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Every night from Hollywood Boulevard and. people pass by our studio these people. tend to have opinion sometimes strong. opinions so we decided to have some fun. with that tonight we’re down the street. we ask people what they think about 50. cent and then we snugged well this is. what happens when 50 cent is standing. right behind you. outdoor living magazine just named. 50cent the greatest rapper of all time. you agree with that disagree entirely I. don’t know I don’t know I really like. this music I’m very inspired by 50 I. want to tell him I think I think 50 I I. prefer loads Jackson over the current. state of 50 maybe back in the you know. listen don’t tell me man tell him 50. setback thing I don’t you got to give us. some of the youngsters know you know. right behind you how about the greatest. rapper this moment right now like right.

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Now yeah greatest rapper right now. Kendrick Lamar’s. Reader’s Digest just named 50 cent the. greatest rapper of all time how do you. feel about that really not sure about. that well maybe you tell her to his face. excuse me tell it to his face. how do you feel now maybe he put it in. the top five number one say 50 cents. best days are behind him and he’s pretty. washedup yes Bane made him soft no I. think he’s moved on to other you know. aspects of things other businesses. Wow. I’ll go a snow dog dr. Dre 50 said that. he made a lot of money. he did his movies he kind of you know he. said he’s an active worker that’s why I. dunno I’m sure I’m the I was a the. greatest of all time where would you. rank him I said about like a 76 Tim I. want your favorite dog Tom the tennis. carnival have mercy on me hammers do you.

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