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Baby i’m just here to really tell you. that i’m girlfriend yeah you’ve been. through a lot i swear we went through. the struggles since the first day i saw. you i’m like damn man she beautiful. honestly once you in the career watch. the movie ain’t got to kiss you soon as. you got the smile i’m in my head like. i’m feeling this and girl sits then. you’re the one i’m trying to beat. your blessing right from got it through. the miles i can see some . again with another video for the channel. as y’all can see. we’re gonna try to switch it up for. y’all today man today we wanted to get. into more deeper conversation as a. couple conversation starts that’s what. the video is. about yeah so today we want to uh get. like deep in conversation about. relationships. and basically we’re just going to be. asking each other. questions about our relationship.

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And kind of like advice or whatever. but we’re going to be both picking. questions that. y’all wanted us y’all want to know or. whatever. and we’re going to answer them deep. questions though. not know regular questions. these are like kind of deep questions. and. different questions but before we get. into this video man. you already know what to do go ahead do. them three things first make sure i like. this video. make sure i’ll comment and if y’all knew. the et nation man go ahead and hit that. subscribe button for us man. we on the road to 10k but y’all help us. get to 7k. and we appreciate y’all we do shout outs. at the end of every video. in order to win a shout out all you. gotta do is like this video. comment and make sure you subscribe with. your post notification now. and y’all follow us on instagram man go.

Follow us on ig. add us and follow us on facebook all. that’s gonna be in the description. below but hey we finished y’all right. into this video man. so babe of course you feel like you’re. actually perfect. but let me see let me bring it off the. category. yo we gonna read off the categories to. y’all first one was. on life one that’s one uh category. questions on life second one on your. relationship. relationship that was the third one just. playing for. phones playing phones you know. uh on on the future that’s another one. on the pass and that’s it. that’s it so basically y’all we get to. pick. from each category questions or whatever. category we want to pick. we’re going to ask each other we’re. going to take turns or whatever. i’m first though because i just saw a. real good one but if you just messed me. up.

And we got to answer these questions for. y’all. you going first oh you just missed me. what category tell them what category. you mean i don’t know which one i was. just oh. i was just reading through them well we. could just. go first we could just start all over. the place each category. so i’m gonna start me i’m gonna start. with on life. so i’m gonna ask her a question she. gotta answer. on life. maybe take that hat off no i want this. hat. um i don’t got no hair cut. you still look cute though i don’t care. i’m taking it off okay but look at this. part. there’s so many questions they’re. do you believe everything happens for a. reason. or do we just oh that’s the one i was. looking at oh my god. you can ask the same thing if you want. oh. do you believe everything happens for a. reason or do we find reasons. after everything happened what you think.

Answer to the best of your ability let. me see. yes and then though. why. i don’t know i don’t know how to like. explain in a good way. i mean it just is fine your way ain’t. got to be a good way. by the way no he is. i don’t think we should answer the same. um all right so. you just get that quick or i’ll answer. since that’s the question you really. want to ask. me all right so i start i answer that. question because that was her question. but yes or no. what read it to me again one more time. wait where did you go. on life. do you believe everything happens for a. reason or do you just find. reasons after things happen so yeah i’m. gonna say both. i think that i really do believe. everything happened for a reason. and the reason i say everything happens. for a reason. is because everybody. everybody gotta go through something you.

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Just nobody ain’t never just not. gonna go through nothing and they don’t. happen for a reason. i do feel like everything happens for a. reason. in a good way in a bad way but then. i also feel like we make up reasons. to the things that happen you know what. i’m saying so. i say both. i explained it right yeah i say both so. things do happen for a reason and then. sometimes we make up. excuses on why things happen so. that’s all i look at but go ahead my. turn. you’re so cute. all right i’m gonna go you’re not on. like no more. yes cause you just asked me one on life. so i actually wanna. uh do you usually follow your head or. your heart when making decisions. um i follow my heart why. no way let me read it over read it over. do you usually follow your head or your. heart when making decisions. some well it depends it depends on what.

Situation i’m in. so for example. i use my head when it’s like. hard to explain anything why you asking. me they should. go because we a team we were supposed to. help me. i don’t know how to say like to say it. right you know how to speak for yourself. i can’t speak for you. well it’s like did you ask me a question. and i answered it and i actually i use. my hair for. other things in my heart for. other things too and i don’t know how to. explain it right. so basically just whatever it depend on. the situation what you’re trying to say. it depends on the situation that’s what. you’re trying to say yes that’s what you. said the first thought. but there’s like more to it though. all right i guess but. now we are on relationship on our. relationship. let me go first. because it was really supposed to be me. okay it says what’s your biggest fear on.

On this relationship what’s my biggest. fear on this relationship. yeah to be honest. i don’t really have a fear in this. relationship. and that’s the honest truth because it’s. like we don’t really argue or none of. that. but one thing i do fear. is probably like being. being led on or something being led on. and i don’t know just being led on. basically play with i don’t play all. right. that’s it that’s not answering my. question that’s my biggest fear. being let on being played with. the my opposite. all right so uh. your biggest fear is being misled lay. down. oh why you just didn’t say that i just. said later on. no but you guys are details good you. supposed to get into detail. if they if you want to you ain’t got to. but at least if you want to. the. what about our relationship makes you. happy. that’s what it’s saying yeah answer the.

Question. what about our relationships that make. us happy makes you happy. it’s a lot to it like our relationship. it’s like. let me read it over because i feel like. it’s a lot like look at me if i can tell. you. i’m looking you guys look at me. i’m listening you want this is not play. time right now. you gotta look at me no i’m i’m this. i was going to say some nice things. you’re already saying i’m listening. so we can look at each other and smile. watch out come on say. no i’m listening say see you. because. it don’t make me happy anymore because. you won’t look at me so me looking at. you makes you happy. yes so that’s all you had to say. that’s all you have to say you talking. i’m thinking you finna. get to saying stuff if me looking at you. make you happy then i’ll look at you. again. i know this isn’t serious tall right now.

So i know. you didn’t you did that one already. maybe you’re trying to be goofy or what. you did no it’s my goal. change the category exactly yeah. just playing final ones all right i. spawn. hey people of course i like these ones. i don’t know which one to pick my shirt. all right. would you like to be in faint would you. like to be famous and will way. famous i would. i mean i don’t really care about being. famous i should say no way. in a good way though if i want to be. famous i want to be famous in. a good way so like if i be famous. i want to be like somebody role model. somebody. people look up to if i’ll be famous. i don’t want to just be famous for for. dumpster. basically so i wouldn’t be famous. for you know to be somebody’s role model. yeah be somebody’s wrong mom. my turn uh. share with me an embarrassing moment in.

Your life. share with you yeah what was the most. embarrassing moment. what was that um we were on the truck. what trip um. i think that was a truck or a bus. yeah man y’all so last year christmas. oh you can’t explain so yeah last year. on christmas draw. me and elijah we decided to go be child. just to go look at the christmas lights. with the kids on the bus right. next thing you know. the bus was like going like real slow. and then we got stuck in the middle of. the street. so we have to walk all the way where. elijah parked there. he parked so far like. to me it was so mad that the bus stopped. everybody was on the bus. we literally have to walk and get off. the bus. we paid two dollars for that yes. that’s what i really want trippy she was. mad man for real. i was not mad he gave us cookies and. stuff i wasn’t mad you was mad.

But yeah they gave us cookies and stuff. but that was it. all right. gonna move to on the future here you. gotta go first no. you didn’t even go on this one yes i did. no you just playing phones i just asked. you that oh. now we on the future y’all where do we. see yourself in five years. you i mean you just you where do you see. yourself in fire. in a big mansion with just a lot of cats. i just planned i’m just kidding no i see. myself in. not like a big mansion but like a little. small. isn’t it small mansions yes i think it. is. i see myself in a nice beautiful home. with a husband and two. twin boys. i want twins she talked about some two. twin boys. i was i was i was i was getting in. person until you. said two twin boys i said but listen to. the first part i said okay. all right so you trying to put marriage. first yes.

Yeah okay uh. uh miss marco you asked me that question. oh my fault. oh what. that one. what are your goals on your relationship. can i ask you two no. what are my life in a relationship. so my goals in a relationship. if y’all don’t have a plan. why be in a relationship yeah so if you. are just in a relationship to be in a. relationship with no plan. it ain’t gonna work so my goals on being. in a relationship we gotta have a plan. and you know help each other grow. like build each other up uh create a. plan. that’s it have a plan that’s what that’s. the number one thing right there. build and have a plan so a good thing we. got a plan. i think so yeah this is the last one. if you could change one thing in history. what it would be. oh my god i love that question. one thing what about two one. one thing what would it be.

You to me me. i’ll change you why would you change me. because you stress me out. y’all just kidding i will change a lot. of things. like. you think this is not a time to be. playing right now. i’m being myself i know you being. yourself but you don’t gotta be goofy. these are serious. is my surroundings. um second will be. the whole world i think i should be the. president. please say that like i’ll be the next. trump. what is your happiest memory my. what is my happiest memory. you got a good memory you don’t remember. nothing i’m trying to think what’s my. happiest. my happiest memory. and what it could be like anything. whatever made me happy. me come to your life you coming in my. life. that’s one but you only supposed to have. one. damn i it was pretty memories that made. me happy. the happiest memory. um i don’t know you.

I could i could say the happiest memory. this what a 20 20 all right i’ma just. use that one. the happiest memory and that happened. this year. was probably her eye a lot she changed a. lot of stuff. and making me a better person. oh making me a better person. making me uh look at. things differently not just on. how i feel or whatever but on how she. feel. making me a better person a better man. and. just changed me like i see things. differently being with her. and by myself just put like that. but y’all that’s all we got for y’all. today man. wait so i didn’t i wasn’t. last year you think when we first met. i just did that’s it that’s including. nah. just this oh lord that’s just this. year. i’ll be honest this year but y’all make. sure i like this video. make sure y’all comment and if you all. knew these nations make sure y’all.

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Subscribe. put a shout out going to make sure i. subscribe more if y’all want to see a. part two. yeah we should actually actually deep. questions. or just you know deep questions on us. or relationship advice let us know in. the comments. if y’all like this video let us know. like this video. comment you know but we just tried to. switch it up for y’all man. we wanted to get on a more a deeper. topic or whatever. and uh i know that was about us but. it was still deep questions but if y’all. want us to get into like deep questions. on. just relationships in general young. relationships y’all let us know man. and hey make sure y’all do them three. things man but today. we are twenty twenties make sure y’all. like this video and make sure y’all. gonna comment. and make sure y’all go show us some love. i just said that like three times.

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