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All right this local restaurant is. celebrating some really big national. attention even as many businesses are. struggling in the age of covid the new. york times just released a list of the. 50 most vibrant and delicious. restaurants across the country local 4’s. megan woods takes us to dearborn to meet. a family that’s cooking up a great. reputation. that list features 50 different. restaurants from across the country and. the only one in michigan is right here. in dearborn. they just. said we came in a few times we tried. your food we really like it and we want. to feature you making this new york. times list was a surprise to the family. who owns and runs el taib in dearborn. and in garden city it’s just so exciting. it’s. like a big honor an honor they certainly. never expected because years ago when. they moved from lebanon opening a.


Restaurant wasn’t part of their plan. when we first moved here we always tried. to think where are we going to eat on. sunday what are we going to eat they. opened a garden city location in 2017. with a weekend breakfast menu it took. off and in february 2020 they opened. this dearborn location just one month. before the pandemic it was not that easy. for us business has since picked up they. offer homemade dishes with fresh. ingredients but mirna believes it’s the. experience they provide that sets them. apart and got them on this list people. who come in they find some kind of a. link to their heritage. and the people from other col like. people from other culture they are just. liking the food it’s something new that. they’re trying it’s the same experience. mustafa shaheen was eager for when he. sat down for the first time as soon as.

We came in here i could just already. smell how good the food is him and his. mom are here from phoenix visiting his. sister they all are originally from. lebanon i came here and there’s just a. lot of middle eastern food so i was like. i missed back home and so why not they. got into town yesterday and kaib was. first on their agenda. we ordered like a plate from each. dish and they were not disappointed the. fool is really good. yeah between satisfied customers and. national recognition myrna and her. family couldn’t be happier all the hard. work all the hours we all put it into. the two locations it’s just paying off. at the end. and when you hear el tayiba means. delicious and arabic it makes sense it’s. almost like it’s destiny for them to be. in the national spotlight for their food. and it doesn’t just taste good it looks.

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