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Well on a positive note we did see a. moment with kyle during the reunion. where he said i should have proposed to. you. and that kind of threw us all for a loop. we were like wait a second. what like just because we never really. saw that so what was your connection. like. with kyle. during the pods and is there anything. currently going on. yeah interesting but yeah see so you. don’t see a lot of this but um i was. actually very very torn between kyle and. shake he. kyle was my number two person um. and yeah i was really struggling because. you know i could envision this future. with uh shake you know i could picture. it in my head with kyle it would have. been like an adventure you know it’d be. such like a unique love story and i i. don’t know how it would have ended up. really so. yeah i think um. kyle and i are we’re close and you know.

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I i’m just going to say tune in to after. the altar to see a little bit more about. our story. after the altar so we get the reunion. and then we get the after the altar yeah. there’s so much. after the altar is great and i hope we. get it soon and i know like covet. obviously played a big factor with the. first seasons after the altar because it. did seem like we had to wait a really. long time for that um. so. wow that’s good that what what a tease. what a tease and do you feel maybe a. little bit better now maybe it was all. for a reason that you didn’t pick kyle. and you ended up with shake and that. didn’t work out and now whatever is. going on with you and kyle you guys are. close whatever whatever you guys can be. exploring can now just be done. yeah in the actual world not on tv it. could be your guy’s own thing do you.

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Feel better about that now. yeah absolutely i think i was supposed. to go through everything i did with. shake just so i can learn more about. myself and like you know bring that. confidence that i came into the show. with i needed to rebuild that and yeah i. learned so much about me and yeah who. knows if kyle and i. did it. that thing you know maybe we wouldn’t. have worked out because of the pressures. of filming and so you know we’re still. under a microscope you know being in the. public eye now but um i think yeah we. could have a shot at you know doing. things a little differently. what about future reality shows now that. you have one under your belt because you. know how it you know how it goes. yeah. yeah honestly. i don’t know i mean i wouldn’t negate it. but i just think i’d have to be very. careful and i’m never going to do.

Probably a dating show because. i put my family through enough no more. on onscreen kissing for me my poor. grandpa is just like what are you doing. so. yeah i just have to be respectful of my. family and friends as well so because i. represent them when i when i do anything. publicly yeah. so you got to know all these girls. pretty well and we did see two couples. actually you know go through with it and. get married and um. you know that also did not work for some. some of the others were you surprised or. uh i guess surprised is really the word. of about the couples that did get. married or did everything kind of like. afterwards we’re like yep that checks. out. yeah actually i knew that danielle and. nick even in the pods they were so. like they would be the lauren and. cameron style although no one’s running.

Cameras. this is a completely different season. but they knew right away like they. gravitated towards each other i just. knew. they would work out and same with ayanna. and jared if you see them in real life. they’re just so bubbly and they. complement each other so well and. um i knew that would work too the only. couple i think that surprised me would. have been shane and natalie. there’s just so much love there and i. really thought they would say yes um. but you know i respect natalie’s. decision and i think you know she did. what’s best for her i think i was most. shocked by natalie and shane because for. some reason i thought shane wasn’t gonna. go through with it only because of the. whole thing with shayna and i felt like. natalie was like so in on shane the. entire time so that one feels like maybe. that was played up more right so that it.

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Would be more shocking yeah and yeah at. the end but then watching it back and. there’s a fight they talk about and. you’re like alright something happened. that we don’t know about but it was. probably for the best that they didn’t. end up right getting married. right it did was there. um was there any element because. obviously like like you said you guys. all kind of hang out in group settings. and whatnot. um. and. because i think of how we watched it. everybody really did focus on shane and. shayna and think that there was maybe a. lot going on that that we didn’t see. uh is that how you saw it or do you. think we were kind of. that was twisted a little bit. yeah you know i honestly watched all. that back with the rest of the world and. i’m not gonna lie shake and i were in. our bubble. and you know i didn’t know.

That much that was happening because. outside of our us. um except the bonfire when we’re. together and there’s like a bachelor. bachelorette parties and i don’t think. natalie even knew the extent of it all. like even that bonfire scene as you can. see i wasn’t part of their conversation. so i had no idea what was said until it. aired so. i didn’t even know that shayna and shane. were a big thing honestly right. yeah that’s it’s crazy yeah it’s weird. what ends up being put out there versus. what you guys have seen how are you. adjusting to social media now you go on. the show. probably i don’t know what your. following was like before but obviously. when these shows. get broadcasted everywhere and. everyone’s following so closely they. become so invested kim kardashian last. night was tweeting about how she’s. locked in you have all these all these.

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Celebrities watching and and everyone is. so focused on you guys how are you. handling that how are you managing your. dayto-day life now that everyone’s. watching you. yeah it’s kind of tough because you know. i’m still working and um. and then what’s your regular job. i’m in it i’m a data analyst. yeah so i saw i’m still doing that and. uh plus all yeah it’s a lot i’m con it’s. like constantly being on and i’m getting. so much love and support and honestly. i’m in such awe of it like i can’t. believe that i’ve inspired people that’s. crazy to say because i’m just like a. regular person who just kind of did a. thing but um yeah it’s incredible the. amount of support i’m getting um and i’m. so grateful for it but you know i know. that a lot of my cast members and me. myself included have gotten a lot of. hate messages also so it’s it’s really.

Hard to fall into the trap of like you. know it affecting your mental health so. i’m trying to do my best to just like. stay grounded and just you know. concentrate on the positive things and. yeah just just look at the good things. that are coming from it yeah i i will. say i you know i respect you a lot and i. you were one of my favorites from this. season because i just felt like um you. sent a great message to. women that when you maybe are like when. men are criticizing you or talking about. like you never wavered it felt like in. how you felt about yourself. which i think is so important because we. had shake making comments body comments. and all these things and you were like. that’s fine he can feel that way but i. love me the way that i am and i think. that’s uh you know a lot of people need. to hear that sometimes and also the way.

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That your mom reacted after the wedding. and she broke down to tears and you kept. saying you chose yourself and she was. and she was so proud of you and i think. also relieved at the same time that you. made your decision for yourself and like. fran said sometimes uh people lose their. confidence and feel like they just have. to go along with something but watching. you it’s like you can make the decision. for yourself. yeah yeah absolutely and you know what. throughout that process i my confidence. did waver um there was moments where i. felt myself you know low because of it. and i had the support of my family and. friends to be like hey don’t forget how. dope you are you’ve come a long way and. you know you’ve built yourself up and. yeah towards the end of it i was like. you’re right like what am i doing um you.

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