Define Courting Vs Dating

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Hey everybody welcome back to my youtube. channel I’m Justine phenomena and help. you ladies. attract a healthy loving godly amazing. relationship if that’s your priority in. 2020 then make sure you subscribe up. here because I will be serving hot. dating it relationship tea all year. round. so one thing we see a lot in the. Christian community is the word courting. and we think it’s this uber spiritual. holy word that describes dating because. dating and quitting kind of refers to. the same thing right it’s two people. that are a couple but they’re actually. slight differences between dating and. courting and I want to share those with. you today so here’s my take on courting. versus dating number one is dating with. a purpose when a couple is courting it. means that they’re dating with a purpose. and that purpose is marriage it does not.

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Mean that the relationship will end in. marriage but what it does mean is that. both people are a marriage focused. meaning that they are intentionally. entering a relationship because they. feel ready for the commitment of. marriage and now want to get to know. each other and that’s in contrast to. dating which is usually just for fun of. course courting is supposed to be fun. but you’re still being intentional and. observing each other to see if you make. a good couple if you match and if you’re. compatible in the areas that make your. relationship healthy and if you want to. know more about how to date with purpose. I actually have an entire video that I. will link up here and in the description. box that explains how to date with. purpose number two is transparency many. of us have been in this situation before.

That we felt confused or uncertain about. the relationship because four weeks were. in a situation ship because we don’t. know what’s going on and we’ve never had. the what are we conversation that can. lead to desperation. to misunderstandings and even heartbreak. at times the difference in courting is. that both of you are upfront about the. relationship both of you are aware of. where you stand and you have discussed. the do’s and don’ts of the relationship. so that there’s no misunderstanding. because you’re honest from the start and. if you are not sure about your current. relationship then I suggest you check. out my video on how to identify. situation ship which I will link below. or up here again for you to see number 3. it is official hallelu you are not a. secret. you are official because dating nowadays.

Can be such a whirlwind journey a lot of. couples decide to keep the relationship. a secret and that oftentimes leads to. more miscommunication and anxiety then. it actually helps their relationship. couples who court however invite the. community into their relationship on. purpose because they want their close. family and friends to hold them. accountable and share wise counsel with. them and as a side effect that. alleviates all miscommunication and. gifts a couple more piece number 4 you. honor God with your relationship in. dating there are no rules couples will. do whatever they feel like let by the. world and their own selfish desires. right because one day you’re together. the next day you’re broken up if you. feel like it you’re having sex and maybe. because it’s comfortable you even live. together but couples who court a very.

Intentional about putting God into the. center of their relationship. so they will follow the Bible on what. things to do or not to do in their. relationship most of the times that. means that the couple abstains from sex. maybe doesn’t even kiss until the. wedding day and fasts on a regular basis. but there are more things you can. include of course however the main point. is to remove all the distractions that. the relationship can add and make sure. to put God first at all times and number. 5 there is an end in sight at the end. had to put in a little fire starter and. that is that cording doesn’t take years. and years and years I said it in my. recent life but I will say it again and. that is that men do not take years to. figure out if they have found the one. they know it quite quickly if they want. to spend the rest of their lives with.

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