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In tonight’s 1015 difference Denver is. the best city in America to be single. each year Forbes magazine comes up with. its list of the best places for single. people to live and then verse number one. for the third year in a row but if this. is such a great place for singles why. there’s still so many people here who. just can’t seem to meet someone special. I haven’t been on a date in like three. years. I thought needs they come shooting out. my feet even is the best city for. singles it’s tough out there I want to. settle down I’m looking at the kids in. the next three years but I haven’t found. that woman if you’ve tried your best to. step at the Stampede or a sexy bull ride. and still haven’t gotten the attention. you’re looking for what can you do meet. the master Matt bush Paco has devoted. his life to studying what it takes to.

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Attract the opposite sex you have to. approach you absolutely have to approach. you could save Matt’s written the book. on dating beautiful women in fact he has. he’s also formed a club called Denver. pickup artist what’s he learned it takes. guts you have zero chance of meeting a. woman that you really enjoy and you. really want to have in your life if you. don’t approach and you have infinitely. more possibilities of meeting that woman. if. ladies the same goes for you happen. magazines Janet sirota says most women. could benefit from being bolder women. tend to be very very subtle if they’re. interested in a guy and we’d say go. ahead and let him know don’t just sort. of hang around and make excuses ask him. out for coffee we’ve got to take a few. risk okay but there’s a catch the. experts say you have to show you’re.

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