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Hello this is burn and if you’re not. sure why something feels off in a guy. and you don’t want to end the dating. process of the relationship because you. might be missing out on something great. so you feel stuck in today’s video I’m. gonna share five Elusive and often miss. signs that show you he’s not the guy for. you so you can stop wasting your time. and invest it instead in someone who can. be a fulfilling and compatible life. partner for you. hello this is burn welcome to another. edition of if you’d like. to learn how you can attract your ideal. life partner without the need for. Gaming’s manipulation games or CV. techniques make sure to hit the. Subscribe button right now so you can be. notified of new episodes as I come out. listen there’s three distinct stages of. connection with someone in the early.

Dating stages or a relationship that. tell you if something feels right or. feels wrong my imagination is if you’re. watching this video something either. felt wrong in someone and you’re trying. to make sense of it or something feels. off right now so the first stage is flow. and Clarity flow and Clarity is when. things are moving forward the way. they’re supposed to move forward you. feel a clear sense of progress you. understand him he understands you. there’s a vision for where you both are. going and there’s no games and there’s. no BS the second one will be when. there’s deal breakers and when there’s. signs that make you really stop and. pause or maybe altogether say I can’t do. this I’m not in it for the long haul. we’re not compatible either one of those. two things one feels fun the other one. doesn’t but both of them create either.

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The moving forward or ending a. relationship the problem that you’re. facing right now if you’re watching this. video is a third stage that I call. ambivalence ambivalences where you kind. of want this relationship to work but. you’re not sure if it’s really working. or not where you get some mixed signals. from him and it feels like things are. progressing and then you’re going back a. few steps that make you feel like really. pull the Rock from under you so my hope. through this video is that if you’re. facing any of the situations or traps as. I’ll describe them on the video today. that you can put some words to the. feelings that you’re having and instead. of feeling crazy or like there’s nothing. you can do to change things that you can. see some patterns that you may not have. been seeing before and either take.

Action to see if you can resolve them or. make a decision to move forward and stop. wasting your time trying to fit a shoe. that maybe is size 7 into a foot size. line it just doesn’t work you can. potentially do it but why hurt yourself. in the process so what are some signs. that you might be in one of these. ambivalent relationships that I’m. talking about right now where you need. to take a look at the patterns taking. place to recognize why it doesn’t feel. good maybe things feel great with them. and all of a sudden when things are. going really well he does something. that’s completely opposite from what you. expect that makes you have a really. shitty aftertaste sometimes for. birthdays sometimes for weeks maybe you. feel that even though he is a great guy. and you understand him that you’re more. into him than he’s into you not.

Necessarily when you see each other but. when you don’t you don’t get a clear. sense that he really wants to move. things forward or maybe you feel that he. you have to bargain for his time and his. attention Mission and it feels icky to. you for you to do that maybe you have a. lingering feeling he’s hiding something. maybe you don’t feel he’s genuinely in. it as much as you are so whatever the. case might be these are just some. examples of things that might be taking. place if something doesn’t feel quite. right and you haven’t been able to put. words into these feelings here’s the. first trap or the first sign that he. might not be the best guy for number one. is he craves distance from you and not. only does he crave distance from you but. he thrives when he gets distance from. you like listen in any relationship.

There’s give and take there is the union. of someone and there’s a separation in. terms of doing your own thing connecting. with your friends having your own. passions having your own goals but the. goal of connecting with someone in a. meaningful relationship is so that you. can combine life so that you can do. things together not just things alone so. that you can have a sense of connection. so that you can have a sense of. feeling an expression that makes your. life exponentially better through the. addition of somebody else’s life is also. great. when you connect with someone who’s. pretty avoidant. and you’re not an avoidant person then. the challenge with that. connection especially if you are someone. who who has an anxious attachment style. for example or who needs more. reassurance that type of connection.

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Connection with someone who craves. distance who craves Independence who. craves spending time alone more than. spending time with you that’s the. Kryptonite of our relationship here’s. why because there’s nothing you can do. or say that’s going to help him change. his style and want to have more intimacy. with you and there’s nothing he can do. or say that’s going to make you feel. like you’re not getting the short end of. the stick so some of the things that. I’ll be sharing with you right now are. significant enough where it may not be. worth it to you regardless of other. areas of commonality and common. interests to be with someone where. you’re constantly feeling like he’s. pushing you away constantly feeling that. you’re begging for his attention. constantly feeling like you’re more into. him than he’s into you if you and here’s.

One of the challenge one of the. challenges that if you are an avoidant. type of person like the person I’m. talking describing right now they are. more abundant in the dating space why. because they don’t tend to go into long. relationships so they circulate on The. Dating pool more often than people who. don’t have that type of attachment style. so if you find yourself not knowing. what’s going on but recognizing through. what I’m saying to you right now that. the person that you’re with is someone. who doesn’t crave intimacy and you do do. yourself a favor and move on number two. is when it’s kind of the opposite. when maybe you’re more secure or maybe. you’re more avoidant and the person that. you’re connecting with is needing. reassurance constantly that doesn’t. necessarily mean that it can’t work but. when no matter how much you reassure.

This person it’s still not enough where. no matter how much you tell them that. you’re you love them or that you like. them uh how much you tell them that. they’re beautiful in your eyes how much. you tell them that they’re the one. person for you and that you’re that. you’re not cheating on on them but they. always have this lingering feeling that. you are even if it’s not true then. that’s one of the situations where this. is what I call the first one is what I. call the Kryptonite trap right because. it’s a Kryptonite of a person who has. that type of attachment the second one. would be the prison trap the prison trap. because you feel like you can never. fulfill that other person’s expectations. because you always feel like you can’t. be yourself because through being. yourself if you arrive to A let’s say a.

Party and you’re just naturally friendly. and the person feels like you’re. flirting with people even though you. aren’t I mean and there’s a clear. distinction between being friendly and. flirting with someone or that person. feels like or maybe you’re reassuring. that person but they always feel this. content like if you’re not doing it well. enough then you feel like you’re in a. prison so that’s the opposite of the. first one uh in a nutshell number three. is when his affection and his intensity. towards you fluctuate wildly I call this. the roller coaster trap and the roller. coaster trap it’s a trap because the. fluctuation of intensity the fluctuation. of not knowing what’s going to hit you. is going to be in a great mood or is it. going to be completely distant is he. going to be happy is it going to be like.

Really like off put about me. that creates a sense of expectation that. is what I’ve called in a few other. videos variable rein reinforcement which. is the same thing that happens when you. go to a casino and win a little bit of. money and you’re not sure when you want. to win again that type of intensity and. that type of variable reinforcement. schedule. creates a craving in you for more so it. can’t put you in a trap where you’re. always trying to change your behavior. your intensity your things to get. someone to be that high for you the. challenge with this roller coaster is. that when the person is really in it. he’s in it he’s telling you how. beautiful you are he’s being present. he’s maybe very. clear about what he says in you he has. ideas about the future but when he’s not. it’s like a different person like a.

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Split personality you feel like you’re. going crazy sometimes so this roller. coaster trap is a challenge because when. you feel it can get you looped into a. situation that is not going to work out. for you there is not consistency in that. human being to sustain to create the. grounding space that you need of safety. so that you can open up your heart and. move forward why because you open up. your heart he’s great and then next time. you want to open up your heart again and. you get a different person. that is a trap and if that person that. that is doing this is unaware of it you. need to clearly communicate what’s. taking place clearly communicate what. your needs are and see if this intensity. roller coaster can fluctuate become more. steady because if it can’t it might be. the end of your sanity for a while.

Number four is what I call the. confidence trap and that’s where his. level of confidence is. disproportionately higher than his level. of humility and his level of empathy and. his level of kindness here’s why this is. such a challenge today because you as a. woman who is doing amazing things in the. world who has to put on a really Let’s. Do It Let’s Take Action type of energy. to make things in the world crave the. energy of someone who can actually help. you relax a little bit more through. being masculine the challenge when. someone shows up with this type of. energy is that it’s harder for you you. to say no and harder for you recognize. because what happens when a guy has a. disproportionate level of empathy and. kindness versus confidence it’s easier. for women today to say I’m not into that. guy he’s not exciting enough he’s a.

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Pushover so it’s easier for you to pass. on those guys than it is for you to pass. on someone who. on paper seems to be doing great because. those people are typically articulate. and they can make things happen and they. can make good good income and they can. show and present themselves in a way. that seems coveted by more women when a. guy is covered by more women by. definition you’ll find him more. attractive even if he isn’t so the. challenge with that thing is if his. level of confidence is his proportionate. with a little kindness that’s one of. those situations where you may not be. heard by him he might hurt you and not. really care about what you’re feeling he. might be moving things forward for. himself without the Insight or thought. about what his actions are having in the. world around him and in other people.

Close to him do you feel like I don’t. know what’s wrong with me I like him. he’s like he’s such a cool guy and on. paper he’s great but I don’t feel seen I. don’t feel hurt I feel disregard it. feels respected it might be that his. level of empathy is not high enough to. sustain a relationship ship that creates. the level of intimacy that you’re. seeking right now number five the chase. me if you can’t trap chase me if you can. is the type of guy that will not include. you in his world he will not include you. with his friends he will not include you. in his deepest thoughts he will not. include you in his dreams he will not. include you with his family. that type of situation obviously at the. beginning of a daily relationship things. are what they are it’s you and him but. as the relationship progresses as the.

Dating progresses if he’s still someone. who is finding excuses not why not to. include you in his world with his family. with his friends then this is what I. call the chase me if you can trap and if. you’re one of those human beings who. want to be included and who want to. include them in your world then this is. one of the situations that may never. work number six is where his needs for. physical affection are very different. from your own needs of physical. affection and that could be two ways one. where he wants to touch you all the time. even in ways that feel weird and. inappropriate especially in front of. other people or the opposite which is. pretty common which is where you want. closeness and physical affection you. want to hold hands and you want him to. look you in the eye and you want to make. love and you and he has a more.

Standoffish type of physical affection. towards you even if he’s intelligent. agent even if he’s smart even if he’s. compatible with the other ways this area. is so significant that marriages will. break as a result of it relationships. that seem to have so many things in. common will end as a result of a varying. style of physical function so if you’re. with someone that you’ve communicated. your needs with that you’ve expressed. what you want and need which is. important because if you’re not. expressing what you want to leave then. he’s not a mind reader but when you. express what you want and need and it. seems to be such a hard effort on his. part to actually fulfill that this is. one that I would urge you to save. yourself from years of pain if that. physical affection part cannot coexist. in a way that’s healthy if you feel like.

You really have to Crave his attention. his affection then this is one of those. that will hurt your mindset will hurt. your selfesteem and will hurt your. level of wellbeing for years to come I. hope these are helpful useful and. insightful if you like this video and. you want to learn what is my strategy to. help you to create the connection that. you want then I create a free training. for you that you can click on the first. link right now start watching that right. away and it’s going to show you how you. can attract better quality management. development conscious dating strategy. that actually works in 2022 and Beyond. if you enjoyed this video click like and. thumbs up subscribe to my channel. and be notified of new episodes when. they come out last but not least if. you’re watching my video you’ve done the.

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