of all you will need to. deselect all and after that you will. need to choose the message option. because you will need to recover the. deleted message so click on the message. often and after that is called on and in. the bottom you can see the data right so. if you want to recover all kinds of. messages that time you can choose all of. my data but in my video I will show you. the one month data so select on the data. range option and you can choose one. month data here and after that click on. the set of run and you can see in the.

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Download Dating Format Message Pdf that 10

Format which is HTML so make sure it has. it and after that media quality is just. medium and then click on the create file. option and in the first position you can. see the pending request so it will take. maybe a few minutes I’m in ten minutes. or seven minutes and after that when is. your download file ready and you will. get one concert notification in your. notification bird you can see your. Facebook information file is ready to. download I have made about four minutes. ago so just click on your notification. and wait for few seconds and then you. will get available copies so just click. on the download option and it will. redirect it to another place and it may. be ask your Facebook password so just. give your Facebook password and after. that you can see there you can see the. zip file option and then the file size.

Is about six megabyte so just click on. the okay option for downloading and in. the notification bar you can see my. information is just been downloaded so. after downloading your information you. will need another two kinds of software. so just go to the Play Store and search. into the search Birds ater fiber so. install it on your phone and another is. HTML view arf. and you will need these two kinds of. software for reading your all kinds of. information and now click on the jet. archiver apps and then go to the. download folder option and it scroll. down and there you can see the face book. this is the G file so just click on it. and then click on the view option and. then click on the messages option then. click on the inbox option for checking. your inbox messages and there are lots. of your friend’s name here so let me.

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Open one of my friends name and after. that there you can see the message. option so just click on the message. option and then click on the open option. and there you can see the more options. so click on it and choose the HTML. viewer and after that there you can see. all kinds of messages I have made and. this is the masses all kinds of messages. so let me go my another friends and if. you want to check out the photos that 10. you will also get it so let me go. another so wait please so there you can. see the photos of fun and this is the. photo I have already sent I mean in my. messages so just click on the view. photos and there you can see the photos. is just already recovered so by this. process you can recover your all kinds. of deleted Facebook masses so thanks so. much for watching this video and if you.

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