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Colorado may be a beautiful state. however in recent times it’s been known. to be a terrible place for dating and. finding love specifically in Denver so I. decided to do a social experiment to see. what people would say about dating and. socializing here in Denver but before I. jump into that I want to thank the great. love debate for inviting me to be a. panelist on their show so what is the. great love debate in every city that. they visited they line up five or six. celebrities athletes authors dating. coaches media personalities influencers. who have a grasp of the social and. single landscape in that city I wanted. to take it up a notch and interview. strangers to see how it is to actually. date and socialize here in Denver not. everyone was single but everyone had. their own perspective on socializing and.

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This is what they said you guys hear. that Denver is rated the worst city for. dating and finding love well thank you. so much Philippe Philippe Denver is the. worst city to date in the US. yeah exactly and so he’s not single so. if we ladies are looking for someone. he’s not available. how’s it going guys Cheers and so we’re. we’re talking about how to be more. social and the reason I wanted to. interview him was because you told me a. really cool story which is how you begin. to overcome a lot of these social. anxiety in which on the zoomit everyone. has it yeah I mean I’m still working on. it yeah so tell me so how did you feel. when when I started talking to you guys. I mean I felt I felt this weird I mean. you know we talked about it a little bit. there’s a bit of us we just have no man. there’s like applause yeah for me like.

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Where I came from where I grew up right. you don’t just talk to me just don’t I’m. real introversion so yeah which I. wouldn’t come yes my home that’s crazy. that’s crazy cuz. I go into situations and I feel the. anxiety yeah I think you I grew up where. you’re supposed to be okay with them you. know you’re not supposed to have anxiety. you’re not supposed to be scared you’re. not supposed to be afraid of anything. right really I always have like this. element of. embarrassment behind them Oh to talk. about it right oh yeah yes you know. you’re a tall black dude you’ve already. come ashore. no I don’t I it’s an ending note I do. want to mention a few things that I I. think I fine with with most people in. general just not just in Denver but I. think it’s you know it’s so important. nowadays to really connect in person.

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With people and I don’t mean just family. or friends but I mean even strangers to. strike up a conversation I would. encourage you and I would invite you to. start conversations with strangers more. often you’d be surprised about how what. you find out with people in fact I. connect it with very well with some of. the people that I interview on camera. and so you never know who you’re gonna. meet when it comes to socializing and. connecting with people and that goes. handin-hand with dating that goes. handin-hand with absolutely everything. in line so I would say step out of your. comfort zone really take the plunge into. meeting people on a regular basis lastly. I do want to mention that the new. confidence effect course has been. released there’s a link on the bottom of. this video check it out if you’re. looking to boost your confidence if.

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