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Hi this is dr. Wilfred of your weekly. Denver dating dish so this week we’re. going to briefly touch on false intimacy. so if you’ve ever been on a first or. second date where you just click with. the person you tell each other these. really deep things you feel like oh my. gosh this person gets me I’ve told them. things I never tell anyone else this. just must be an amazing connection and. then it ends up that things go wonky and. the relationship ends up not working out. maybe a couple things going on for them. and for you so they may have no. boundaries and this is really. problematic you need to have boundaries. boundaries are healthy because if they. don’t have boundaries they’re probably. not gonna respect yours. so it might feel like they’re pushing. your time boundaries your intimacy. boundaries. you’re dating boundaries because they.

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Don’t have any of their own so they. don’t know how to set and structure. boundaries or respect them you might. also feel like there’s a swinging door. boundary so they were very open with you. very honest you felt a connection and. then I’ll suddenly feel like it’s shuts. closed they stop talk to you for a while. they are like really closed off I think. there might be an hour time open box up. but you’re really confuse on the. boundaries there and what it can mean. and then you start questioning yourself. like did I do somethin did I say. something and really it’s that swinging. door boundary for you it might feel like. you have a little bit of a vulnerability. hangover that next day so you might end. up feeling like Anna spiral like oh my. gosh I told them all those things were. they gonna think about me and people.

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