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Hey what’s up guys this is drama and i’m. very excited to bring you another video. so today i just want to talk about. do dominican women. need foreign men. and. what really spurred this topic in my. mind well first it was a comment from a. subscriber named cool breeze what she. kind of talked about how. uh that women. need assistance that these local women. need assistance from foreign men and the. sooner you realize it the less you can. stress about it which was an interesting. interesting comment and then also. a couple of days ago. two or three days ago i was sitting on. the beach at punto. punta papi. near last in in las terenas. and yeah i was actually recording a. video like you know just doing what i. usually do. and this i kind of heard. behind me this kind of hissing sound. like someone was trying to get my.

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Attention so you know i turn around. and it’s this woman. she looks relatively young. and uh also. right next to this woman or near this. woman was uh two babies. sitting on a on one of the lawn chairs. so when i thought i saw that ah okay. this is interesting but she called me. over and so you know i went over it and. um she she asked me for a favor. and this favor was she wanted me to give. her some pesos so she could buy. pampers for babies or one of the babies. or both of the babies i don’t know. so see and i’m gonna put a cap on the. story there. because you know whether or not i bought. i i i. i gave her the pesos is irrelevant to. the what i’m about to say. but uh. but like i said. that. got me thinking you know. do dominican women. need foreign men. you know and you know just when you look. at that situation it makes sense why i.

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Think some people. some men specifically. would kind of have this idea or have. this notion. because it’s true there i mean there is. a lot of poverty in the dominican. republic or people who live maybe a. little bit above the poverty line and. actually i read an article on dominican. that said that you know. amongst. that percentage of people who are living. slightly above or a little bit below. poverty line that that affects women the. most dominican women the most. so i can i mean statistically i can. understand why some people would believe. that and on top of that. i could understand why many. particularly men. would have that idea in their mind. because obviously you know that strokes. the ego a little bit. that you know that that a group of women. need you in some way uh or need us we. could say so i i i get where that that.

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That notion that idea. could come from but i could just say in. my experience. overall. here in last year anderson being here. for you know almost past four months and. women i have encountered is that i i. really would have to say no to this idea. that the majority. of dominican women need. foreign men this kind of notion i would. really say know that because i’ve met a. lot of women who are really hardworking. you know whether they’re doing a. respectable job. you know now what you define as. respectable. is a wide spectrum but for me a. respectable job or you know women trying. to. you know better themselves by becoming a. nurse or. you know furthering their education and. whatnot. so so yeah so. in my opinion to this kind of this idea. that dominic and women need foreign men. i would have to knock that down as as as.

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A no. in most cases. now obviously you know if you go to. certain places and especially if you go. on social media you’ll see certain. cities like you know maybe. in the north coast like cesua or some. places in san domingo where. you know it’s kind of hyped up and it. seems i mean there are some. uh how could some opportunists. we could say. but do they need. you know foreign men those those women. who we could consider maybe opportunists. or those chappie doris do they need you. know. that’s debatable that’s very debatable. but anyways guys that’s just my thought. on on this topic but if you have any. uh you know if you have a different. opinion please feel free to let me know. in the comment section or if you have. any questions about the dominican. republic please feel free to write below. anyways guys thank you so much for.

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