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And i quote denver is actively getting. worse at dating and relationships. denver men question mark the epicenter. of. bad bro culture bearded unkempt. and disinterested content to lead an. existence built around. pot porn and playstation all washed down. with an overrated craft beer. the city’s women are equally part of the. problem. convincing themselves that their. confused style of nose rings. bad tattoos and lululemon make them too. edgy to relate. spending all waking hours at a. coworking. cafe guilty plotting their conscious. coaching empire and. loudly declaring themselves too. important. to date. period. welcome back everyone and thank you so. much for tuning in my name is broker. guyan and today. we are gonna talk about the tragedies of. dating. in denver in 2017 and 2019. denver was named actually the worst city.

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For dating. um this comes from the great love debate. podcast by brian howie the podcast study. showed that after evaluating more than a. hundred thousand men and women. that denver daters ranked the lowest. among. communication style confidence. and enthusiasm these are not my words. but honestly. i couldn’t have said it better myself. there is something in the denver dating. air. and it’s stinky picture yourself on a. dating app. you are swiping right and you see this. cutie patootie. okay he looks like he has a job maybe a. car preferably one too many pictures of. him. camping but we’re trying to look past it. okay. we’re we’re in denver now things are. different okay everyone loves the. outdoors here right so. you get in your car you go on a date. you’re sitting there and suddenly you’re. actually counting down the minutes to.

When this date. would be over the problem i have with. dating in denver is 100. the problem my dates have with me we are. too wrapped up. in our careers in our entrepreneurial. lifestyles that we don’t even want to. think about how we could even give a. couple. hours of our day to somebody that’s. not bringing us business and nothing is. guaranteed. what that’s not something we do there. are. a lot of young professionals in denver. okay. about 25 of the population is made up of. millennials. now me being the youngest of the. millennials i don’t want to set the bar. too high but i’m not really sitting at. home with my legs crossed waiting for. prince charming to pull up in his. mustang and. drive away into the sunset i am prince. charming. and brian always right i am part of the. problem i do wear too much lululemon. and work too much at coworking cafes.

Talking about building my empire. and if you know me you know that’s. literally all i do all i know is. in this city filled with a bunch of. young entrepreneurs that are kind of. in denver to build themselves and grow. as i am. you know there’s such a high standard. that we set for ourselves. and whenever we don’t see that. reciprocated i think we just tend to. pull back. and walk away because it’s kind of like. a waste of our time right that’s what. we’re. taught and raised to think as. quoteunquote entrepreneurs. time is valuable so don’t waste my time. so i ask you howie where can i go. texas wisconsin. idaho where is the solution. to my tragic dating life. tell me howie if you’re watching this. video because you want to move to denver. well just know that the dating scene is. mediocre. and i’m not just saying that i think.

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A lot of people can vouch for that it’s. kind of a struggle you know but it’s. okay. because it’s a great place for business. this is where you come to focus and to. grow. and to learn how to spend your time more. wisely and you will meet a bunch of. people that will waste your time and. you’ll have fun with and that’s kind of. what life is right you’re supposed to do. that here’s the way i see it the. loneliest people in colorado are those. that prefer to be indoors. than outdoors anybody that lives in. denver and watches this is like probably. gonna hate me but that’s okay. and that is that everyone thank you so. much for watching i hope you found this. video useful or. like maybe slightly relatable if you’re. dating in denver and you think it’s a. struggle. i really am curious like if you could. just comment like.

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