Deaf And Dating

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Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to the first Augcollab! Obviously, as you can see from the title, today is talking a little bit about dating. Don’t get too excited! I personally havealmost no dating experience. Like, once in high school. And nothing since, so I can’t really talk about dating. That’s what collabs are for! I might not have much experience dating, but I do have a number one rule, and what is that? The person must know sign, or be willing to learn. AND. I will not teach them everything. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course I will teach them a little bit of sign, of course. But I don’t want that relationship to be all based on them learning sign from me.

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That’s not In my opinion, that’s not really a healthy relationship. But let’s put that aside and get to her story. She will tell you her dating experience. Hey everybody! This is Bailey. It’s storytime! The main concept of this story is about dating. You see, when I grew up, I thought I would be dating and marrying a deaf person. Dating and marrying a hearing person never crossed my mind despite the fact that I grew up in a hearing family. Fast forward to college, that was when I’ve dated my first hearing person. Ever! Obviously, everything was great between us except for one teeny, little thing: he couldn’t accept the fact that I’m deaf so obviously, we had a mutual breakup.

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And after that breakup, I completely scratched off hearing people off my dating list. One day, that got retracted. On a cold February day, waiting at a mini train station, waiting for my ride to take me back to my warm dorm room. Just waiting. And I had a massive urge to look around. Ok. Ooo, cute guy over there. And I had this urge to talk to him. Never happened before. Then I thought, “Nah, I’ll never see him again.” My ride has arrived, I hopped on and went to my warm dorm room. And fast forward to next week, same place, shivering my butt off! I had a same urge to look around. Same cute guy standing there, shivering his butt off too! Then I had an urge to talk to him too.

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Huh. How do I break the ice though? I see him yawning. “Are you tired?” That was when we became fast friends and that was the day that I told him: “Hey, just so you know, I’m deaf.” Him, he was like, “That’s ok, I have cleft palate and lisp.” And that was the day we got on the train, laughing about how I can’t hear and how he can’t talk, and that joke became 6 years of being girlfriend and boyfriend and then, one year of marriage. We live happily ever after! That shows the unexpected can happen! I did ask her to expand more about what it’s like dating a hearing person because I’m sure that’s what most of you want to know.

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Her response: I’m a little afraid that if I start, I’ll go on and on, that it’ll become more of a rant. Ah, I see! Maybe that will be another collab later. Maybe. We’ll see, we’ll see. But that’s all for today. She has her own YouTube channel, go ahead and follow her. I will link it below and up here somewhere if I can do that. I don’t know. Anyway, I will put a link somewhere. And for those who I’ve already talked with about doing a collab, and you haven’t responded Or we haven’t made more progress, we need to talk. If you want to do a collab with me, and you haven’t contacted me, go ahead! I’m still open to doing more collabs. We’ll see how that goes.

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