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For this pair the daddy Dom little girl.

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relationship is strictly nonsexual my. mind they’re separate things like sex is. for adults it’s always for adults it’s. not to you not just to sexualize you. know things that are childlike I know. that’s like a lot of people have a hard. time they start thinking of all these. outlandish things like oh my gosh you’re. a pedophile oh my god you’re incest. you’re like they go on this whole entire. rant of like that’s so disgusting now. ours is nonsexual of error people who. do it sexually but they’re doing it with. other consenting adults and that’s their. cup of tea teach their own it’s not ours. so for little girl deja to get what she. wants there are certain rules she’s. expected to follow one of my rules is I. have to like contact when he’s talking. to me because if I don’t then he doesn’t.

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Know that I’m paying attention or. listening another one I have is a.

Ddlb Dating daddy by his name

checkin every two hours when we’re. apart my other rule is I can’t say the F. word that’s bad oh yes and the last. school I haven’t the call him his name. is daddy at all time but when Dasia. misbehaves Dom the Dom parcels out her. punishments I have to do lines when I. break a rule or I get in trouble like. the first thing that I had to write. lines for I had to write like 66 times. because I was neglecting to call him. daddy I went on I have to write lines is. like Morse punishment I will always call. daddy by his name which is daddy which. is a very long sentence there will be. like dr. Seuss sentences soon she’s been. given permission to have a friend over. who is also a little for a slumber party. are you falling for your crush too. quickly.

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