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Hi guys welcome to panna TV so our topic. for today’s about six best game apps. that you should try on Android and iOS. but before that if you haven’t. subscribed it to our channel please. click the subscribe button and click the. bell bottom for more updates so number. six. Shafi this is the first time that I. heard about this app popular download. for my wedding platform to see that. without any issues so the pro president. is good app for longterm natural. relationships um free to register in the. app better UI more users the cons less. privacy so it means it’s really a public. and suitable for people under 35 it. means that there’s an age gap or an age. limit that 35 and below should only use. this app is the only one who can use. this app because most of the people are. young so there you go that’s choppy. first thing let me try this one so.

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Number five. scruff I actually download this before. it already have 12 million downloads. worldwide the protein yet there are many. active members you can chat world by. less fake profiles means they’re. verifying your profile if it’s really. you to avoid posters free to explore the. app there are a lot of informations or. etc etc on this profile so you have to. check this application the continent you. might encounter some advertisements paid. advertisements so well you’re using this. app it might show some advertisements. that you might you might don’t like or. you don’t like on this app and crushing. happens anytime so you might. there’s some bugs with it that the apps. will crash and you have to restore it. again so that’s the cons so that’s. number five scrub number four. Dottie haunt this daddy hon I’ve tried.

It before it’s a great most of it is. really daddy’s but you might encounter. that most of it is not from the. Philippines some of it is from the other. country I’ve encountered at one time. that I’ve opened this app review all. informations provide information to them. and and then countering some of it was. most of it is non Filipino nationality. so means it’s from another country and. the pros in it free to create the. account locationbased filtering options. available so you can filter the location. if it’s you’re in Quezon City you can. scan all over it Quezon City only but to. ensure complete privacy when browsing. them so it means this is a privacy out. the one can even see you if you don’t. like them to see you there’s no ads. that’s the advantage of it that’s the. good thing about it while you’re using.

App there’s no advertisements that you. know that you’ll encounter this app the. cons can be profiles to means there’s a. lot of posers you might encounter that. some of that person and that profile is. not them paid members will get more. features than free members so there’s a. membership there’s free and there’s paid. if you’re using the free you might. encounter some scratches on problems. they fake profiles I’d like to pay. membership that they will get rid and. they will filter or everything that’s. not applicable for either one that you. pay so that’s daddy Han some number. three Hornet I’ve tried this app before. and it’s very simple for me. not actually looking for something. exploring this is a best app as well but. I’m not used to it. the pros are had its easiest to explore. because you be able to see everything.

That you need in there in this specific. window and then free to use mainly. interesting features so it means that. there’s an addition like if you’d like. it to see most of the people online only. or if you’d like to see beard person. depends on your fetish the continent a. lot of spammy profiles so spammy. profiles means most of it or some of it. is not an original profile messages and. attachments cannot be deleted so it. means once you send a message to that. person and you accidentally accidentally. send it to him or her it might do that. you cannot delete it anymore that’s the. problem popups and add Z so the problem. again pay advertisement as they paid for. them to earn money so while using this. app you might encounter some popups if. you don’t like while using this there’s. no membership that you need this is only.

For free that’s that’s the advantage of. it. so that’s Hornet number two Jack D so. let’s start with the cons the continent. it’s not free you have to pay $2.99 per. month problem you might encounter a lot. of rejections on this app it’s I think. this is a juicy app but then sometimes. the app may have your device so if it’ll. take a lot of Emmys or in your memory of. your phone so you have to be patient the. president locationbased searching if. you are in Quezon City for example it. will search all persons or all profiles. from kasim city only. suitable for any type of relationship if. you’re a single relationship married. widowed everything it’s in here so many. color based filters if base filters. means that based on your fetishes people. that you like um if you like bisexual. gay trans share everything it is in here.

It will scan and to filter everything. that you fit in or what you wanted. so that’s Jack T again guys this is not. for free. this is $2.99 per month and our number. one is Grindr I’m using this application. this is the very common the gays are. using nowadays I’ll tell you what the. pros in in large database with a lot of. users there’s a lot of users in it but. there are two profiles of you that you. might have. number one page profile feed membership. or free membership if you have the peak. membership you can search everything. worldwide like you they were they have. their an application or a bottom where. you can explore like for example you’re. in the Philippines and you want to. search an abroad like you know United. States or Middle East. you can search them and you can check. them if not if you’re not paid it will.

Only search people within around your. GPS or locationbased profile um the. cons with it is there are some. irritating popup ads the cute encounter. love proceeding with this app if you’re. using the free if not if you’re paid. you’ll not encounter this one a lot of. false profiles means not everything in. information of the person that you are. charged are trying to chat with is not. after is accurate some of it are posters. not everyone is original so that’s the. disadvantage of this app they don’t have. any verifications who are in to verify. if that is the real person that you’re. chatting with so that’s Grindr er and. that’s it guys. six best skate apps that you should try. on Android and iOS but before I end this. video I’d like to show you some of the. best gay dating apps that you should try. on your Android and iOS and now before.

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