Dating Website For Mentally Ill

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I found that one in three women between. the ages of 18 to 24 we’re using their. phones more than four hours per day I’m. doctor Scarpino and I am the sociologist. for bumble one of the really cool. aspects of my job is that I get to talk. with our users to really get an. understanding of how social media and. dating apps affects them on a regular. basis we know that obviously social. media the vast majority of women. overwhelmingly impacts their mood and. obviously has huge consequences for. anxiety and depression. that’s very clear from the data that. we’ve seen and I think at the same time. people need to be thinking about how. they’re creating a community with mental. health and then creating a sense of. wellbeing for themselves when they’re. actually meeting those people in person. and not being engaged with their phones.

And not being engaged in social media I. think that it’s very important once you. actually go on a date to be practicing. mindfulness and thinking about your. wellbeing and mental health and the. dating process overall that’s certainly. one part of it but I think it even. begins at the point at which you’re. creating your online dating profile and. swiping when we’re swiping right we are. clearly getting a dopamine hit when. we’re matching with people and that’s. really exciting and fun and it’s. validating so obviously it can create a. somewhat addictive sense to people when. they’re in the process of doing it which. is why that we’re trying to encourage. people to really think about how much. time they’re spending on Bumble and. social media broadly and then if they. need you to take a step back this is a. really interesting time that we’re.

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