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Joe and olga were a handsome wealthy. couple. who had been husband and wife for a. little more than three months. they went to the caribbean and got. married like on a beach. and honeymoon there it was wonderful. never. imagining that when they promised to. love each other till death do them part. that they were destined to share just. 107 days of wedded bliss. together he was so happy with her and. she was happy with him. the attraction had been instant after. joe and olga both in their 30s. met at an online dating site it really. hit it off. it was a real love affair right from the. start. from everybody’s accounts they said they. were completely in love. it was apparent the two were well. matched and similar in many ways. both of them well liked for their. friendly vibrant personalities. and lust for life the rest of joe’s.

Family also highly. approved a volga he took her over to his. house introduced her to his mother and. she could see. just how happy both of them were. joe a confirmed bachelor knew olga was. the woman he never thought he’d meet. and he worshipped the elegant. russianborn blonde who’d been briefly. married. once before that was legitimately the. love of his life. his world revolved around her if you. were disrespectful to her you were no. longer part of his life. and during their short time together joe. and olga enjoyed a dream life. indulging their love of boating deep sea. fishing and lavish vacations in exotic. locations they traveled a lot they loved. fine dining buying. caviar whatever russian delicacies she. really liked. joe lavishing every luxury his money. could buy on his new brine. including a 100 000 mercedes.

It was a really beautiful convertible so. they went in style. but joe could afford it as the coowner. of a booming upscale auto repair. business. it did like a million dollars a year and. it would only been around for a couple. years. olga a onetime stocks trader could take. a great deal of credit for the success. of the operation olga was a part of the. shop she worked there. she was a big part so when people walked. into that shop. they were greeted by this very. attractive blonde russian woman. with an accent who was super nice super. friendly super personable. joe and olga had good reason to be. excited about their future together. they were planning to start a family but. olga. and joe wouldn’t get the chance to be. mom and pop. both their lives about to be suddenly. snuffed out on the very night they’re. celebrating olga’s 39th birthday.

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At a local night spot where the love. struck couple share. what will turn out to be literally their. last dance. they had stayed to dance some more and. have another drink. then head home to a date with fate. according to investigators the couple. parked in this area. they retrieved their mail from this spot. and then they walked. right down this sidewalk to their. building and. ultimately their death newcastle county. 91-1. at 1 43 a.m the county police department. is getting multiple calls from neighbors. shaken from their sleep. by the sound of gunfire i just heard. arguments and the last thing i heard was. what that and then. three gunshots another tenant in their. paladin club condo complex. can see olga lying on the ground outside. her door. obviously she’s hurt okay a lot all over. her face and a third neighbor calls from.

Her side. i think she’s cautious but she’s pretty. weak okay is she able to talk at all. she might she might i’m not sure. now other residents have also come to. olga’s aid. is she still breathing i think she’s. bleeding but she’s in trouble. okay we’re almost there just i just want. you to keep her comfortable. and just make sure she’s still breathing. okay she’s. laying on the ground she has blood all. over her body. and comps arrive at the newlyweds condo. to find a critically wounded ogre lying. motionless. in a pool of blood but still alive. when i arrived the medics were on scene. and they were down here. working on olga corporal kelly richards. was the first police officer. at the crime scene she was breathing but. she was struggling. what maybe would be described as agonal. type breaths she was fighting for her.

Life. from a bullet to the head she had a. gunshot wound to the cheek and would. appear to be possibly exit wound. out the back of the head. and while medics are trying to keep olga. alive police make another. shocking discovery we have a second. victim in the bushes here. a white male multiple gunshot wounds. finding olga’s new husband joe lying. dead in a remote corner. of the front garden his body was lying. face down on the ground. he was positioned approximately right. here. he had several gunshot wounds to the. torso area. one apparent gunshot wound to the back. of the head. his head was actually laying in his hand. and he had his. hand out holding a cell phone corporal. richards was hoping olga would survive. to tell her who did this to her and joe. did she say anything could she even. verbalize. any any words at all no she um.

She didn’t say anything tragically. a short time later olga’s declared dead. in the er just the way that they had. died was very tragic. joe’s sister kelly says she was so. shocked when she learned about the. killings. she called her mother to see if it was. true and i said mom has. joey been shot and she was crying she’s. like. she got out the words joey and olga are. dead. evidence that the crime scene suggests. joe and olga had been ambushed by a. gunman. or possibly two gunmen lying and wait. for them to return home. we found several pieces of the evidence. that led us to. believe that the shooters were right. actually. uh next to the front door and there were. shell casings. all over this yes there was there was. several shirt casings of two different. types of calibers. and there was also a few live rounds. but without olga police have no.

Eyewitnesses. and very little other evidence to go on. any surveillance. on this building at all no. robbery would immediately be discounted. as a motive when police learn. nothing had been taken from joe or olga. he had. his wallet with in excess of a hundred. dollars in cash. her purse was there her phone was there. she had a pretty large diamond ring that. was on her finger. all that stuff is still there police. chief for the new castle county. said this was not a botched robbery we. know that for a fact this was a. deliberate hit. you believed early on that joe and olga. were targeted. yes and the way that they were killed. the ambush at their front door. i mean the keys were still in the door. and as the mystery deepens. wild rumors would begin to swirl around. town. among them that joe a bodybuilder known. to have used steroids.

May have had a runin with a. drugdealing russian crime syndicate. one of the theories was maybe the. russians were involved in the underworld. steroid business. maybe he had a bad deal with somebody. but detectives. don’t buy it we were never able to find. anything. more to that theory they would also take. a look at olga’s former husband. wondering if jealousy could have been. the motive for the murder of the. newlyweds. we had to then investigate but olga’s x. is cleared after he provides police with. a verified alibi. leaving investigators literally without. a clue. we didn’t know what was going on it was. really a puzzle i guess to try to figure. out. and then detectives get what appears to. be their first. solid lead shockingly pointing to one of. joe’s own family members. as the possible killer his little sister.

And olga’s new sisterin-law kelly it. was something that we couldn’t just. shove to the side we either had to. determine if it was credible or rule it. out. friends of the family and even kelly’s. own mother had told police they were. suspicious of kelly. because she’d been locked in a bitter. feud with joe. over a twenty thousand dollar diamond. ring kelly sat down with crime watch. daily. to set the record straight his ring was. given to me by my father and my mom. on my wedding day ten years prior. but her mother had taken the ring and. regifted it to joe’s new bride. as a wedding present joe’s mother wanted. joe to have a beautiful ring for olga. and kelly is infuriated with her brother. for even accepting it. and leading olga to believe he’d bought. it on joe’s honeymoon. she texted him about it and said some.

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Pretty nasty things. kelly would only become more angry when. joe finally returns the ring. and she discovers the diamonds have been. replaced with cubic. zirconia i confronted joe and. he was really angry at me for just. confronting him he was afraid olga was. going to find out where the ring came. from and when the newlyweds condo. just happens to be burglarized a short. time later. kelly is joe’s prime suspect joe accused. you. of breaking into his home he did was. anything taken during that robbery all. their jewelry including kelly’s diamonds. which. joe had mounted on a new ring for olga. so you could understand why joe thought. you did that yes kelly can also. understand why detectives are suspicious. of her. when joe and ogar murdered just a little. more than a month. after the burglary at what point did. investigators begin to focus in and.

Question you more i felt the heat. immediately. circumstance had forced detectives to. consider the unthinkable. that joe connell’s young sister kelly. may have murdered her. own brother and his new wife olga it’s. pretty shocking. i think initially they were covering all. their bases you know here’s. here’s someone who had a feud with her. brother at the end of his life who. wasn’t talking to him. after joe had taken 20 000 worth of. diamonds off a ring. given to kelly by their parents and had. them mounted on the ring he slipped on. olga’s finger. at the time of their wedding a number of. us were looking into the. family issue these two have three have. really because olga’s involved in it too. but kelly is not the only one showing up. on detectives radar. as police began to investigate joe and. his wife olga’s murders.

The spotlight would soon turn on joe’s. business partner and best friend. chris rivers there’s another group. that’s looking into. who joe’s business partner was where his. business was. what type of business it was how long. have you known joe. i’ve known him for probably about 10. years. what’d you guys mean. just being in the same business mechanic. business. detectives have not informed him that. joe is dead. and oddly rivers doesn’t even ask why. he’s being questioned. about him he never asked like is. everything okay with him. no but they realize rivers may have. simply assumed. joe was in trouble with the law his. response. initially was what did he do now rivers. is also behaving as if joe. really was still alive anytime he wanted. to tell me about something joe was. involved in he made me promise him that. i wouldn’t tell him.

Promise me he won’t repeat it promise me. you won’t tell joe. what i’m getting ready to tell you and. then hardly sounding like a best friend. rivers reveals that like joe’s sister. kelly. he too had been locked in a nasty. ongoing dispute with him. i guess the last six or eight months i. noticed he stopped working. stop coming to work he’d leave early. people start so much uh he buys 100 000. he tells detectives it came to an ugly. showdown. after he learned that bodybuilder joe. was. not only using steroids but also dealing. them. from their business premises the other. guy that works for me comes up to me and. goes. joe’s on drugs out of the back of the. shop and i was like. what so i searched the shop. found him and said to him get him out i. don’t want it here. i’m not losing the freaking place over. this. and detectives would later learn the.

Allegation was apparently true. what we can determine if he picks up. this steroid addiction. and then he sees there’s money in it so. he starts selling. sergeant leonard says rivers would go on. to reveal other dark secrets about joe. including the fact that he had served. more than seven years in prison. for pointing a shotgun at a police. officer during a bar brawl. and now he has this opportunity to talk. in detail about you know joe’s criminal. history. joe’s steroid sales joe’s problems with. his family and detective leonard asks. rivers. about joe’s feud with sister kelly as. part of their simultaneous investigation. of her. you know any more about this thing this. beef within his family. what that’s all about. i mean just over the jewelry is really. all i know about. no details about it i mean every day. there’s something.

Dramatic going on with this that family. every time they like that yeah. they’re always arguing over money. they’re always arguing over something i. mean it’s. every day there’s drama still. not telling you that joe and olga are. dead detectives ask rivers about his. whereabouts. the night they were murdered the last. you talked to him was with time. he said 11ish okay. 10 30 11 when joe was out with olga. celebrating her 39th birthday. i was supposed to go down there and i. ended up working at the shop until about. 10 30 11. then i went home got in the shower and. then by the time i was gonna go down. there i wasn’t worth. going down rivers tells detectives he. stayed in the rest of the night. with his girlfriend who would. corroborate his alibi. and he would also turn out to have a. clean record. there was nothing that popped out on his.

Background. at its initial stages that would think. wow this is the right guy. investigators even explore the. possibility rivers. may have had a partnering crime he was. looked at rather closely as well. he was police spent a lot of time. investigating him. and looking into that nor did rivers. seem like their killer when detectives. finally told him that joe and olga had. been murdered. what was his reaction he was upset those. of them were killed. at the same time rivers is being. questioned detectives also continue to. interview joe’s sister kelly. about the murders was she cooperative. absolutely. and with rivers also cooperating. investigators still don’t have. any clear suspect or new leads. there wasn‘t dna there wasn’t. surveillance there were no eyewitnesses. but then a bizarre and stunning break in. the case.

One of his good friends said the guy had. custom made bathing suits. and joe connell’s business partner and. socalled best friend chris rivers. had told detectives that the luxury. loving newlyweds. were living beyond their means how much. money would you say he’s getting out of. the business as opposed. to not that much not enough to do that. lifestyle. no way investigators consider the. possibility joe. and his new bride olga could have been. killed by an angry creditor. it was one of the possible theories out. there of what could have happened. but without any other leads the focus of. the investigation remains on chris. rivers. and joe’s sister kelly who’d been locked. in a bitter family feud with him. at the time of the killings and she. would also. come under the close scrutiny of a. national tv news program. talking about the possible theory that.

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Kelly connell had committed the murder. but police ultimately verify kelly’s. alibi for the night of the murders. she tells crime watch daily despite. their feud. she truly loved her brother and his. bride. i’ve never seen two people in love like. that. that’s the happiest i’ve ever seen my. brother she’s beautiful. sweetheart sophisticated and she treated. my brother wonderful. and detectives become convinced she had. nothing to do with their murders. she had had a medical procedure done not. a week or two. before this that would have rendered her. more or less not capable of. killing her brother and his wife now. that leaves just chris rivers. who it already aroused the suspicion of. investigators. by ratting out joe for using steroids. and. accusing him of selling them at their. auto shop. and i went in there i mean i ripped the.

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Whole place apart and i found it back. there and it was a lot. rivers didn’t realize he had just. snitched on himself. too did you secure a search warrant for. the business we did. what did you find when you went in. various records computers. and the steroids that chris told us. right where they were. and surprise surprise rivers is arrested. what was he charged with possession of. steroids and. was a felony and now rivers out on bail. refuses to talk any more to detectives. once. he was charged he retained legal counsel. so from that point on we couldn’t. interview bring it back in but to their. astonishment. he starts talking to someone else he. said here’s the deal. we found drugs in your building joe’s. dead you’re responsible. chris rivers gives a video recorded. interview to a local newspaper reporter. chris barish.

How smart was that i think in retrospect. it proved to be. quite problematic for him in some of the. responses that he gave. investigators couldn’t believe it was. the same man who had spoken. so ill of his dearly departed business. partner. just days earlier ever since he started. doing this whole. drug thing i kind of distanced myself. from him. but now rivers is telling bearish of the. wilmington news journal. just the opposite how’s your. relationship. up to the day died figures you see. somebody. every day 12 hours a day more than you. see your wife. so we’re pretty much best friends and. the police wanted our copies of the. interview because they wanted to match. it to their and they really wanted to. pick it apart to look for. inconsistencies. and it’s joe’s my best friend and how. broken up he was. and how close they were and how much you.

Know they got along. investigators know that rivers is either. lined to bearish. or lying to them did it not add up to. what he told you initially. it just didn’t seem genuine throughout. it like when rivers calls detectives. telling him joe and olga. had been murdered i just didn’t believe. it i still don’t believe it. and investigators didn’t believe rivers. you could just watch it and say he’s. lying he’s lying. so now they dig a little deeper into his. life and make a shocking discovery. you’re looking at a guy who’s using. massive amounts of. opioidbased painkillers not to mention. cocaine. who is complete financial mess and. allegedly flipping out under the. pressure of massive debt. during this time i was getting reports. about rivers unraveling. that his drug use was out of control and. that he was paranoid.

And that he was telling people that he. was had done the murder. rivers would also be arrested twice more. for robbery and criminal mischief linked. to his drug abuse. he was really just falling apart and. then the investigators find the. proverbial smoking gun. the biggest break and the most. compelling evidence we had in the case. were the phones. uncovering records of deleted text and. calls. showing that chris rivers had kept in. contact with a career criminal. named joshua bay the night joe and olga. were murdered. there was this whole flurry of texts and. phone calls chris is contacting joe but. he’s also contacting bay. and bay’s contacting two other people. and bay would eventually cut a plea deal. in return for. spilling the beans he’s the linchpin of. this entire investigation. the only way out of this is is eternal.

Chris. telling investigators rivers had. promised him 60 thousand dollars to. arrange the murders. which bay says were committed by a pair. hitman he hired. aaron thompson and dominique benson. but why did rivers want his partner and. man he called best friend dead. cops always say follow the money and. when they do it leads to a one million. dollar. life insurance policy a policy taken out. when joe and rivers. went in business together he’s greedy he. has debts. he decided joe has to go but if he’s. going to collect the insurance policy. joe’s married so his wife would probably. get his share of it so he’s got to get. rid of her too. rivers would be arrested at his auto. shop what was his reaction. it didn’t seem surprised i believe he. knew what’s coming. he would ultimately be convicted of. first degree murder and.

Sentenced to life plus 50 years in. prison for plotting the murders of joe. and olga. connell rivers middleman joshua bay. pleaded guilty to firstdegree. conspiracy and got five years behind. bars. aaron thompson was convicted of. firstdegree murder and conspiracy. for being the trigger man and sentenced. to life. and dominique benson was sentenced to. five years for conspiracy. after being acquitted of being the. second trigger man. what the case was all about was a young. couple that were just starting their. lives together and. had to come to this end for no reason. but christopher rivers greed. joe’s sister kelly says nothing will. ever heal her heartbreak. over the loss of her brother and his. bride. the horror of initially being suspected. of killing them. and the agony of seeing what the murders. have done to their loved ones.

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