Deaf Dating

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Do you think it’s easy for us deafies to fix a hearing date, make it so perfect that we ends up marrying each other? No, not really! We deafies want our date to accept us as we are. But will it always be like that? Sadly not. All the examples I’m going to tell you now, are based on real experiences. From mine, my friends and my surroundings’ experiences. WHAT SHOULD I DO YOU’RE DEAF: THINGS NOT TO SAY TO DEAF PEOPLE, DATING VERSION All the lines may not be exactly the same, but with same meaning. Enjoy ERIKA. *Pretending to know sign language* Would you learn how to speak with voice for me? I’m so glad you wanted to see me. I understand you want to change your life.

Deafness is a pity. But that’s okay. I can save you. What do you want? No, I can order. No, I order. It’s embarrassing if you order by yourself. Stop now! No, but please stop. Stop now! Please, but stop. How did you get here? Did you take the bus? Or do you have an assistance that drove you here? I think you deaf people are fighting too much. You’re just fighting and fighting. But There’s cochlea implants, so.. If you deaf people doesn’t want it, then don’t complain that you are handicapped? Um, but I mean I would at least have taken cochlea implants. Why do not you have one? I can bring you to God. You will turn into hearing.

*pretending to understand sign language* How can you be so cute? And deaf? *pretending to understand sign language* I just have to tell you that If I were deaf, I’d kill myself. Honestly. I thought about that.. you’re deaf, do you think about that sometimes? Like, do you hate it? *pretending to sign* No, no, she’s just my friend and not my date! She is deaf, so.. She doesn’t hear All the deaf people I’ve met is ugly and dumb. But you’re not? Hmm. I think it’s because you hear a bit, so like, it’s saving you from it. *talking English* Many of your deaf people have been fooled by the devil. The devil got into your brain.

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