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Hello my friends and welcome to youth. potential a channel dedicated to helping. young people with mental health problems. I have two books available 102. distraction techniques and self harm to. self harmony both of these books are. only available on Amazon thank you very. much for watching this video hello my. friends got here represents a new. potential thank you very much guys for. voting on this video this video received. 222 votes and this particular video got. 53% of those votes so it was a clear. winner I didn’t think this one was. actually gonna win personally I thought. it was going to be when you’ve both got. mental illness in a relationship that. was gonna win but nonetheless I was. wrong so let’s get on with the video. right I’m gonna split this video into. about two different kind of sections. basically the first one is about and.

Finding someone like a potential partner. and the second part is going to be about. maintaining a relationship I just want. to point out I’m no expert when it comes. to relationships however I will say that. the vast majority of my relationships. have been quite longterm I’ve always. been like a kind of longterm stick to. it kind of person I’ve never really. given up easy most people I’ve been with. I’ve been for a relatively long time I’m. only 29 years old so I think I’ve had. maybe five or six long lasting. relationships but over the course of. years pretty much so yeah I like I think. I’ve got something to share this work. assume if you guys help you guys out so. anyway let’s get on with it shall we. so finding someone if you’re someone who. struggles with anxiety. online dating apps or websites. definitely the way to go forward.

Definitely the way to go you don’t have. to worry about that whole responding and. talking face to face you have to worry. about being awkward or whatever you know. that that kind of stuff is all hidden. and they’re just getting messages it’s a. hell of a lot easier. most people meet through online dating. apps these days whether you want to use. a free one or pay for one it’s up to you. if you want to find someone who has got. mental health problems or disabilities. there are specific websites for that. I have browsed through a couple of them. not to find someone but just out of pure. research and there are websites like. that that you can that you can check out. you’re gonna have to google it I don’t. have links to any of them I’m afraid. sorry but this video is more about you. having a mental illness and trying to.

Find someone or maintain a relationship. with someone who doesn’t have mental. illness yeah so online dating absolutely. fine nothing wrong with out I think it’s. a lot easier one rule that I would like. you guys to stick to and it’s the same. rule out for myself. is you do not have to disclose your. disorders or mental health problems or. your health conditions whatsoever with. anyone just like a job application you. just there’s no obligation to do that. what I would personally do is get to. know them okay get to know them and. maybe you know meet up with them when. you’re at that stage if you know you’ve. spoken to them get to know them find out. their interests just yeah just get to. know each other online first and when. you’ve met each other a couple of times. when you are ready that’s when you can. tell them about your mental health.

Problems if you want to of course um. I personally think you should disclose. it at some point but there is no real. right time for it there’s no miserable. way of saying this is the right time to. tell them about your past in that aspect. I think only you will know when that is. right okay. I’m quite fortunate that my partner. Carla we both have mental health. problems and it was very easy to talk. about in the beginning but in the past. I’ve kind of waited till I felt. comfortable with the person that I’m. seeing before I’ve actually opened up. about it yeah there’s not really a lot I. can say about it to be honest I think. it’s just a case of you getting to know. each other and then when you feel the. time is right like you know it’s on your. own terms that’s when you can say like. I’ve I actually suffer with borderline.

Personality disorders have a depression. anxiety bipolar etc etc okay um that. won’t be difficult there’s there’s no. doubt about it. you know you may feel embarrassed about. it you may think oh what are they gonna. say about me what they’re gonna think. about me now just the one thing I want. you to remember at this time okay I know. it’s hard. opening up about mental illness. especially to someone that is a. potential partner you know you take a. liking to someone and you want it to go. really well okay and that’s absolutely. fine you’re you’re human. that’s natural you know you want someone. to be interested in you you want someone. to to care about you too and possibly. love you okay but you’ve also got to be. prepared for the fact that some people. are understanding they’re not. openminded enough they can’t empathize.

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And when that time comes and you want to. talk to them and open up about your past. or your current situation involving. mental illness that they might be I. don’t wanna say put off I just want to. say you know kind of shocked. maybe or just they might not even know. how to react to it okay there might be. like oh okay. and you’ve got to prepare yourself for. the fact that they that could be the end. of you to kind of seeing each other okay. and that’s not your fault. is absolutely not your fault but you’ve. also got to remember that for you to be. in a successful relationship with. someone like you know you’re building up. that trust that loyalty you taking an. interest in each other in the beginning. you’re gonna want to be with someone who. can respect you and accept you and care. about you no matter what kind of illness.

Dating Website For Mentally Ill really well okay and that

You have whether is physical or mental. okay. if they if you’re you know seeing each. other and you open up about things and. they can’t they just can’t accept it. they’re they’re not right for you okay. they don’t deserve you then you know. they’re not right for you they don’t. deserve you and you need someone who can. give you more than that. okay if I was with say for example my. partner Karla she didn’t have mental. illness and I told her about my past and. all that and she was disgusted by it I’d. be like I’m gonna be with you you know I. need someone who can who cares about me. who likes me for me and that’s what you. need okay they may be the most. attractive person in the world they may. be the funniest person in the world they. may have a great job great income they. may just be awesome and you’ve got. everything about them you know and you.

Think that’s the person I wanna be in a. relationship with for the rest of my. life if they can’t accept you who you. are and you’re your illness they not. good for you okay you don’t need someone. like that and you can’t force someone to. accept you okay that’s either they will. accept you or they won’t and that’s. that’s their problem not yours. okay it’s you so it’s them not you okay. so if you can open up to your potential. future partner and they can accept that. and they’re like okay that’s fine list. well you know it just doesn’t bother. them or they want to you know they like. you enough that it they’re willing to. work with it and accept it and you know. they want to be with you and that’s. great. okay and that’s the kind of person that. you do want to be with someone who’s. accepting of you the rest of you know.

Dating them and getting to know them. that’s entirely up to you you I mean I. can’t tell you what to do just other. than be yourself and taking interest in. them. people don’t like oh it’s me me me me me. you know they you’ve got to talk to them. about them ask them just like you know. what get to know them that’s what the. whole process. is okay and if they take an interest in. you and they can accept you for who you. are then you know just take it slowly. see how things go you know who knows. what could happen don’t if you’re like. me you know you put your heart and soul. into this person that takes an interest. in you just just be careful okay just. don’t don’t jump all the hurdles okay. just just try and take it slowly it’s. great that they’re taking an interest in. you but you could learn more about them. as time goes on you don’t write them and.

Then they do stuff that you don’t like. okay and you’d only disappoint yourself. okay yeah that’s all I can say on that. so what about maintaining a relationship. so maintaining relationship there is. only one true key that doesn’t matter. if you’ve got mental illness or or not. and that’s open and honest communication. okay you probably already knew that. anyway just any relationship with anyone. whether it’s a partner you know lover. kind of relationship or it’s a. friendship or family or working. relationship you know open and honest. communication. it’s nice that’s the thing that builds. up a loyalty that’s the thing that. enables you guys to girls whatever for. you to know each other. okay they whether you’re in a. relationship and then mental illness. kicks in or move you’ve got mental. illness in the start of the relationship.

You your partner cares about you and. they want to help and support you okay. that’s just what that’s what. relationships are about you know that. love that care you can’t afford to push. them out no matter how dark your. thoughts and feelings are and how. negative they are you can’t afford to. push them away all right if when my. partner when when Carla’s down you know. and that she doesn’t try and push me. away. but she reached sometimes strolls to. communicate to me and I have to keep. digging and digging and digging and. eventually. I can get to a level of understanding. you know your partner may not do that. because they don’t understand the. psychology of how your illness works. okay so that’s why you’ve got to do your. you’ve got to open up to them okay and. if you’re not ready to open up to them. straightaway and I’ve said this before.

About opening up to people that mental. illness in general is that to say to. them that I’m really struggling at the. moment I really do need your support I. just I can’t quite talk about it at the. moment but I promise I will let you in I. will open up to you I will share with. you what’s going on in my head I’m just. not ready to right now please be patient. I promise I will open up to you okay. that’s all it’s not there is to it but. that is like the foundation of how. you’re going to maintain a relationship. and you or someone who lives in mental. illness you’ve got to you’ve got to go. to them say look I’m struggling please I. need I need that help okay if they’re. trying to understand you because they. love and care about you you can’t push. them away they will fill that rejection. and that’s gonna eventually make them.

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Maybe even dislike themselves or resent. you or question their capabilities to be. a good partner you know and that’s when. the friction starts happening things. become a bit unstable. and you know you stop fighting at each. other and being bitter towards each. other and then the fun the love that you. know that warm fuzzy feeling starts to. fade away and eventually there’s a. communication breakdown and then. relationships just fizzle out you know. it’s not good all because you were too. stubborn or afraid to open up okay. they’re your partner they want to know. everything about you okay they they want. to be there for you and you’ve got to. let them in no matter how shitty things. are you have got to let them in okay I. know it’s hard opening up I know it’s. hard to let people in especially the. ones you love you have got to do it.

Okay and that released the rest of the. relationship is just just like anything. you know spend time together have fun. together you know be there for them as. well okay that you may not have mental. illness but you’ve got be there for them. when they fall down as well you’ve got. to be ready to pick them up just do what. you love you know and be selfless from. as much as you can you know just yeah. have fun just do what you gotta do you. know taking interesting then listen to. them and that’s key one another key as. well. listen to them okay okay guys thank you. very much for watching this video I hope. I tried to cover as much as I could. without going on too much I’ve just put. in the key points to what I think is the. key to successful relationships and the. you know building up that potential. relationship with someone in the first.

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