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Harry Ron welcome back to my channel so. for today’s video I’m gonna be going on. sherry daddy website um I’ve had a lot. of requests and like you know comments. saying like go on sugar daddy web say. don’t receive it we’re not like but this. is all fake I personally can’t talk. because I don’t have experience on. websites as you guys know I did not get. my show you daddy from the web sites um. so yeah I have my boyfriend’s laptop. right here and we are gonna square. cordons. be an experience together these are fake. or not if we get funny or not cuz you. know we want that bag we don’t want no. faking daddies around here and we don’t. have time to waste you already know so. alright so I went ahead and searched up. show you daddy websites and of course. the first one is seeking arrangement. that’s the most popular one I always.

Hear about then there’s sugar daddy meet. me calm free sugar daddy websites and. other recommendations I guess like sure. your daddy calm what’s your price miss. travel and of course he ups again he’s. right there the second one so we’re. gonna go with seek arrangements and it’s. just the most popular one and yep of. course you’re gonna have to make a. profile so I’ll be right back and I’m. gonna make one right now all right so. this is so far I’ve done you just put it. on username I just put icy baby and then. they put I tricked myself of course then. the second step is your birthday this. time a pretty but you know whatever um I. did put Chicago then I put what do I. look like five one slim that Hispanic. and then put some College single should. I put the single or should I put like I. don’t know married but looking or.

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Divorced maybe they’ll give me more. money because then I could but I’d have. kids and I need money for my kids ship a. divorce I don’t know married but looking. uh I feel like it’d be more interesting. that I put maybe but. or I probably divorced and I put it. worse. looks like you feel bad for me and give. me more many kids and put yes how many. mmm six just kidding I’m put do you do I. look like after kids probably not. ticking like Paige what’s up look you. don’t matter have you got three kids but. describe what you’re seeking parry. continue okay so I just got in and now. is showing your successful number so. right now I’ll I mean okay so this is. what showing me a bunch of members I. don’t know if this is all fake like how. I can just fake my information that I. have three kids I can probably put that. they make 715 like a hundred million.

Ortho holy [ __ ]. I don’t know how accurate this is but. let’s get some messaging and find out on. to me back um obviously just started. with the basics and it’s just a high. like that and then gets like there might. inspire like you know are you give me. money or what cuz I just want money now. it’s just a waiting game basically so. I’m gonna be waiting and I might get a. message back I’m a good back on camera. and show you okay guys so I turn the. camera back on because I think I found. one. so we’re messaging right now and we’re. getting some money part so hopefully. this is everyone I feel like this is a. real one I can just feel it so hopefully. I reached the main phase you know we’re. in it for the mini that’s it oh my god I. don’t know I feel weird like being on a. freaking website engineering money what.

If he actually doesn’t money like give. me a five thousand for real three. thousand and I’m low volume yet back. that was there if you bring you see you. got money that daddy got one money but. doesn’t shouldn’t be a promise to you am. I correct. I’m slipping that message there with the. place what the is that. oh hell not me getting that here wait. how much money you made let’s go back. each one eaten well a lot of people. don’t you have profile pictures I put. the I can’t even see how you look. like. like that’s fake fake fake okay what’s. this locking like if I can’t see who you. are. private requests to be what are we. Fraggle questing or something yeah it’s. weird. action does he really want to send me. five thousand dollars okay how can I. want to say here’s my paper there’s only. women believe me if I see those five.

Thousand dollars in my freaking paper. cause other than that I’m gonna get. tweeks fighting hockey I just I won’t. just make it no okay so lean husband son. everything has news then now we’re just. paint a winking sending the money in. Arkady was not wasting my time baby boy. mmmhmm. don’t play with my time our money okay. so let’s continue to search for sugar. daddies because that ain’t responding. back after I messaged him my paypal. hopefully he responds back soon cuz you. know we gonna go away Benjamin let’s see. the why does he have his face blaring uh. does he not want his mom to know that. he’s over here being is you daddy. okay okay what says he’s on my right now. is still okay that’s message him where. should we put. okay I’ll play your sponge Oh people why. are they so unrealistic. ten million right and it’ll have a.

Profile picture right um yeah I don’t. think these websites over me I honestly. feel like these are fake. you. all right so as you guys saw I had a. bunch of emails this morning saying I. had a bunch of messages from sugar. daddies so I just logged back into my. account and I did see ad 12 new messages. and 3 inches I guess so let’s go to. messages and see who should we message. back let’s see. hi why don’t we take this customized. okay um why don’t we take the. overwhelming number know number okay so. I just ended up saying no number we can. just discuss here so I’m just gonna send. that and see what happens so that’s it. next. are you interested in Rachel I can never. say that word so don’t make fun of me. virtual new virtual something like that. benefits um he sounds like we’re looking. for somewhere things messaging on this.

Site is slow. I suppose overtakes what’s your number. why does everybody want your number what. the heck that’s so weird why do you want. my number no I was even see the same. thing as I said add a penny okay so I. just ended up saying the same thing no. number we can discuss on here because by. know things. alright so I’m just gonna be doing the. same thing and messaging all the guys. that are eyeing my messages and I would. have to see anything interesting I will. for sure. record it because I feel like this is. all just boring alright so this is what. my message you just ended up looking. like yeah they all blocked me after I. freaking asked them to send me money or. to prove that they’re real literally. bokbok-bok blocked blocked blocked me. the list goes on. um or the other part that I found weird. is it. many would ask for my phone number and.

After I said no would not send it to. them they would just like literally. block me and not respond and stuff like. that. so yeah alright so as you guys have seen. I didn’t have any luck except for one. person who wanted to send me five. thousand dollars but clearly did not. send me anything. I sent in my paypal and clearly did not. receive nothing so I would agree with. you guys and believe that these are fake. sugar daddies they’re not real maybe. other websites everyone’s I’m not sure. if you guys wanted me to continue to. make these videos and going on more. websites or online or if you guys want. me to go online but not record it until. I actually find one maybe that is an. idea then let me know in the comments if. you guys want me to do that but I don’t. know because I mean I already have a. sugar daddy and I don’t need to be.

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