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Delaware Dating it had like little

What is up my beautiful people welcome. back to the 5850 states podcast this is. episode 27 and this is exciting you guys. because we are on date 25 of 50. officially halfway done with my dates. now in delaware where i will be talking. on this podcast episode with my delaware. date lexi we will be having her on but. it’s exciting guys halfway done through. my journey. and man i remember at this point it was. it was really cool i remember i posted a. viral tick tock uh along the road when i. when i uh was at this point i remember i. posted something like about a year ago. and me on my 25th date and it went. really well uh but i remember it just it. was a weird feeling i’m like man i still. have 25 left like it was crazy i still. had basically the whole east coast to. finish up because i was in delaware i. was just kind of hitting that east coast.

Like the north east coast i should say. and uh it was just this kind of a. surreal feeling i’m like man like what. am i doing that was like my thought. press i’m like. what am i doing right now i’m traveling. around checking in out of hotels going. on dates living it up having all these. fun experiences like this is the life. and i just knew i couldn’t take it for. granted so it was really cool feeling um. but that is that’s how i felt with the. 25th date and this is obviously the 25th. it’s not the 25th episode because we. have some others in there this is. episode 27 but. uh yeah we’re talking about my 25th date. in delaware and so me and uh lexi like. he’s an awesome date of mind we had a. lot of fun in del oro we bar hopped at. all kinds of different places and we. talked about all the things we did in um. or when i bring her on the podcast so i.

Won’t get too in the weeds of it myself. um some things that happened to me in. delaware aside from that is i did get a. story done on me in their like online. paper on the online article. uh talking about me and my journey and. what me and my date did in delaware and. how uh it went from this virtual dating. side because of covet to on the road and. so they did a story on me with that. which is linked to my website if you. guys want to check that at all and then. also delaware was actually going to be. my 26th state and date but i actually. had to move some things because maryland. was supposed to be 25 delaware is. supposed to be 26 but maryland was such. a hassle for me to try and get a date. for. so i literally had to just like leave. maryland go to delaware and then come. back to maryland after delaware and and.

Be like okay i have you know my last. shot here a couple days i got before i. head to new york or where yeah before i. head to new york i’m like i gotta make. this work and so um yeah so that was. kind of a little mix up there but was. able to make it work was able to go on. my deck date with lexi which uh we had a. really fun time and uh let’s let’s bring. her on right now to talk about our our. experience so here we go. all right ladies and gentlemen now on. the podcast is my 25th date halfway done. we are now talking to lexi from delaware. lexi what’s up. hello. thank you for having me. oh absolutely how are you how was your. summer. good i had a great summer i live at the. beach so delaware beaches is nice how. was your summer. it was it was good it went uh it went. quick oh i when you say you live at the. beach.

Do you live in that new place that you. showed me when i was down there. i. know so that apartment ended up not. working out. oh okay. so we actually moved to a different. place. gotcha okay is it just it’s just you or. do you have a couple roommates. so. i didn’t think i was going back to. school. and i’m back in school okay. at mom’s house now which sucks. no i actually love it i’m being i’m. being she treats me like a princess and. i love it but i went from like the beach. life to like home. okay sweet hey that’s that hey that’s. all right i i’m i’m with you i kind of. went from i went from like this. traveling around the us going on dates. and traveling everywhere to back home so. it’s it’s definitely an adjustment for. me as well. how’s your transition is yours like. because you’re used to like eating out. every day you’re used to like.

Hotel stays and like fanciness. i have fancy fanciness it’s definitely a. uh it’s definitely an adjustment that’s. for sure i was at towards the end i was. definitely ready to. be back like i was like okay i need to. get back get back into rotation i was. tired of eating out and driving. everywhere like at the very end and i’m. like but now i’m like oh i want to get. back on the road type thing so. that’s okay you want to get you’re ready. to get back on the road. oh 100 100 and i’m playing in a season. two so i gotta like there’s a lot of. things on the drawing board with that. which is which is good so that’s good. that’s really cool but i mean me and you. had a had a lot of fun in delaware and. you showed me an awesome time we hopped. around to a bunch of different spots we. started at that place which was really.

Cool and had like that outdoor. area that we sat and what was that place. called. the crooked the what. the brewery it was it was super cool and. it was awesome because like the outside. area it was like it was it had like the. it was like a uh i don’t know had like a. turf green type. feel to it and it had like little chairs. you could sit in and did it have like. fire pits or anything i can’t remember. yes it had fire pits and it has like a. tent inside so like if you want to sit. outside but you still want the inside. feel you have that they have like a. really cool bar where you can like sit. at high tops they have everything like. that place is so cool but the bucket. that’s my favorite thing to get there. yeah and what and you could you could. you get like anything in a bucket is. that what it was. so. we kind of got the vip treatment we did.

So typically no but i think you got. it was either long island or a crown. apple pineapple. it was the crown it was okay and the big. bucket yeah yeah yeah and what did you. have. the blue drink. the blue drink what was that. it’s the bartender thing. i’m just like i want the blue one. yeah i don’t know honestly. okay gotcha and who was who was our. server he was a chill dude. he’s dakota he’s really. he’s actually a bartender too but you. guys got that really cool picture next. to each other like with the truck yep. yep that was that was sweet that we got. that right before we left and we went to. our next place which was starboard. correct. okay yeah yeah we left right there we. had to do in starboard yep and that was. really cool what’s there what’s the. signature drink there that we had that. you that’s like super iconic that we had.

To get. the. bull shark. yeah. the red bull and vodka and. all nonsense would you say to that you. had a funny saying. what did i when you finish your drink. what did you say oh my goodness i don’t. know what. was it was it a cheers or was it uh. i’m about to look it up. i remember we did didn’t we do like a. scoop and hammer i thought we did that. there oh that’s little. yes the scoop and hammer oh you gotta. love it. yes that’s the first time i was. introduced into that. oh yeah and for any and for anybody. listening what a scoop and hammer is. basically if you have any sort of a. cocktail you just dip your hand into it. scoop out all the ice and then chug the. drink that’s that’s like what montana. people do all the time so i’m glad i. could bring a little bit of that spice. to uh to delaware there that’s funny. yeah right and then and then we had some.

We had some crab dip there too right. oh yeah the crab dip was so good. was super bad. honestly i know when i was like when i. was thinking about what we did there i. was like we had we had something and i. was like oh we had crab dip and oh my. gosh that made me so hungry i was like i. need some because seafood by by the. coast out there is super good. oh yeah and we grab everything but um. our diet was crab dip any fruit in our. cocktails and gummies that day that’s. what we ate that you’re you’re 100 right. that was our complete diet of the day. and i remember so many people like. before i got to delaware and after i was. in delaware so many people were like you. have to go to starboard i hope you went. to starboard make sure you go to like. it’s like such an iconic place why is. that. so um dewey is like the party.

Town of the beaches so we have like a. lot of familyfriendly places and then. you have the party town which is dewey. and then starboard starbuck is just epic. like. you just can’t hate on starboard like. it’s just bad bad karma. gotcha okay okay well yeah dewey was. definitely a pop in place like it looked. it looked really cool and i really. enjoyed it and then we went to the. boardwalk area right where they there’s. all these kinds of different shops and. bars and and and things like that and. and you went to well we went into a uh. you got something for your dog somewhere. i remember. oh yeah i got london like a bone or. something. yeah that that’s right yeah dog loved it. that’s what that place was called candy. kitchen yes candy kitchen and that place. is iconic here too like if you go to. like ocean city or you come to delaware.

Like you have to get candy kitchen okay. gotcha and candy kitchen that place like. yeah that was super good and i remember. you were like you were like what do you. want i was like oh i don’t really care. and then you were like oh let’s just get. a bunch we just got all kinds of random. stuff when you’re kind of picking we’re. kind of picking all kinds of stuff and. then we got those freaking. hot jelly beans. oh my gosh gross those weren’t hot they. were just gross they were gross and no. you were a champ because when we were. taste testing these candies like you. were eating them like a badass and i was. like i can’t handle the heat. like well i think i got something less. than you did though i think you got. something like spicy spicy no but then i. but then you were i was like oh because. then i was i was trying to like i was.

Like oh you probably just didn’t have. that spicy one but then i remember i. gave you the exact one i had you ate it. you didn’t even make a face you were. like yeah. i remember them being really gross but i. didn’t think they were like. they were yeah they were so terrible. literally like i wanted to just spit. those out as soon as i had them like oh. oh it’s so. right but the sharks were bomb. yeah oh yeah. because i love the sharks we got the. little pizza one too remember it was so. cute. the pizza one the pizza gummy yeah it. was like. it was like a little piece of um it was. a gummy. it was like one of those pizza gum. was cute super super good we got we got. something like covered in chocolate do. you remember what that was. yeah oh it was the swedish fish. we had a chocolate covered swedish fish. yeah. that’s baller i forgot what that tastes.

Like but i feel like it was super oh. yeah that’s right yeah we did yeah that. was so oh. heck yeah. big fan one thing i was super impressed. with lexi is i feel like you knew like. everyone i feel like you just knew like. that whole town or that whole state. um. i feel like uh delaware is a small state. and you either like you know you just. once you make a connection it just it’s. a spider web. god so. i just. yeah because a lot of people um actually. ask about you in delaware can you. believe that that you’re you’re kind of. a celebrity here. um they’ll say they’ll be like oh my god. i remember when you brought him here how. is he they actually uh some people think. that we date that like we actually date. and they’re like oh that’s hilarious. so yeah that’s i think it’s cute i’m. like yeah he’s doing great i totally.

Delaware Dating on and being

Lied to him like yeah he’s great that’s. so funny well yeah i just feel like. every place we went in it was like it. was like oh hey brad oh hey chad how we. doing oh victoria what’s up oh it was. just like it was like everywhere i was. like i was like this is this is cool. like you you know people and like. connections and and serving us and. things like that so that that was. something that was really cool i i felt. and then we uh then now you can come. back if you know who you are. oh yeah oh yeah exactly well you did say. that there was a group at the end of the. night kind of surrounding us like. watching us because they heard that. because like you and i said like i hit. some sort of milestone or something and. i can’t remember what it was i want to. say it was like maybe i hit because i. mean you were my 25th date so i was.

Officially halfway done and maybe i hit. like 200 000 followers or something i’m. not sure like i. that’s like the closest thing. yeah. and that’s the closest thing i can think. of what it was but we did shots with. like a couple people because of that. we’re like oh my god we hit this like uh. so. once people kind of realize that like. oh my god like who is this and then. we’re like oh 50 states 50 dates and. just talking about it and we were really. socializing with just like the guests. there at that venue we were at so like. everybody kind of started like at the. end of the night i kind of felt like it. was awkward i felt like me and you were. here and there’s two exit ways out and. there was just people like down them. like kind of just like staring like what. is going on and i’m just like hello. that’s that’s hilarious that’s that’s so.

We had a little we had a little. paparazzi we were the popular crew in. town i seriously like i had i had a lot. of fun and i had no idea what to expect. in delaware because it’s like literally. before i helped out the podcast you you. will hands down be the only state i did. this for but i literally looked at the. map again and i was like where is. delaware again like how is it because. because it’s just like it was so oddly. placed like in how i had to drive. because i remember i had to backtrack a. little i like had to go to i had to go. to you and then i had to go back to. maryland because marilyn was being such. a pain in the pain in the ass for me to. get a date and so i remember it was like. it was so weird um getting over there. and everything and positioning it but i. had a i had a lot of fun i thought.

Delaware was really cool and it was. popping and it was lively and so i i. don’t know i that’s that’s how i felt. about it how did you think it all went. the date the day was fun i i thank you. um i think you are right and i did take. you to a lot of places like that i. do know people at so i feel like if you. did have a different date you would have. had a completely different experience um. maybe you would have dated someone from. up north and you guys wouldn’t have gone. to the beach but i’m such a beach girl. that i was like we have to go to the. beach and i live at the beach. so you could have went somewhere like. more like metro. versus because delaware is kind of like. beaches and then in the middle is like. um. the state capital which is dover and. then everything up north is like all. businesses and like restaurants and.

Stuff. so. i think it was fun i mean like i think. our date was very casual very laid back. but you could do that like on a tuesday. and be okay. oh 100 100 how have you felt like being. part of this since the very beginning. being one of my virtual dates to now on. the podcast to being involved in like. the group chats and all the other girls. and stuff like how has it felt for you. to be the delaware date in 50 days 50. states. um so. i’m delaware and no one knows where. delaware is no one knows what we do in. delaware like i i look at our group. chats and stuff and the girls are doing. such fun things and they have such fun. clubs and stuff to go to and i’m just. sitting there like. okay. that’s fun. you know what i mean you got to give. yourself some credit i had i had a lot. of fun and i thought like it was cool.

Like it was like cool how we went to. these different spots that had like. these different aesthetics and like. settings to them it wasn’t just like oh. me and you went bar hopping with your. friends and we went to like and we. stayed in the same bar all day or we. went to like two bars and just like like. i don’t know like you showed me these. different places and around the town and. the beach and i thought that like i i. thought it was eventful and i thought it. was really fun i liked it you got to. give yourself more kudos. yeah and like the places i took you to i. did take you to like my personal. favorite spots like. crooked hammock like have a drink set in. the sun like have a little fire pit like. it’s so adorable and then even going to. starboard like that’s an iconic place. like i told you like you have to go to.

Starboard we have to drink at starboard. that’s fun even though we didn’t really. experience the night aspect of it you. gotta come one time like there’s a band. at starboard everywhere is that people’s. fake ids that people have taken over. that’s hilarious. are just covered. in fake ids you we go to purple parrot. and the walls are just covered in one. dollar bills. yeah no 100 and i thought that was a. really cool setup like that alley and. everything like the little bar window. and like the tables and like i thought. that was just super neat how it was all. how it was all aligned that was and you. could just like walk in from off the. street and just like go there it was. sweet yeah and delaware because the. cocoon uh. to go cubs. or to go drinks to go cocktails are. legal so that’s why. everywhere we go we could have gotten a.

Drink to go. yep yeah that’s that’s so awesome. because there’s literally only like. three or four places like that in the. whole us that like you can have to go. drink so sweet that i’m glad you brought. that up i forgot about that that’s sweet. that delaware is is one of them and and. another thing that uh obviously i was. saying you got to give yourself or i. want to give you kudos for our date and. everything but i also want to give you. huge kudos because i feel like this is. very overlooked and i like don’t bring. this up at all but uh when. in the initial phases of the whole 50. dates thing when all the girls were. getting into the group chat. lexi you handled like that whole 50 uh. like all of you guys are changing. sweatshirts like all my dates exchange. sweatshirts and you were like the you. were like the boss lady behind that you.

Like you were like organizing it and. like helping out the new girls who. joined and stuff like i felt like you. were you were like controlled that whole. thing which was so cool i give you like. mad props for that. it was cool because i got to like other. than the new girls so like the girls. that you’ve recently added since the. trip i obviously like if i’ve talked to. them. i bet they’re beautiful and gorgeous but. like every girl is beautiful and. gorgeous in their own way and getting. even like hey what’s your birthday oh my. god you’re a capricorn no way i love. capricorns okay what’s your address look. like like even those small interactions. i had with them because it’s 50 girls. like i i personally do not want to talk. to 50 girls every day yeah um but like. the small interactions i had of like. organizing that i like everyone making.

Like tick tocks and like being cute and. just even like just personally like when. i got it like just opening the package. and being like oh my god i got a. sweatshirt and wearing it and we like. look look i got um oh i got nevada and i. got a really pretty gray sweatshirt that. i love so thank you to the nevada date. for my sweatshirt because i love it nice. all right cool that’s sweet yeah i just. remember like. no no because i remember i remember you. asked me you asked me you were like hey. did you want to be part of this at all. and i was like no that’s like it’s a. girl thing you guys do all that. because i was i was like i’m the one. going on dates you guys could do the. sweatshirts i’ll let that be a girl. thing. so that was that was really cool i. thought and and i just thought yeah you. like handled it well and i remember i.

Think like my california date i think my. california date sammy she was like new. uh getting thrown in like right when you. guys were kind of finishing that up but. i remember like you were so nice and you. just were like oh hey i’ll help you out. and you just immediately like i don’t. know just you’re so nice about it i just. with her and i was like all right i was. like i can figure it out like i’ll get. mine later she’ll get hers earlier like. it works like i was like when you’re. when you’re organizing all of that it’s. so easy especially when you’re into it. just be like all right i can get mine. later like make sure her like you know i. wanted everyone to get their stuff and i. felt so bad like for like shipping and. like the time quote and stuff like if. you didn’t get your sweatshirt i was. literally like on the phone with you.

Like i’m sorry i’m so sorry like yeah i. felt so bad. yeah well that’s no it’s just. it’s so cool that you were able to do. that yeah all right so matt what is your. uh like sign i don’t think we asked this. what’s your sign it’s your birthday. uh. october 12th. i don’t know what that is my libra. it is in like two weeks. thank you early birthday. thank you so much. aquarius. so. do libras and aquariuses mesh. you are most compatible with gemini’s. leos sagittarius and aquariuses oh so we. are compatible let’s go let’s go we’re. dating we are compatible. nice look at us and this is also from. google so like i could always be wrong. this is just like a google like i. promise. you made it sound like you were reading. out of like this. like this like bible or something and. then you’re like oh this is just a. google search by the way i love that i.

Absolutely love that and i appreciate. you taking time out of your busy day to. hop on the podcast today and and also. like i was being a pain trying to figure. it all out and i was like oh lexi can we. move it to this can we do this can we do. this and so thank you for working with. my schedule and hopping. no because i was texting you back and. i’m like no i can’t do this time can you. make it do this time no i i can’t do. this and i was like he’s gonna hate me. oh no absolutely i hate you i couldn’t. hate you. i’m sorry it wasn’t that deep. no yeah could you imagine you’re like. like candy and reschedule i hate you. just never talk to me ever again i hate. you if you ever text me something to. reschedule again i’m just going to text. you i hate you but yeah what time i love. it perfect that’s that’s our inside joke.

That’s good love that well thank you. thank you again lexi for hopping on and. uh keep in touch and everything and i’m. sure we will uh we will chat soon all. right. all right thank you awesome see you. thank you so much for helping on the. podcast lexi it’s always a pleasure. talking to you it’s me and you can. literally just talk for days and i. absolutely love it so thanks for hopping. on and being part of this journey with. me that is going to do it you guys for. episode 27 on the 50 days 50 states pod. make sure to stay tuned for next episode. which will be episode 28 where i will be. talking uh about my maryland experience. which like i said was super hard to get. a date for and all that good jazz so. i’ll be talking about that uh on the. next episode and uh stay tuned for the. upcoming promotion happening soon i.

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