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Like the migraine like when i did that. last one i felt it like a rock hit me in. the head like a life. see that’s why i’m afraid to drink i’m. afraid i’ll end up like a really angry. drunk person. why are you filming this just trying to. shop i don’t want to go to jail. you’re a puppy boy make your daddy talk. you’re 31.. hey you ain’t going to jail anybody. have to talk about drunken disorderly. no. i’ll get you out of here before you got. like this. girl drink this i’m older than you i’m. older than you. how old are you. i’m 30 years older than me. i’m older than all of you i’m the. youngest dad. do it anymore okay oh no that’s why i. only took it. it’s all really too far. as well. go to sleep. we gonna make sure you i will tell you. what happens is. uh. so it basically was like a centralized. migraine it was always like right in the.

Middle of the skull. and um i get migraines anyways. so if you’ve ever walked into a freshly. freshly disinfected high school bathroom. tasted that way. we’ve had the same thing the entire time. mako did you drive him. oh yeah i can’t i have a phobia i can’t. get from the wheel i’d rather get in. animal to drive a car. you can drink. the rest of that whole picture. there it is yeah look there’s like it. tastes like cream fluid. compared. i know i’m a lightweight i know i’m in. lightweight trust me you don’t i don’t. i’m not going to get insulted i do not. when i tell people to drink i mean i do. not you said clean it over here. you don’t believe in wasting alcohol. you’re not going to tell your parents. what you’re doing right. of course not okay. don’t post that on facebook don’t kill. me i’m not putting this on facebook.

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Denver oh there it is. this one this is different because the. alcohol tastes a little bit there is way. later. i got a light on my phone i’m glad oh my. god okay i’ll be right back. yeah and besides you know how much. change you know how many dollars worth. of pennies americans throw away every. year it’s like over two million dollars. worth of payments instead of dollars at. the strip club you’re throwing nickels. and pennies. wait is this another one that’s the last. one no it’s not dollars is this two cups. yeah. it’s not that it’s the it’s like the. taste kind of hits different every time. does that make any sense i don’t know. how you taste that one that’s. like. why is that prince crash and i was like. i’m not doing it. why is that you’re going to get a vast. check to me even ever drive as far. you’re not going to need one vasectomy.

Denver i know at the rate you’re going i. know i’m going to become i’m not going. to become a uh. i told my parents for five years i. wanted winona ryder for christmas i. don’t get along with my you want to work. winona writer the actress yeah you say. you don’t get along with women your age. most of the time i want you they want. they don’t like me very much. do you like them younger or older. typically older but most of my friends. are younger than me so that’s the weird. thing are you on any like dating sites i. was and that kind of flew back in my. face well you should go on bumble i. think so sorry to do that the girl has. to make the first moon in that one. like you guys like bumbling everybody. makes a profile and then but the girl. has to make the first move get the . outta here. she’d be a good wing woman she knows.

Stuff man that’d be good yeah i mean you. should download it that’s actually. really funny i notice. women sounds like a girl with my female. friends. i don’t need to do that man. what you gave. i don’t think that’s a good idea i. already had my heart broken once this. year i don’t know. okay man let me tell you you got. something in your hair denver you got. like a piece of buzz when you got the. right one you know you got the right one. i thought i had the right one for. different times this year everything. before that man i’m a cynic. you use that when you have sex you don’t. know then. don’t confuse them. don’t confuse don’t listen you thought. you knew and you did you’re wrong. he’s 31. i know and i’m not saying he shouldn’t. have sex with any girl. if you let this man become a 40 year old. virgin you’ll fail him as a friend.

Exactly. i’m just saying you haven’t you lose my. virginity. because i got a better chance that. hooking up yeah. put your damn phone down over the damn. app she told you to do it. hey we’ll take a picture of you right. now if not i use one of the ones i got. on my phone. pictures of this man just download the. photo editor. download a photo editor and what you do. is put them in a toaster some type of. nice clothing all right give me live. dude give them a six pack of your. polos. i look like a lesbian in every picture. i’ve ever taken i do i look bad i get. bad haircut and i look like our i look. like our old librarian. wow if he wasn’t asked for your number. right now no i just mean. we had a librarian that we called uh. shelton john because she was like this. tall and she had the elton john haircut. she should help.

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Oh yeah for sure i’ll help him pick out. a picture. and i don’t have that many pictures of. myself either because i look like a girl. in most people let me take a picture of. you right now hey that might actually. work in your favor. you guys i mean i like it it’s exciting. but it’s like it’s like a roller coaster. it’s exciting it’s very intimidating. it’s not intimidating it’s not like that. are you doing over the years. it’s perfect. for a while i didn’t decide. what’s. thank you for pointing that out. actually lady told me i looked. a lot of 80s honey i shrunk the kids um. yeah yeah yeah. where’s the app store it’s right there. it’s downloading right now man oh it is. downloading no the app itself is. downloaded hey look y’all don’t laugh at. him because i accidentally deleted my. apps off my iphone yeah my phone.

I got accused of packing. when i had to enjoy it. i had the call i literally had to call. out a picture with her as your profile. picture. it shows that you’re going to with one. as well that was [ __ ] and she. was pretty hot though that’s what this. sucker is. you got to look at her eyes. i’d usually do the first of all. you like girls. women in general yes. when you say girls it sounds kind of. pedophilic you like women. right now that’s the problem. so you want to lose your virginity so. the very going to do with the rest of. your life. right. this is this is not a lifetime movie. denver i’m going to tell you right now. you mean hallmark lifetime movies when. they try to cut your dick off. i’m good with women my buddies are going. again. you know like i like you so you know i’m. more than willing to help you. keep running these women.

She had like shaved head. you know. you know what i was here. why did you say michael jordan. you never heard that before. i know that people say well i mean it. passed away kobe bryant yeah people. would say kobe when they took a shot. yeah. sorry i don’t watch basketball i didn’t. like the lakers i watched skateboarding. and i used to watch wrestling that was. it horse race. margarita might be a drink. but that didn’t taste like was that a. margarita yes i thought it was a slushie. no i mean i thought this is true. yeah and. i’m gonna think of margarita isn’t that. the green thing they’re usually kind of. green they’re typically green with salt. around them they look like they’re not. typical. when i see in fact i was reading about. the double 07 martini today like i was. watching a video about. the what’s the vodka martini with.

Did you just get on with the story. vermouth or something in it. and it was it looks like water it just. looks like really well. here like i’m sticky buzz. nope. i don’t have a migraine yet either but i. think it’ll hit pretty soon. like get your ass off though man look. you gonna do any more shots up. one night i watched my phone. i was working that little season hey. give me a phone and i was doing the bank. still help them don’t stop looking at my. pictures. what do you have in here porn. really can you be more specific hey bro. i know which side you go through i use. it all the time. yeah. i’m just saying. i just had a kid i gotta say hey denver. do you want to continue with facebook. give me that thing i’m telling. oh. so. originally i got it for my old lady. but it can double as something for us. too and it’s the.

Rose. it’s it’s literally like a rose. you like eating rabbits in your backyard. give me a like machine when it’s that. time of the month or she just don’t feel. like it i’m telling you. it should work. that way when i hit it the smoke goes. out. you drive the truck. is. hold on let me guess let me guess let me. guess sixth grade. that’s just great. man i was 12th grade i got oral in sixth. grade oh god i’m going to say you were. 15. i got oil in there. yeah when you pull one yeah. close. i got all the eighth grade. word like who would you january. oh. she was a fat she rubbed off his. teeth. we both rap to her and see who does. better. right now no what the please do. that would be terrible. again never oh i mean i got some good. ones. if i come here how’s it coming. you know what i just thought about i. gotta ask you have y’all ever been a.

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