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Whether you’re. married or single or follow your ape or. hanging out with swingers back at your. places listen to us as we get so much a. tinder and bubble and plenty of yuck. trying and trying and having no luck. because we all know. dating kind of sucks. sarah and adam are two of a kind he says. stupid and she doesn’t mind they’re. not doing this so to make any bug life. as a chicken whose feathers they plus. why does it work well here is the crust. they both know. dating kind of sucks. dating kind of sucks. hi i’m sarah and i’m adam heath evitable. this is dating kinda sucks a podcast. about dating sex and relationships this. week we’ll be having a conversation. about dating with herpes with ticktock. influencer megan rose enjoy the show. megan rose is a single mother of three. children living in houston texas when.

She’s not working for her family’s. residential remodeling company she’s. sharing her life on tick tock where. she’s reached almost a million followers. who love her blunt selfdeprecating. humor and brutal honesty when it comes. to parenting adulting and dating. with her recent series of posts bringing. awareness about hsv to end the negative. stigma of herpes she’s not only. entertaining hundreds of thousands every. day but educating them as well you can. find her on tic toc or instagram. underscore stone cold weirdo underscore. backwards yeah that’s right underscore. od. excuse me o d r i e w. d l o c e n o t s underscore. i did it you did it i gotta love that. username but this is the hardest. username to find and she still needs to. get a million followers it just blows my. mind i’ve been a mutual uh follower and.

Friend of um you know online friend. social media friend of megan for for. quite a while on tick tock and i just. love her content she’s absolutely just. fantastic dynamic hilarious and it’s. been really great to have this chance to. meet with her in a nontick-tock setting. and and talk to her about just her life. but also talk to her about about you. know what she does as far as herpes. awareness so this is going to be. a fun show hopefully you enjoy it and. you’re able to find her account and. follow it right. underscore stone cold weirdo underscore. backwards. but uh we’re gonna be joined by megan. when we get back from this short break. hello hi sarah nice to meet you nice to. meet you too. hi megan so thank you for joining us i. went and went and bought headphones just. for. wow. look at us oh three with headphones this.

Is my first uh anytime on a podcast ever. so i’m i’m excited to be here. well it’s great and uh thank you for. joining us on today i know you you uh. you just had valentine’s day so how do. you survive that okay. uhhuh. it was it was one of those where like. sunday i was fine sunday i was. perfect i was out with a galentine’s. thing and we all had mimosas and we had. a good time and then monday hit and for. some reason. it felt like death it felt like not. because of the mimosas like i just was. super. just was super sad but that i mean that. happens from time to time ever since my. divorce i just kind of have days where. i’m just like ah well all right we’re. just gonna. piece this together for the best weekend. you know. so how was your valentine’s. uh i mean i i’m gonna i’m in a cabin in. vermont in the middle of nowhere so i.

Didn’t do uh i didn’t yeah. i didn’t do it you had an amazing time. oh it was fantastic i watch netflix i. didn’t wear pants i ate i eat chocolate. you know like what else could you want. you know that’s the dream. yeah and then i’m in colombia and my. boyfriend’s back in nashville so we just. face time for like an hour or so and. that was kind of it so nothing exciting. really. face time. actually no actually we really just did. but yeah we should have done more. that was sounds very direct i’m sorry. no it’s fine be direct oh yeah no this. is us so that’s exactly what we’re like. uh was valentine’s day used to be a. thing for you. uh. no which is weird that’s the weird thing. like why did it make me sad right right. you just do well maybe you’re just sad. that it wasn’t shitty that’s what it was. like you were just missing you like you.

A little selfhatred just kind of. missing the shittiness is kind of maybe. that’s what it was this time i was. missing them. did the the disappoint the. disappointment yes i was missing the. disappointment yeah. yeah it’s crazy how there there was some. there’s some song i love i i think i. forget who sings it but it’s called miss. the misery it’s like it’s so true. because it’s not whenever you think. about it that person was like a really. shitty person but why but why do i miss. that a little bit why do i you know the. drama he missed the drama no i don’t. know. yeah right. yeah there’s. the the sex was really good. i don’t even believe that actually right. that face i didn’t believe it. although although you have a couple kids. so we know that it was good good a. couple times at least. you don’t have to come to make a baby i.

Mean that’s true that is true that’s. true. i bet there are men i mean we probably. know this because you know you and i are. so so active you and i live on tick tock. uh sarah does but not quite as much but. there are probably men out there she’s. interested in probably encountering. these men too who believe that who. probably think that you only make a baby. if the woman has an orgasm. probably yeah probably honestly i would. that would not be surprised did you see. the recent one the recent guy. the the guy who was like the mechanic. who talks about uh women who with single. moms are low value in the dating world. he said single moms are lowhanging. fruit no man of value would date a. single mom. yuck and then i went to his page and. he’s this like. sad little mechanic in minnesota who’s. like wife must have divorced him right.

Because he’s a sad little man and he’s. pissed about it and he’s on all. single moms. and he has the worst bowl cut i’ve ever. seen in my entire life just about to say. that and it’s like a ginger bowl cut. and sometimes it’s like sticking up in. weird directions and it looks like i i. almost asked him if he was drunk at one. point. like are you drunk at. 11 a.m i can hear birds chirping outside. like. yeah yeah he he’s an interesting one. there’s always a new one it feels like. whenever there’s a there’s a you know. one man you’re like oh it can’t get. worse and then next week oh no we found. a new one um. sarah you’ve got so many content issues. that you’ve had too where you’ve. encountered them well i talked about. just sucking dick and people people. people just have comments about that and. one guy was like oh yeah like i i would.

Only you’re a two pumps and done kind of. girl or something like that and i was. like okay like you could even get two. pumps in and then like all of the men in. the comments were like. i would never get hard around you. anyways you’re ugly you look. like a boy you have a mustache and i’m. like okay whatever. my bad you. no the best part is that you didn’t know. any of those men existed yet they’re. rejecting you before you ever reject. them like. they’re like oh she was she was talking. directly to me she i’m sure she was. talking directly to me. triggered. right triggered yes. that’s the right word did you ever think. when you started a tech talk account. with the the hardest username to. discover in the world by the way. um that that you would spend your time. talking about all types of things like. this. no. no i started that account out of like.

Okay so i found out about the trial i. was in the midst of last year and had. one of the most horrific breakups of my. life all within the same week and i. deleted my old account and started this. one and if you go back to the very first. tick tock i made. i was yelling i’m i’m just going off on. the camera and so that’s kind of what. it’s that’s what it blossomed as is like. my. my outlet right and so i didn’t expect. that so many people would relate to. any of it it was just kind of. a place to yell at things. and yeah you did find you chose a very. obscure username that that i would say. would you generally like would make it. most. very difficult for to go viral to ever. grow an audience and yet you’ve managed. to hit almost you’re almost at a million. are you there yet i know it seems to. grow every single day.

I know it it’s yeah it’s at 9. 30 30 something 9 30 something early. yeah it’s yeah it’s insane it’s. insane. like it’s so it’s it’s easy to put like. out of sight out of mind right like look. at that number and not really fully. like understate like understand how big. that number is right and then i had. someone. uh whenever it was a while ago and they. were like think about it it’s. essentially eight like football stadiums. full of people like eight hundred. thousand people and my mom i was just. like. oh like that’s so many people that are. watching my things and now i’m like all. the time i’m like oh no what have you. seen did you see something i don’t know. who’d wanted you. do people recognize you anywhere. no i’ve only had it happen but the two. times i’ve ever had it happen the first. time hilariously was my lawyer for my.

Trial walked in the room and was like i. know you i know you from tick tock. and it was it was the most hilarious. interaction um and then i had a girl. recently when i was out with girlfriends. who came out of the bathroom and we had. a really nice conversation and exchanged. phone numbers and stuff but that’s it’s. it’s only happened those two times it’s. not. happened like yes. but i’m just paranoid i’m just like i. put really personal on the internet. and people. have you gotten into trouble for. anything you’ve said yet. like how do you mean. trouble with family friends anything. that you put out today then someone was. like like your mom i know you because. your mom is now a tick tocker and like. and you’ve called her out a couple times. for like commenting supportive things or. random supportive . she. she doesn’t comment supportive she.

Comments things like is this what you. were doing when you said you had errands. oh well that’s i’m like no. i’m like mom get out of my comment. section it’s like you’re embarrassing me. and she thinks it’s cute and she’ll just. like pop in on random videos and just. leave these little passive aggressive. little little comments. and all call her out on it and she yeah. so. um yeah i mean well um i i’ve posted. recently in the last month uh my herpes. awareness videos and that. ruffled some feathers ironically uh so. my community it’s a hard. thing for i think everyone at first to. understand. because it’s such has such a negative. stigma around it people are like why. would you put that on the internet right. you know they’re. they’re just very. so. it was it was an interesting having to. have that conversation over and over.

Again. with people so yeah. but didn’t it help people too because i. know one of the ones you did was like. someone’s sending this to you to have. this conversation so what kind of. feedback in that respect have you. had. oh that that’s that’s the one thing that. has validated. this the most is the amount of dms the. amount of people that have reached out. to me via tick tock via instagram and i. i i see them and i don’t answer a lot of. them because i’m i was kind of. overwhelmed at first with the amount of. people that were that were telling me. their stories that were opening up to me. and telling me. the terrible experiences they’ve gone. through and not. because of the herpes itself because of. the way that people treat them. because you know because they have it. and it’s. it made me incredibly sad but. then also feel so much less alone which.

Was the whole point which is that so. people. just have other people to talk to about. it because. i mean i’ve been open about it with my. friends and my family but no i think i. found one or two maybe friends that kind. of also share the same experiences but. it’s hard to. find people that you know to be able to. talk to openly about that. so it’s. yeah. it’s it’s crazy. what was it i guess what in. inspired you to first come out with that. because because i i will say that. because i can appreciate the idea to be. you know transparent and it can be being. vulnerable online can be scary but you. do get that reward a lot of times so. what was was it just your add or was it. actually something more than that. i love can i just say how much i love. that you just called me the out on. that because i was just about to say it.

Was a bit impulsive it. was just a little bit um so i’ve been. kind of thinking for a while like kind. of back and forth on whether or not i. should go about even posting about it or. not and uh and. then i came across that tiny little. man’s video being like. oh i’m a life coach and these are the. things you’re not asking in the dating. world and. i don’t even remember what the first. question was but then he gets to the. second one he’s like and this is gonna. ruffle some tail feathers folks but you. gotta ask them if they have herpes you. gotta it’s running rampant out there you. gotta ask people because they’re not. telling you you gotta ask them about the. stds you just kept saying herpes and. every single time he said it it made me. wanna like punch him in his stupid. little nose and i just. it was like 3 a.m and i just started.

Making drafts of responding to this tick. tock and i was i was livid at. first i was livid and then i realized. i can’t comment it like that i can’t. come at this. huge this thing that already has such a. negative negative stigma around it with. animosity i have to meet it with a. positive angle if i want people to view. it in a positive way so it took quite a. few drafts to. dial it down to where it was. at the beginning so. how has that message been received like. when you’re dating or just telling any. partner. oh god so i’ve had good and bad i’ve had. people that didn’t care um people that. uh would just kind of ask questions you. know kind of be like okay like i’m open. to this but i want to like understand it. a little bit more and uh i’ve had people. that just straight up said no but in a. very kind way and then i’ve had people.

Who have made me cry um. so i think i made it i think i made a. video about one guy. who. so we went on a first date. and uh and i’d already kind of decided. like within the first couple of like 30. minutes i was like all right like i mean. like he’s a really great guy but i don’t. really see this being like a longterm. thing and i was just like probably like. first date sex or something you know um. if he’s down he’s being blunt you know. and uh and i could very much tell that. that was also the wavelength he was on. like it wasn’t it didn’t you know feel. onesided so. um later you know later on um we’re. kissing at one point and i which this. was my mistake this was my mistake is. that i. waited too long and waited till the. moment was in a moment of passion to say. it which is the wrong moment to do it. you’re that’s.

It’s almost taking advantage of someone. so and also like you can’t. i guess now that i’m like talking about. it again i can’t really blame the guy. i can’t blame him he was a . but he uh. like he he was kind of like very taken. taken aback so anyways i tell him and. he’s like oh. i wish you would have told me this. before i wish you told me this earlier. like we met three hours ago. what like when when did you at least i’m. at least i’m telling you. i don’t even i can’t even fathom or make. words to understand. how he didn’t. how he reacted so intensely. to me showing him respect and telling. him that i don’t. you know so i think i think that’s what. made me cry. actually is i just kind of. and right in front of him too right. there like i just instantly started. bawling my eyes out just right in front. of him. and it’s not like you’re gonna you’re.

Not gonna post that on your dating. profile of like. anything like that and in three hours. that’s not typically a conversation that. comes up anyways. yeah yeah i and i mean you know what. since posting on tick tock though i’ve. had people tell me that they put it in. their uh dating profile. and i’m like that is. bold that is bold. absolutely as i as i’ve crossed the. country uh and i’ve been on tinder and. stuff i’ve seen it in quite a few. different places where it’s always uh. you know they’re very blunt just just. you know i’m hsv positive um i’m willing. to talk about it if you’re you know. willing to be openminded and uh and at. least have a conversation with me and i. always i respect that every time i see. that. yeah. same i guess that like gets it out in. the open. sooner. so that you don’t have an awkward first.

Second third date i guess. i will say yeah. yeah. also that might also be kind of a bit of. being terrified of having that. conversation like initially breaking. that ice in person because. trying to. get up like get over that initial nerve. at least for me to just begin even. saying it out loud it was the hardest. part you know i was trying to get over. this the terrified feeling of lag like. ah here we go again. like just prepare yourself for worst. case you know and then you won’t be. disappointed right um that sounds. terrible but i mean when but whenever. you i guess whenever you’re met with. a lot of negativity it’s it’s just kind. of i guess a safety guard you put on. yourself um so you know it’s it’s. probably a bit of that too it’s like. kind of weed out the people who are. weed out the people who are gonna be.

About it weed out the people. who are gonna be like. you know those are the people that you. don’t want to have to deal with face to. face because they’re not going to. respect you they’re not going to. react you know like they’re talking to a. human being so. right i think i think my my advice in. like the dating profile way would be. maybe not to put in your profile but to. mention in the dating conversation once. you match with somebody if the. conversation seems like it’s going. you know a good way then it might be a. good place to break the ice digitally. not necessarily and you say not to do in. person and but you can also see if the. person’s gonna be an and just. disappear or if they’re willing to. continue the conversation um. yeah. but i was gonna ask you so let’s let’s. what are the things that you want people.

To know. what like let’s get rid of let’s get rid. of this stigma let’s talk about what. what are the things that get rid of the. stigma what are the what’s the. information people should be aware of. so. i mean. essentially it’s almost like a skin. condition in a way like it’s it’s not. something that. you can die from like it’s not this. terrible ailing illness that people. think because i think whenever people uh. connect the the fact that it’s always in. your bloodstream like it’s always in. your system right you have it forever um. with having the breakouts at all times i. think i think that’s why people equate. that in their heads like uh you know but. it’s like. it’s not it. some people can have no breakouts ever. in their life the only way they know is. that they’d have a blood test done you. know. and then there are people.

Who can have one just initially to find. out and then never have another one. again and then there are some who will. just have them periodically uh. throughout their life kind of due to. stress due to sometimes it can be like. acidic foods things like it all depends. on the person that’s the crazy part is. that it. differs from person to person. on like how exactly it affects everybody. you know so. yeah. um. sorry. i just my brain just farted um. where’s the train derailing where are we. going where did your brain just go to i. was trying to i was trying to bring. myself back to the bullet points so it. is not this terrible ailing illness. right because i mean because right. because cold sores cold sores are a form. of hsv so. that’s you know when. people get got real riled up whenever i. said that uh cold sores were hsv and you.

Can transfer it and it could become an. std and people were really upset about. that which i anticipated because. if you would admit that to yourself then. you have then you admit that you have a. responsibility right to tell people and. people don’t want to admit that to. themselves. but. that’s because there’s such a negative. attitude about it um just. and it’s been so deeply ingrained in us. that even whenever i was initially. diagnosed like i immediately hated. myself. just no questions asked can’t no rhyme. or reason for it just immediately hated. myself and not because i knew anything. about it you know. um it’s just i mean it is it is an std. it is something that can be kind of. annoying sometimes like if i have i’ve. have i have outbreaks. um. whenever i have like really high stress. um but i don’t have them often but.

Either way like even when i have them. it’s it’s more of like it’s essentially. like an outbreak on like a like a cold. sore on your lip like it’s like a tingle. like it’s not it’s an annoyance for a. couple of days and then. that’s it like it’s not this. it doesn’t affect your health negatively. it. sorry i’m i’m a little. a little nervous and so i’m just okay um. no you’re doing great. okay. okay sorry. so uh it’s yeah it’s. the the way that people react as if it’s. essentially leprosy or it’s essentially. a death sentence to get it that’s the. way people react they react like it’s a. death sentence like it’s. but but we but if we’re. honest with ourselves it’s not because. we think that the herpes itself is a. death sentence it’s because we think. that the stigma that has been placed on. it makes it a death sentence yep.

Right and so we’re all and we’re all. aware of this stigma whether we. realize it or not. you know it’s. so. well and from what i’ve heard too is. that they don’t even necessarily test. for it when you get an sti panel done. right unless you specifically ask for it. so people are going out and getting. tested and thinking that they don’t have. it and they have no idea. i know and that’s because the stigma is. so bad they’re like we just don’t want. people to know like it’s just better not. to know well see yeah exactly that’s the. crazy part is they’re like it’s really. better like. like like even medical professionals. were like listen we know this isn’t. going to kill people so if we just don’t. test people and save them the mental. health issues. they’ll be fine like like even they’re. like it’s okay which isn’t okay like i’m.

Not condoning that they need to be. testing people but like they. think that’s essentially the attitude. they’re like let’s just. let’s just not worry about it let’s just. ignore the problem right ignore the. issue so which is. which is actually adding to the negative. stigma so it’s just you know because the. doctors aren’t talking about it they’re. like oh you want this panel done okay. and they test you for like chlamydia and. gonorrhea and it’s only they at least. like from my perspective like i’ve never. been asked like do you want a blood test. or like if i’ve been like oh what else. can you test before they’re like i don’t. worry about the blood test and that. that’s always been like oh let’s just. not test you for that that’s been my. experience yep oh i have a so there is a. guy i dated last year and he.

Told me that he went to the doctor and. he was going to get tested uh. and. he the the doctor actually told him. whenever he spoke about uh herpes. because his exwife had it and he had it. and like he had cheated. he he was a cheater essentially like and. so he knew he had it he told me long. before that he had had it i visibly seen. him have an outbreak and he went to the. doctor and he lied to him and told him. like no i’m i haven’t had an outbreak. but the doctor just kind of was like oh. like you’re fine don’t worry like it’s. not really necessary like it’s not. really not even though he was asking him. for it he just told him he basically. told him no like he was like no you’re. fine don’t worry about it and of course. someone who is not wanting to know that. someone who is like oh cool like i don’t. now now i don’t have to face the truth.

And own the responsibility that comes. with this. right so of course they’re gonna be like. okay cool doc. you know. so well it’s like how many ads have you. seen like especially in the winter time. for cold sores and stuff but they never. talk about oh this is hsv one or oh that. never gets brought up in those. commercials but a lot of people use. those products for cold sores but don’t. connect the dots and a lot of people. suck dicks so like it’s just you know it. happens you know there’s a lot of. crossover there a lot a lot a lot of. people you know perform cunnilingus as. well. you know. what are some of the uh maybe some of. the myths or the questions that people. have that if you feel like about being. intimate with someone who is spot has. tested for hsv. say that again what do you mean some of. the myths um like uh can you spread it.

While you’re shedding like what are i. guess. what are the precautions that you that. people can take and that make it okay to. be intimate with someone who has hsv. so uh so i personally take uh cyclophore. which is essentially valtrex um every. day and it’s and it’s. something that you don’t have to take. it’s not a mandatory thing it’s what. they give you whenever you’re having an. active outbreak that you take uh 500. milligrams twice a day and it just kind. of kicks it you know. uh suppresses it. and in your system um and then there’s. also multi uh. i just forgot what they were called. them. vitamins multivitamins i know that’s. what i thought. multivitam i think it’s multivitamin or. it’s no that’s not what it’s called i’m. so sorry is it a pack of something i. mean no no. damn it. it’s called it’s called illy scene.

Damn it what is it called hold on i’m. literally gonna google this right now. because i need to i need to be able to. give correct information and of course. my brain. is deciding. that this is hilarious to do that’s okay. on. you look it up. okay so. so i take uh. i’m sorry when i get nervous my brain. just shuts down. um. okay it’s a it’s a supplement oh my god. i cannot believe i could not think of. that word it’s a supplement that you can. take every day um called a lysine and it. and it’s just it’s something that’s. really good for your like your hair and. your skin because it’s just like you. know it’s a thing that affects your skin. um and it’s just it also helps suppress. it in your system and helps you go. longer without breakouts and. the shedding aspect of it is actually. something i’m still kind of learning.

About myself because it’s. because it’s. it. it’s so intermittent you know it’s it’s. i know i do know that the longer you go. without a breakup the less likely you. are to be shedding it in your system at. all um. and obviously during a breakout it’s the. highest. you know more like 100. obviously you know probably more likely. um don’t quote me on that um and uh and. then and then as you go first let’s just. say that none of us are doctors by the. way. i have herpes that’s it that’s my. qualification um and i’ve educated. myself that that’s it that’s it that’s. it but i have my dominance this is. medical advice yes exactly. i am a selfproclaimed dumbass okay so. let’s just make that very clear um so. so yeah obviously and then the further. out you get from one the less likely you. are to be shedding it and uh it’s so.

Hard to pinpoint like. when or you know when you could be. shedding or when you couldn’t um so it’s. just you know obviously use protection. and. just talk about it be honest with each. other. be vocal um in a relationship and just. make sure that you’re communicating with. your partner when your last outbreak was. and you know how your body is feeling. and stuff so. yeah open and honest communication what. we preach every time we have a podcast. episode that’s that’s the key to. everything right isn’t it exactly. exactly and there and there are a lot. there are actually other supplements as. well that as i’ve started posting on. tick tock people are have come in my. comments have been like i take this or i. take this and and uh so there are others. out there as well so. there are a lot of things that can help. you just kind of.

Um stay on top of it so. okay. yeah. um before we get to other topics what. else would you like to talk about as far. as. hsv and maybe anything else that people. like like i said myths that people. believe or anything that might um that. people might ask. um we’ve covered a lot of the the main. points um. i guess i guess one thing that i always. try to drive is that during those. conversations that you have with people. whenever you’re disclosing to them that. you have herpes. make sure that you let them know like. there’s no. pressure there you know what i mean like. take like take a moment and like ask. questions you know like it’s not. something that has to be decided right. now because i feel like. i don’t know like that whole. conversation in itself is. kind of has pressure involved in it and. it’s like i don’t know it’s trying to.

Make sure people understand that it’s. like listen we can i’m trying to have an. honest communicate like dialogue with. you so let’s just you know talk about it. i guess but yeah. that’s great um well i do want to we. want to talk about some of the things. just about general dating and you just. being you. um and we’re going to get to that after. we take this short break. i was dying laughing at your tick tock. recently where you were talking or maybe. it was the pinned one you had where. you’re like my ham wallet. yes. that one that one was the best because. first because i didn’t realize that the. captions called it a hand wallet instead. of a ham wallet and so people were so. confused in the comments it went on for. months where people were like hand or. ham do we know what she said does. anybody know what the she’s so.

You’ve come up with some good euphemisms. for different body parts because you’ve. got the ham wallet you’ve also got your. grand canyon um when you were oh yeah. too much to my butthole yes. um there’s a whole series of tick tocks. about about your butt and then i feel. like you had one about your pelvic floor. i mean you’ve done a lot of pelvic floor. ones as well i have i have one i have a. series that i that i inadvertently. started making that was the first day of. my menstrual cycle because for some. reason that’s like. that’s like the worst day of. because and i and i. someone in the comments on one of my. videos mentioned pmdd. which is like pms on crack. and i i knew it existed but i never. really googled it and i googled it and i. was like oh . like. that’s it that’s all the things checked. all the boxes like.

So cool i have insane pms awesome. so i’ve made a few videos about that. because i i’ve like rage texted. exboyfriends and. um. you know made an ass out of myself so. that’s fine it’s fine. is there anything that you don’t think. you would make a tick talk about. i can hear my daughter crying sorry my. mom is out there so can you can you. can you hear that no okay this thing’s. usually pretty good as noise cancelling. so you’re good okay okay good i was i. was worried that it was being picked up. okay um she’s. my mom’s out there she’s okay um so. sorry what was the question again. we’re going to tell everybody just to. ignore the woman crying in the. background while they listen to the. episodes just ignore them. crying in the background to all to all. the commenters or who are going to be. like oh my god her daughter was crying.

And she didn’t immediately get up like. flash and fly out of the room. like there are there are two adults out. there. shut your mouths okay. um. sorry. i already anticipate it i already know. i already know. um so. anything i wouldn’t post about so real. quick actually i do want to point out so. ham wallet and squish mitten. and. oh i think there might have been a third. one so. there is a song by um. oh my god what is the band oh my god. i’m gonna not remember it it’s called. the song is called foxtrot uniform. charlie kilo and it’s by the bloodhound. gang okay and that is where the whole. song is euphemisms about the penis and. vagina so it’s hilarious. that’s fantastic i i feel like i’ve. heard that song it’s an older song right. yeah i think i want to say i was in high. school. maybe. maybe junior high i’m not sure um but.

Okay so anything i wouldn’t post about. um. well i will say. i’m gonna be real blunt and honest about. this um. because you asked uh so that whole trial. i went through. um last year with my exhusband which. i’m not gonna go too far into details. about it um on my i had a previous tick. tock where i posted. how. my you know very personal details about. my divorce about. you know. my assessment about my dating life what. have you much much much much more. personal much more direct right about. particular people you knew who it was. about. and. that came back to bite me in the ass and. you know. the judge actually had a conversation. with me and i won that whole thing. december 3rd. and the judge actually had a little. conversation with me and was like listen. like you have to think about this you. have to think about one day your.

Children seeing this stuff you know. she’s like i know you feel this way and. i know like you have your feelings are. valid you know but it’s you have to. think how this and then she was like the. way that she put it was so empathetic. yet so direct and so honest and it was. just. it’s it you know she was very eloquent. in the way that she put it and. so i’ve learned my lesson i’ve learned. my lesson about. knowing knowing what’s the you know the. things that are going to. affect people that affect my little. people one day i guess is what i’m. trying to say so um. yeah that’s the only thing that i won’t. post about is more direct details about. my divorce and my ex husband and stuff. so. but. that’s i think that’s good and i i think. it’s also good that at the same token. you are also not. worried about them seeing you talk about.

Openly about sex and about dating and. and all those things and worried about. them like because people try to judge. for that like yo what if your kids see. this what if your kids see this they’re. not gonna find anything negative about. what you have to say they’re gonna. appreciate that you’re honest and open. and i think that that’s that’s a good. thing yeah i’d i i would feel a i would. feel a way about it i would feel a. certain way about my kids seeing this. one day. if what i was doing wasn’t genuine if. what i was doing wasn’t just. who i am and i you know i’m just. speaking my truth i you know what i mean. like. i’m just being myself. so essentially they would just be. watching their mother act a fool on the. internet and be embarrassed just like. every other teenager. which is probably about the time that.

They’ll see it you know i i deserve to. to. you know what. i am. preembarrassing my kids. like i’m setting up a whole. file of that i’m just gonna. throw on them whenever they’re teenagers. and be like. so now i’m excited i just realized this. i know i know we talked about just your. valentine’s day earlier but with your. social media following now and dating. has that impacted. conversations and what what’s changed. versus before having a following. so um. i have so okay so right now i am off. dating apps for 90 days i’ve i’ve given. myself this little. um. cleanse right because ever since my. divorce i don’t think i’ve gone like. more than two months without being on. like just like even having just like a. back and forth on a dating app just. so i need a. but anyways so. every single time though in the last. couple months that i’ve like gone back.

On for a moment. and i match with someone they normally. are like oh my god i know you’re from. tiktok and i’m like. god damn it and i’ve like and like a lot. of the women i match with though it’s. the women i match with because. that’s who my that’s who mainly follows. me right and so. every single time they’re like i follow. you on tick tock so ladies by the way if. you match with me on a dating app in the. future. do not open with that because that. freaks me the out and i will run. away so don’t do that. why why are you writing i have that. happen too so every because all my. content is dating content and my. audience is 98 women that when i travel. the country and i’m on tinder i would. say fully third of the people i match. with the women are like oh i i already. follow you on tiktok or you know or i. listen to the podcast and so for me it’s.

Like oh cool it now it holds me. accountable like i’m like well now i’m. not that i would be an or creepy. or weird or or ghost or anything like. that but now i’m definitely not going to. because you’re like a follower or a fan. that’s that that’s a very good point too. i don’t i actually. i don’t really know exactly why it is. that freaks me out so much i. i just i don’t know i just kind of i’m. like ah gosh. what have you you know what it is. i’m like what have you seen. what if what do you know you already. know so you already are so far ahead of. me. in this conversation you know like i. have so much catching up to do not that. that’s a bad thing you know. so you know not that that’s a bad thing. i’m just saying like i’m like ah ah. what have you seen how much do you. know okay. god damn it. so um. but i have then i’ve had i’ve had people.

Reach out to me. uh. on and i’ve had because you have like. the message requests on instagram and. stuff like from people that write and i. have people that have messaged me on. instagram and been like hey i matched. with you on tinder a while ago and uh. and then i’ve been like i just wanted to. like say hi and. tell you that i match with you. it’s really sweet but i’m less like. all right cool like why. what i mean. yeah that’s a dating nono though like. if you match with somebody on a dating. app taking it to social media i’ve. always found is not okay like that’s not. an okay thing to do. now they’re okay i will say the the. best weirdest one above all was this one. guy i matched with and i was on. tinder. or hinge i don’t remember um. and he immediately sends me this massive. paragraph. basically referencing all of my tick.

Tocks in like a sentences. and like one word sentences or something. and. yeah um and then there was another one. that was like. and i know your response is gonna be so. epic i can’t wait for your amazing epic. response and i just like never said. anything oh my god. i just had to say eddie i was like. my guy this is. this is too much you can’t do that. that’s you can’t. how did. did you think you didn’t think that i. would react this way to that you didn’t. anticipate that i would want to run away. from that. i don’t know. i think that people forget. that you’re a human being not just a. performer on tick tock and then that’s. one thing as a content creator that like. is have have you found that there’s. anything that you wish your audience. that your followers would understand. about you that they just like they i.

Think they probably feel like maybe like. you’re always on or something like that. that just. that. that maybe they haven’t quite grasped. sometimes. um i get told a lot that uh. i’m really aggressive or um. that i’m i don’t i don’t give any . right um. and i and i love i love that it’s it’s. amazing that that you know is what. people uh see in me um but i don’t i do. give some you know there are. things that do obviously strike nerves. and things that. uh bring me down um. you know even whenever i still even. whenever i see herpes stuff still even. though i i am. really putting it in like a positive. direction i still it still stings like. it still gets to me so i’m a human being. i think is. kind of what i don’t know. and and people are really surprised. whenever they see me in lives and. they’re like oh my god. you’re actually you.

You’re actually matching up to the. person in the video. and and i always found that hilarious. because i’m like. well who else the else would i be i. don’t. you know but i mean there obviously are. tick tocks that are you know uh. characters and everything you know what. i mean so i i get that but it’s just i. always find that funny so. so if they match with you just don’t. even mention. tick tocks or just treat you like. like like like a regular person. like cat like casually be like oh my god. i just figured out where i know you from. like like act like you don’t give two. just be like. just easy breezy i am i am actually also. this is another thing people should know. about me i’m actually weirdly an. introverted person even though i. literally put my entire. like. cooter to you know back like all over. the internet you know it’s it’s.

It’s. it’s bad but i really am like more of an. introverted person so. i some you know but um wait where was i. going with that i just lost my. train of thought midsentence guys. that’s so embarrassing matching with. people. subtly suddenly putting it in oh okay. okay okay introverted so that i think. that’s i think that’s why it wigs me out. when people say that because. i want to like. i don’t know i’d. be more. how do i what am i trying to say. i’m an introverted person and i guess. saying that to me kind of like. just scares me a little bit i don’t know. why it just does and so i’m kind of like. ooh. like oh no i’m gonna hide back in my. hole. so i would guess it’s because it’s. people then they’re. they’re expecting a lot from you. when you’re just being your genuine self. and you’re just putting yourself out. there you’re you but if someone’s.

Expecting you to be who you genuinely. are. that okay that thank you that is exactly. the words i was looking for it is there. isn’t there’s like a. expectation all of a sudden that i’m all. of a sudden placed on my own shoulders. and i’m like oh yeah exactly thank. you yeah i. i can i can definitely empathize with. that is yeah i tell people that i’m a. standup comedian and they’re going to. be funny you know tell me a joke and i’m. like no i know that’s not that’s not. what he’s not funny no. you. how did. but it is people always assume that and. as another introvert i understand that. too i just went on a date recently and. we were talking about that she’s like if. you would come here this bar by yourself. would you like what would you do i was. like i would talk to the bartender and. that’s it i’m not gonna make friends.

Latina shebabe fucks a watermelon before fingering tight ass

With random people it’s just not me. and i was like but if they needed. somebody to get on that stage right. there. and do an hour of material roasting. everybody in the room i would be up. there and i’d do it without without even. thinking about it it’d be great but i’m. not talking to people individually but. talking up there is this focus of. attention i’m fine with. so because i’m in control as i think is. what it is a lot of it because you’re in. control of your own tick tocks you’re. not in control of people’s reactions to. you. in person especially on dating apps and. things like that very true because you. also have to like people have to. remember is that. i’m i’m well i’m extremely adhd and so. i’m i’m sitting there oh no really. no idea i know i hit it so well guys um. i but i’m like sitting there looking at.

My phone looking at my own reflection. like it is so easy for all ready for my. brain to out of sight out of mind so. forgetting for a moment that i’m about. to show this video to now nearly. a [ __ ] million people like. it’s like i can’t even like say it. loudly like. i need to whisper it it’s like i don’t. feel confident saying that aloud right. now so like it’s it’s it it’s easy for. my brain to for a moment like. disconnect from that you know and forget. people. it’s almost like of like i don’t know. making a diary entry you know in a way. and and then obviously i put it on the. internet and then i’m like. oh . and then. you like post it and forget it though. like you’re actively knowing you’re. filming that and then you put it up. there and you’re like only three people. are going to see it they’re like oh.

Yeah. that was lit that was literally exactly. what i thought when i posted that first. tick tock. last summer like i i literally just. because i just put everything i had into. it i was yelling at the phone because i. honestly was like i’m gonna post this. and no one’s gonna no one’s gonna. see it no one’s gonna [ __ ]. see it and that’s the best part about. tick tock is that’s why people are like. i’m afraid to post and you’ll hear. people i know that i know i used to roll. my eyes at content create creators who. would say that and they’re like don’t be. afraid to post because you never know. like honestly though because i put that. out there. not thinking no one was gonna . see it and that that one blew up. okay. it was oh i pissed off so many people. and that’s what it was i pissed off so. many men just right out of the gate.

I had so many people eat for months. stitching that video um. with just uh just. just the the nonsense the nonsense that. was coming out of their mouths anyways. um why was i telling you about the first. tick tock that i made. that one blew up so don’t be afraid to. post things. because that’s the point you never know. yeah yeah you’re making it you never. know. because like my next question was going. to be when did you know that your tick. tock was going to grow and was it so it. was that first video that was that the. really when things really. like immediately started escalating. so it was it was. that one kind of blew things up for a. minute and i was like oh oh okay. well there are actually people seeing. this now megan. and uh and then i you know that that. kind of sat there for a minute and then. there was oh i’m trying to remember.

Which one came first. but there was the purse video did you. ever see that one. no. the the phone purse video no i was like. what’s that no you never it’s hilarious. there’s there’s this girl that’s like. have you ever had anyone want to uh. the [ __ ] out [ __ ] the live ever. living out of you or whatever and i. stitch it and i’m like no but what i do. have is this phone purse. and and the aux cord connects to my. phone i was like what’s up. and then people ate that up and. it’s great it was and then and then it. was the uh the video where i put the. note card on my head. that one. that one. that one was insane that one reached a. million. and. and i i literally like i saw that. comment and she was being a dick like. saying like you’re not tough because you. cussed or something like that and i saw. that she. used the wrong.

Form of there or no you’re. and. and i just like looked over at my. nightstand and i was like. how do i how can i encompass two. messages in one. and i looked over and i saw note cards. and i was like. boom and i just like slapped it on my. forehead. and made a video. and every one. i was like. holy because that yeah. oh my god i’m sorry i don’t live in an. insane asylum i swear um we’re not. hearing screaming children. you’re good you’re good it might be on. your head apparently yeah shut up. can you guys really not hear anything we. can’t know anything at all. so i really know so i’m just here i’m. just ghost just ghost in my house. um i’m a crazy person uh we know this uh. so. okay wait my brain went off track. again god damn it megan you’re. talking about that. you’re the your video yes and then it. went up after that and then i started.

Then i made that series of videos where. um i was talking about that guy that. little jeffrey who was like man. like i feel like after three dates we. should be physical and so this just. isn’t working out and i was like. eat a dick jeffrey um i i liter i. literally verbatim send him a text. message that says. um. three dinners does not earn you the. right to. what did i say. a jump inside my vagina or a trip inside. my vagina a trip inside my vagina that’s. what i said. um. and i made that video. and then there were people in the. comments who were like yeah like because. women because alluding to the fact that. like if a woman gave it up on the first. date then like yeah like don’t be a. hussy don’t be a don’t be a hoe and then. i had to make a followup and i was like. okay wait hold on no. i was like i have had sex i have had sex.

On so many first dates like i had a good. time all right and i’m not ashamed of. that and no one should be ashamed of. that so we’re not gonna do that you know. and then. and that kind of that that’s when i was. just kind of got real. for a moment and stuff was getting out. of hand. so. i didn’t really know what to and now you. have content for days because every time. you do a video just the comments alone. provide you with replying guys provide. you with more content because some of. your comments. are insane absolutely and i i enjoy i do. the same thing you do where i pin the. the shittiest comment that you get i. usually pin it to the top and let your. followers take over and attacking them. it’s fantastic. oh it’s that that’s what i actually had. someone. who was it it was another creator that. told me that they’re like man your.

Followers are fierce and i was like what. what do you mean they said there was. someone who like stitched one of your. videos or something. and and uh and sometimes i sometimes. i’ll miss those sometimes i won’t catch. some of those and they’re like they. stitched a video of yours and um. and the people in the comments were all. your followers like comment at them hard. and i’m like. i’m i’m not even seeing this like i. don’t i’m not seeing any of this but. like my people are just like . coming like it’s awesome. that’s so cool. so yeah it’s it’s it’s a pretty it’s. pretty cool. you built a badass community of people. i did. it’s um. it’s so i don’t know this is the. size of a midsized town now i think. basically basically. of a midsized town yeah i know it’s. like tulsa you’ve basically just built. the. tick tock tulsa.

Ticktock. population 930 000. um oh my god. well um what do you want to spit fire. yeah we’re gonna do this we have before. yeah before we get to the spitfire. because that’s how we’re gonna end. everything is we’re gonna we’re gonna. have to do a little spitfire rapid round. of like five questions you just answer. as fast as you can. and then we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re. gonna end it after that but after that. you’re gonna i want you to give your. signature uh ending phrase as we sign. off phrase and then we’ll we’ll call it. an end but before we get there i wanna. tell everybody to go to go follow megan. if you don’t already and once again you. can follow her on tick tock and. instagram at underscore stone cold. weirdo underscore. backwards that’s right you have to flip. it backwards wait but do good underscore.

And then do the stone cold weirdo. backwards and then underscore. it’s i’m. i am so underscore and then backwards. yeah that’s the thing. i did not. to be fair guys i did i thought no one. was ever gonna see anything i ever. put on the internet so. i. made that for my own entertainment so. and it’s incredible. and like i immediately recognized that. that’s what it was like i mean because. whatever my brain just looks at words. and like and flips them so i immediately. saw a stone called weirdo so that’s how. i would find you at first when i. originally like followed you but the. fact that sometimes people didn’t even. get that they just thought it was some. type of weird like. like gaelic gaelic thing or something. like yeah some whatever it’s like a. harry potter curse or something and then. uh yeah so yeah so it’s underscore stone.

Cold weirdo underscore but then flip it. and uh you’ll be able to find her but in. tick tock the nice thing is you can just. search for megan rose and it actually. pops right up too so you can figure it. out okay. so there you go there you go. but all right let’s get into our quick. uh quick fire round and here you go just. answer as quickly as possible. first question uh sir do you want to do. this one yes mary kill mr rogers. barney the dinosaur or steve from blue’s. clues. oh i’d uh oh i’d marry steve from blue’s. clues um. mr rogers or barney um. kill barney and [ __ ] mr rogers. okay. i’m surprised with myself but i’m i’m. standing by that. okay. all right uh sarah go ahead you can do. these uh keanu reeves as neo or as john. wick. oh. neo because i actually haven’t really. watched the john wick movies honestly.

Like i’ve seen a little bit of them so. neo. what’s your worst habit. i pick. honestly i pick at my skin a lot. and i like bite at my nails like it’s. yeah and i found out that i think it’s. like an adhd thing where it’s like a. stimming where like you. do that as a way to like regulate your. emotions or what have you but. anyways yeah it’s. yeah. i guess that’s my person. actually more toxic ones but. on the spot i couldn’t think of them. sorry. if you could consensually bang any. person real or fictional who would it be. oh. quick i know this i know this because uh. what is his name he’s from lord of the. rings and. um. no no not his character um. vegan mortenson’s character what is his. name what is his name i don’t know. no idea but i know who you’re talking. about aragorn or something like that. yeah aragorn. aragorn i’d the [ __ ] out of aragorn.

So not vigo mortensen but aragorn but. the actual the lord of the rings. aragorn. and like if if liv tyler’s character. wants to get in there too that’s cool. like i’m down for it so. and then finish this sentence men are. blank. everything that comes to mind goodbye. quickfire that are. simple but also [ __ ]. complicated as hell i don’t i don’t know. they’re. that that’s not that’s not a good answer. i’m so sorry i’m so sorry that is a. terrible answer no. they’re simple yet complicated simple. yet complicated i guess i don’t know no. that’s that’s. an answer there we go all right well. that’s that’s our question to see it’s. just whatever comes off top of your head. you know rolls off your tongue just like. that. that’s fantastic um and so we’re going. to go ahead and uh thank you very much. for for joining us um megan this has.

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