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Hey what’s up guys this is dramo and i’m. very excited to bring another video. today i’m going to be talking about you. know well dating and dominican republic. and specifically as it relates to. knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. when it’s time to say deuces because we. all know that there are a lot of. beautiful women here in dominican. republic beautiful dominicanas also a. lot of beautiful haitian women here too. so don’t. let’s keep it real but anyways. that’s at the point you know and we all. know that with that comes a lot of you. know a lot of beautiful experiences you. know good time you know. a lot of that but also there’s an. exchange. that goes along with that you know and. sometimes that exchange can get a little. bit tiresome can get a little bit even. annoying in some ways when people can. kind of when some certain women start.

Nagging for cash nagging for money you. know always asking saying that oh you. know uh i can’t stay here in the city my. mother can’t you know give me any money. can you please give me some money uh you. know. can you please charge my phone you know. all this type of stuff. all this type of stuff so you know just. talking about from my personal. experiences here. when it was time to say goodbye like. i’ll give you one example like. you may not know some of you haven’t. seen my videos when i first got here i. landed in santa domingo and there was a. girl we’ll call her karina. we’ll just call her karina and you know. we were talking we were chilling you. know she was very helpful when i first. got there. and you know also i helped her out with. some pesos as well so it was a mutual. thing but it was just you know platonic.

Just chilling. and um. you know now i’m in las terrenas and i. haven’t talked to her like in a month or. two but you know sometimes you get a. itch. you just want to hit a shorty up and. let’s see how she’s doing you know. see what’s good and i did and it was all. good and but like i said i haven’t seen. in a while and also i’m not in santa. domingo. to remember this i’m and i’m in another. city in dominican republic and then she. starts telling me like oh it’s my. birthday soon. remember i haven’t talked to her like in. a month or two like oh it’s my birthday. soon could you give me a gift. and i’m just like oh. you know why’d you have to ruin me. why would you have to but at the same. time though. like. i kind of after that i kind of was short. with the communication to be honest with. you because you know i mean but at the.

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Same time i was honest i was like look. i’m not in santa domingo you know what i. mean. i can’t i didn’t really say this but you. know i’m not gonna be a western union. poppy. you know what i’m saying so i’m not. going to send you anything i’m going to. hear it in las terranes and you’re. always sent to the mingo that’s not. going to happen. i’m just straight up. you know i mean so so yeah but. at the same time though i think that. there are certain levels to saying. goodbye there’s certain levels of kind. of you know ending the conversation. because you know what i’m saying at the. same time you know i was just honest. with her but i didn’t try to like. completely burn the bridge and just say. that i don’t want to talk to you anymore. or something like that because if i go. back to santo domingo. you can believe i’m gonna hit shorty up.

No doubt. and you know and then you know things. can get back to maybe like it was when i. was it wouldn’t you know you know. you never know you never you never know. you never know how it might go but in. that situation you know what i’m saying. you might you don’t want to completely. close the door you just want to be. honest and just be like hey you know. look i’m here you’re there you know. there’s no i need i can’t give you. there’s no birthday gifts no birthday. gifts here but anyways. that’s so that’s on one hand but then on. the second hand to me this is a. situation where. you. strongly have to consider really just. completely closing the door okay so. i’m messing with jenna chick um you know. i messaged this girl on tinder we end up. matching you know i’m asking her you. know like where where are you like where.

Do you live like are you near las. carinas and she said you know no she. said she lives in me shay which miche. i’ll probably show a map. in the video but miche is like it’s a. it’s a boat ride. and about a 40minute guagula ride. actually an hour guava ride. to mache. from las terrenas so it’s it’s a good. distance. it’s a solid distance but i was like hey. you know this could be good for a video. like kate taking a boat ride going. somewhere you know kind of a detour of. where most people don’t really show like. this could be cool and like the way she. was talking to me like. she seemed like oh yeah you should come. over here actually actually she was. really she was like i want to go to las. terrance but she was like oh you should. come over here meet some of my people. you know we could have a good time hang. out we could do a video because i told.

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You i made youtube videos like okay cool. like this like just on some friend very. friendly you know. you know i don’t want to say platonic. but this is some friendly stuff you know. so i was really thinking like okay i’m. gonna go like it was a long distance but. look i’m gonna go all right cool and. actually i got an airbnb for two days. two nights over there oh this is gonna. be cool. and then two or three days. but we’ve been talking like maybe a week. a week or so you know building up until. the weekend when i was supposed to go. within two or three days before that. weekend she hits me up with oh. i need 2 500 pesos for my light bill. no no for the light build no no for the. phone bill. 2 500 pesos for my phone bill i was like. dang it. i was just woof. i was just i was disappointed i really. felt something in that moment because i.

Was like dang why couldn’t you just been. up front. you know what i’m saying why couldn’t. you just been like from the beginning. like. like just honest about the situation. like and i think someone started doing. it’s like. especially on tinder like do you need. anything do you want anything because. you know like i said with the. communication you just have to be clear. in the front because. i just and to me in those situations. when women they try to kind of. kind of you know uh kind of pull you in. and i and you know it was it’s my fault. too because i was really thinking like. oh like she’s cool like that but no. no. but but but no but no it was you know so. like i said now for example if she had. come here to las terrenas. you know we could have done a video she. could have held me in that way you know. maybe i could have given her so you know.

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Little some pesos you know what i’m. saying like nothing wrong with that but. for me to go all the way over there. and then on top of that you want me to. give you 2 500 pesos for your phone bill. now. so in that situation to me when you have. girls women trying to kind of treat you. know you know kind of trying to just. trying to trick in that. trick in those pesos you know after the. fact you already have a plan you already. have something going you know i’m saying. to me that’s when you have to close the. door. that’s when you have to say goodbye. completely because. you know you don’t need that in your. life that’s that’s negative energy. in your life in my opinion. in my opinion. uh you know obviously everyone else has. a different opinion and i would please. love if you left your opinions in the. comments section you know what would you.

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