Devotions For Couples Dating Long Distance

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Hey everyone. welcome to my channel today’s video i’m. going to be doing a valentine’s day. video. as you can see i’m wearing some pink in. honor of valentine’s day it’s coming up. so quickly it’s only a week and a bit. away so. i’m gonna be going through what you can. do this valentine’s day in a long. distance relationship. this is actually my first year being. away from my boyfriend for valentine’s. day and we’ve been together four and a. half years so it’s big. that we won’t be together this year and. we usually do a whole thing it’s a very. big event in our relationship we do a. very big something every year. so unfortunately we won’t be able to do. anything like that this year since we’re. doing things long distance. but in trying to plan for my valentine’s. day. i’ve come up with six really great. things that you can do with your.

Boyfriend. or girlfriend no matter how long you’ve. been in a long distance relationship. or where you are in the world all of. these activities you can do virtually. with your boyfriend or girlfriend on. valentine’s day. so the first thing that you can do on. valentine’s day with your boyfriend or. girlfriend. from a distance is a food delivery date. so what this is is something i actually. just came up with. and what you do is you both decide that. you’re each going to order the other. person dinner. so that can be from a local restaurant. it can be on ubereats it can be on. really whatever is available to you can. be pizza. you’re gonna choose what your boyfriend. or girlfriend gets to eat for dinner and. they’re gonna choose for you so they’re. gonna have it delivered to you. you’re gonna have it delivered to them.

Wherever they are and then you get a bit. of surprise. just waiting to see what they’re gonna. order for you for dinner and then you. can just top it off with a nice. zoom dinner date showing each other what. you got and eating together just talking. and it’s just a really great spin on a. classic dinner date but at a distance. while adding a bit of a surprise and. exciting element to it. the next thing you can do on valentine’s. day virtually is a. zoom cooking class so this is another. one that i just came up with i don’t. know these ideas just popped into my. head. and basically if you don’t want to do. the first one and you don’t want to. spend money and order food or there’s no. food delivery available where you are. this one is another fun way to have a. cute dinner date with a spin on it. so what you’re going to do is you’re.

Going to decide what the other person is. going to have for dinner and you’re. going to both cook it with each other. live on zoom so you send a recipe to. your. boyfriend or girlfriend and say okay you. need to cook. this spaghetti and meatballs so you give. them a full recipe this is what you’re. cooking for valentine’s day and they do. the same for you and let’s say they give. you. salmon and potatoes i don’t know so. whatever they give you. you have to make and you have to have. for dinner so it’s fun in that aspect so. once you get your recipe. on actual valentine’s day you guys are. gonna zoom call each other or facetime. each other or whatever you want. and while you’re cooking up the meal you. guys just talk and cook talk and cook so. it’s kind of your own virtual cooking. class even though you’re really the.

Teacher and the student at the same time. but you’re gonna do that with your. boyfriend or girlfriend and it’s just a. fun way to connect while making food and. then when you’re. finally done making it you both can sit. down and. show what the final product is let each. other know how it tastes and really just. have a fun time making something where. it feels as if they were there and they. were a part of it even though they’re. not physically there. the next thing you can do on valentine’s. day virtually is to have a movie or show. marathon so this can easily come after. one of the first activities that i. mentioned. after you’ve had that dinner whether you. ordered it or whether you made it. you guys sit down and you just watch. movies upon movies together it can be. romance movies. it could be drama movies it could be.

Thrillers it could be action it could be. really whatever you want or you could do. a tv show and just binge watch a whole. season of tv show. just sit down and spend that time. together that you would probably be. spending. if you were in person you’d probably. cuddle up and watch a movie. now prime and i’m pretty sure disney has. it too where you can. watch with somebody else shows and. movies on your laptop so you can hook it. up where you’re commenting on the show. together. and it’s really engaging and interactive. so it feels like the person’s there with. you. so i just think that there’s no reason. why you can’t still make it a great. fun night to still watch the movies and. shows together on valentine’s day. the next activity i have on my list is a. virtual escape room so i actually. mentioned this. in my things to do this winter and.

Quarantine video that i made a while. back. but i’m rementioning it here because i. think it would be a great date idea for. valentine’s. so basically there’s all these online. virtual escape rooms that you could do. so you guys can log on at the same time. facetime at the same time while you’re. going through it or you can zoom call at. the same time while you’re going through. it. and you can go clue by clue and try to. escape the room. the virtual room it’s just a fun. activity to do together and it just. feels like you’re doing something. special and something different than. what you’re probably used to doing on a. regular day. another really great activity that you. can do on valentine’s day is to play. games together so whether that be video. games if you both have. playstations or if you both have xbox or. whatever.

Console you might have you guys can play. together that way. or if you don’t have any of that you can. go a little bit more oldfashioned which. is what me and my boyfriend like to do. and download an app where you guys can. both play together and face each other. in a game my boyfriend and i. do pictionary all the time he is so far. he’s all the way in spain and i’m in. canada but we still managed to play. pictionary together and sometimes we. spend hours doing it it’s so much fun. you can switch up games you can stay on. the same game it’s really up to you but. playing games can be really fun and it. makes you feel like you’re actually. doing something together. and then the last thing that you can do. on valentine’s day this is a little bit. more of an emotional. sentimental one if you’re somebody that. likes to really.

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Deepen your relationship deepen your. connection build on your relationship. i would say play a question game this is. just to get to know each other better. and kind of connect on a deeper level. since you guys aren’t together. and don’t have that intimacy that you. would have in person so. this can be done so many ways i would. say come prepared with 10 questions. you’ve always wanted to ask your. boyfriend or girlfriend. that you just haven’t found an. opportunity to in the past or. haven’t found the right moment and ask. them to do the same and really just sit. down and have a great conversation. sometimes people are so caught up in. doing things we always want to be doing. something we want to be. moving around doing some sort of. activity but sometimes the best moments. i know for me and my boyfriend have been.

Really sitting down. and having an amazing conversation so. just have a conversation get to know. each other better. get answers to questions you want to. know answer their questions and use. valentine’s day. as a day to really just get closer to. your boyfriend or girlfriend. well that’s it those are six things that. you can do on valentine’s day this year. if you’re in a long distance. relationship and you have to do things. virtually. i’m gonna do some of these activities. with my boyfriend to hopefully still. make it feel like a special day and not. just let it go to waste because we’re. long distance. so if you liked any of the activities. that i mentioned make sure to comment. down below i’d love to know which ones. you guys are gonna try out and which. ones you like the best and if you’re. looking for any more lifestyle videos on.

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